Stickman Readers' Submissions September 28th, 2012



When we play in the hooker arena and are silly enough to get ourselves emotionally connected to that service provider, we have to realize there are some very wealthy men out there who also like what we like.

Over the years, in this lie detector business of dealing with bargirls, I have heard some tall tales of "salaries" and one wonders if they are intended to get me to make an offer or just what the agenda might be aiming towards.
In my early years here I heard of ten thousand baht per month salaries. Now I routinely here of forty thousand baht and up.

The largest compensation I was aware of dates back to 2006 when I was seeing a teacher who had a wealthy benefactor in Europe wire transferring three hundred thousand baht each month into her bank next to TukCom on South Pattaya Road.
She showed me her bank book. The girl had a beautiful home in Chiang Rai and one in Naklua. To those who may remember – I have written about her before – years back and with multiple dramas. She was the queen bee of her neighborhood with several
hangers on for the free-flowing food and drink. When it was obvious any yield from me would not add much to her wealth, the anger started and the thing ended. After my knee replacement surgery she came around everyday and was actually beating
on me. I am a big guy and it seemed innocuous until I began to understand her mission. When she asked for a million baht as I lay there with huge new mechanical knee, I saw that she figured she could bring this buffalo out of the herd and
was looking for a meal. She didn't get it and I got her out for good.

Like any other old fool, I felt the pressure to up the ante but I avoid that move as I have a deep aversion to being poor. Having experienced that state a good part of my life, I find it wholly unattractive. We can be an elderly gentleman,
or an old man and we all know the difference.

In ten years Thailand has not cost me as much as it could of because I believed the Beatles when they sang "Can't Buy Me Love". As I the "I love you" things come and go we hope to learn how to manage our emotions
and not be a confused, desperate guy throwing money at a mystery. I let them go.

They have all moved on to greener pastures and I am left to play another day. This is not to say it is not painful when they go as there is no reason to lie about reality. My philosophy has remained to pay as I go. Some of us are not
all that equipped to stay in sustained monogamous relationships for whatever reason. This is a thing I have seen everywhere throughout my life. I know some folks make it together for the whole movie, but I cannot imagine how with the frustrating
cultural barriers, not to forget that cash acquisition and conservation battle. Cold? I don't know whether it is or isn't. Since they leave for more, I have my own evidence.

A few nights ago I witnessed something that helped me keep this thing in perspective. I am in the USA, in the desert southwest, and was invited to a wealthy man's home for a party. He has a very lovely Thai wife with whom he has
a five year contract which at the end she will get one million US dollars. Each month three thousand dollars is sent to her family in a non Isaan part of Thailand. As this very nice man has many children, he needs some help and the American
female predecessors were greedier. I watched and it helped me understand things from a different perspective and I knew then I was right every time one has tried to get more from my small money.

What I get from that is that we all like money, and there are men who can outbid most of us, and if the only element in the relationship is money that's the story. I think a person needs to consider when seeing a bargirl multiple
times or any other girls fifteen years or more his junior that it is costly. Asians always place their family above you and I as they have no government help for the elderly. Oh, maybe I am wrong. I hear seniors get one thousand five hundred
baht per month. Guess that explains why bugs are eaten in the northeast.

Pattaya sunset

Yes, she is beautiful, but things are not that clear to the wishful western eye in Pattaya…

In Pattaya, one has the ease of healing when she leaves for that upgraded wallet. You can get some warmth to help you back on your feet and onto the next one or soi 6.

No matter what we read here or have seen, there are shocks happening in Pattaya everyday to men's hearts and wallets. If we wish to survive it helps to know this. The younger men seem to not really believe what I am saying, but most
older ones do. It can be a friendly transaction, and some last for years. Just short time and mutual respect is the only thing I can see as viable.

I keep remembering Tina Turner singing "What's love got to do with it?"

Whatever makes you happy and doesn't hurt others seems like an appropriate way to live one's life. So, don't promise something you can't give her and don't hurt your own future.

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He Clinic Bangkok

Nice summary / final paragraph.

For sure, if money is her primary motivation, there will always be others who are willing to outbid you…

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