Stickman Readers' Submissions September 26th, 2012

Response to Submission “Up To You” By Korski

Korski starts this article off by talking of the subservient nature of Asian woman but ends up criticizing Filipino men and praising Asian woman in general. In my opinion the accuracy in this submission applies only to a small number of bargirls
and Filipino men. I don’t think Korski knows the Philippines at all. His knowledge has probably been gained through visiting Angeles City which in no way is representative of the PI. Angeles City is a whore town which I have never visited
nor ever will. Judging the Philippines by Angeles City is like judging Thailand after a visit to Nana Plaza. His submission is very unfair to Filipino men.

I have worked in the Philippines on and off for a period of 3 years and have visited all the islands. I have also worked with Filipinos in Canada and for 3 years in the Middle East. I have many Filipino friends both male and female and find
they are fine people, hard-working and kind. Most are honest but there are problems with corruption and crime in the PI that influences everyone there. There are millions of Filipino men working overseas as seamen, accountants, technicians, truck
drivers, construction workers and other jobs mainly in the Middle East and on the oceans. These jobs require brains and a good command of English. Most of these guys would never think about abandoning his family. It would be disgraceful to them,
their families and their religion. A lot of these guys work for 25 years or more with a visit home only once every 1 or 2 years. In my opinion they deserve medals and contribute as much or more to the country than do the Filipino woman. In Saudi
Arabia most of the Filipino workers are men as woman are not allowed to work except in traditional woman roles as nurses, flight attendants and maids in private homes or hospitals. The average Filipino guy who does not leave the country will have
family and kids but will also have many girlfriends like the average Thai guy. In my experience Thai guys and Filipino males are very similar. They will both support their families to the best of their abilities but will also rule the roost and
have girlfriends on the side. This behavior does not apply to all Filipino men or to all Thai men but more than anything else I think it defines the culture of South-East Asia.

He Clinic Bangkok

There is also a huge number of Filipinas working overseas as nurses, receptionists, hotel maids, domestic maids, bargirls in Korea and Japan and many other jobs. Hong Kong has a large number of Filipina domestic workers also. The Philippines
is a great source of labour for the Middle East and other Asian countries. These women also deserve medals as they send most of their money home and help support the country and their families. I admire these women greatly and like Korski believe
that Asian woman are the backbone of South-East Asian countries. While working in the PI I was single and had a number of Filipino girlfriends. I enjoyed their company very much and learned a lot about the culture due to their fluency in English.
Most people do not realize that Filipinos speak three languages fluently, namely English, Tagalog and their local language. This can be a little annoying however as most Filipinas prefer to speak Tagalog and will not speak English if there are
other Filipinas around even though they are perfectly fluent in English. My girlfriends were not bargirls but nurses and office workers. I found it very easy to meet Filipino woman in Manila as most who are single would love to marry a foreign

The Stickman site gets a few submissions about the Philippines. While most of these are reasonably accurate I believe they are very narrow in their knowledge and understanding. I think there is no better place for a fun night out than in
Manila. There are a large number of bars and discos with bands. The bands are great as are the singers. Anyone who gets around Bangkok knows the quality of the Filipino bands. The nightlife is much more westernized than in Bangkok and caters a
lot to dancers and singers. It is quite normal for someone from the audience to get up and sing with the band. The cost was quite reasonable also but this was a few years ago so I have no idea what drinks cost now in the better bars. I was out
many times with Filipino friends drinking and eating for four or five hours and the bill for 6 people would only be $20 to $30. Sometimes they paid, sometimes I did. This type of evening has never happened to me in Thailand where normally I have
to pick up the tab for the group. During the Vietnam War (the American war according to the Thais) <I have NEVER heard a Thai refer to it as thatStick> Manila was like Bangkok today even more so. There were large
areas full of hostess bars and gogo bars but this changed in the 90s when the American military was asked to leave. There are still hostess bar areas in Manila but these are not as exotic as in Bangkok but can still be great fun teasing the Filipino
bargirls. The best hostess bar area used to be in Makati where a large number of bars with beautiful girls could be found.

Like all countries the Philippines has good points and bad. The bad is the poverty, very poor infrastructure and corruption. Also the Catholic church has a lot of power and banned the use of birth control methods with the result that the
country is overpopulated. This overpopulation I believe has kept the PI in a perpetual depressed state. A previous President Gloria tried to have this reversed but with little success I believe. The good in the PI is the people and their love
of fun. They are great musicians and singers. The golf courses are also great and compare very favourably with the golf courses in Thailand. Overall I think the nightlife in Manila is better than Bangkok unless one is into gogo bars and the sex

CBD bangkok

Although I like the PI and enjoy it when I am there I generally prefer Thailand for a holiday. Although I think Filipinas are very sexy and feminine there is something about Thai woman that no other woman has. Maybe because I have never married
a Thai nor am likely too I can enjoy them as they are with their F… Y… attitude. Overall though Filipinas probably make better wives. I have worked with many New Zealand and Australian guys who married Filipinas and I believe most of their
marriages are good. The above started out as an attempt to clarify some misconceptions about the Philippines but has ended up as a brief comparison between Thailand and the PI from one man’s point of view. Everyone has their own views and
I would like to hear other views as long as they know a little about what they are talking about.


I imagine Professor Korski will let you know what he thinks….within 24, and no more than 48 hours!

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