Stickman Readers' Submissions August 29th, 2012

Objective Philippines Report

Well I made it to the Philippines. I had no choice in the matter, as my visa expired in the Javanese Kingdom and I had to make a visa run somewhere close and accessible. Funny thing is, I was expecting to be completely disappointed with the place due
to the many submissions here verbally assaulting the Philippines. That wasn't the case at all. Sure the Philippines has problems. Are there still gangs of child beggars? Yes there are still gangs of child beggars. Are people still passed
out face down in the pavement with the glue soaked rag they were sniffing? Affirmative sir. Vomit in the streets? Check. Random assholes trying to sell you hashish, Viagra, ecstasy? Pimps pushing pussy on you when you venture out? Yes, yes, yes
and yes. In spite of all this, I found many wonderful things about this country. I spent 17 fun-filled days and nights in the Philippines and this is my story.

Everyone speaks English here, and that's nice. When I booked my hotel online I didn't know it was in the red light district. But I soon found out. The largest and nicest hotel on the edge of the district cost me $50 per night. It
was a great room, all marble with rain shower etc. On the 7th floor. On the first day a young filly offered to be my "tour guide". For free. She asked only that I buy her lunch when I decide to eat. We spent the day together, she showed
me the sights. Mall of Asia, Manila Bay, the best places to buy fresh fruit and veggies. At the end she wanted to come up to my room but I declined.

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Every time I went out of the hotel I met girls easily. Well I'm not a sex tourist or fat and old. I'm early 30s and in athletic shape. At the mall girls approached me constantly. Pretty girls of every age. A few came back to my
room when I felt like it. Philippine women have big nipples. I saw 80-year old guys at the mall with 18-year old wives. The funny thing is the wife seemed more happy than the guy. Philippine women seem easily pleased.

Walking around the red light district I saw western mongers of every age and nationality. The most amusing thing I saw : I was walking down the street and a 90-year old white man dressed in sandals with black socks, daisy duke shorts, wife
beater with a black sports coat and nothing else being helped down the street by a Philippine man in his 30s. The white man could barely shuffle down the block, but I'll be damned if he didn't enter a whorehouse LOL. As I'm watching
this scene play out, a 14 year old girl washes her body on the street in a white shirt only. A pimp sees me taking in the scene and asks me if I want a pretty girl for an hour. Welcome to the Philippines, I guess.

After 5 days I had enough of the novelty of the red light district. I think why most people have a negative view of Philippines is that they only stay in this part of Manila. Or Angeles City. The red light district or Malate / Manila Bay
as it's known is full of poverty and such. Drunks, prostitutes, beggars, drug addicts, drug dealers, gangs of drunk glue sniffing orphan kids,
homeless families, midgets, and deformed people are all well represented here. But it's
the red light district, what do you expect? It doesn't represent the whole country. As a side note, I have never in my life seen such a concentration of midgets and deformed people in all my life. Why the hell are there so many of them? Despite
all of this I never felt unsafe here, not for one solitary second. And I was out in the streets and by the bay at every single hour of the day and night. Anyone that says Manila is dangerous either has an agenda, or is a pussy. It is certainly
no more dangerous than any major American or European city.

I relocated to Makati, the central business district. Modern malls and modern girls. I spent a week in a penthouse in a great hotel for $55 per night. Taxis are like $5 to go half an hour. You can have a lot of fun here with very little capital.
There are a lot of very good restaurants here in Manila. Sure the street food is disgusting to say the least but restaurants have western food that was surprisingly good. Even the Arabic places and kebab houses were decent. As far as native food,
yeah, that half way hatched egg with the half chicken inside seems disgusting, but the native fried chicken meals were good. Usually half a chicken deep fried with a spicy and sweet Philippine sauce. The spicy thin sliced beef dishes as well as
the spicy rice dishes were really good. They use different spices here and it was a nice change for me. Philippine food is not bad like most people say. And I'm a picky eater. Of course if you can't take the food, Wendy's, McD's,
KFC, TGI Fridays and all the other western haunts are available too so don't worry. There is also a modern supermarkets in every part of Manila, with a large selection of western products. The produce is honestly so so. The produce in Indonesia
is much, much better, but it's decent enough in Manila.

While in Makati I met dozens of girls in the age range from 17 – 32. All very pretty, some beautiful. I had fun with all of them. Very nice polite girls, good manners and not at all interested in scams. Philippine girls have an undeserved
bad reputation in my opinion. They have amazing bodies and big lips. What's not to like?

One particular girl invited me to her parents' house in the provinces. I went. They cooked food outside on fire pits and we went to the beach every day. No beggars or street life here. Most people exist by growing small farms. Most people
still have basic bamboo houses but they were genuine and polite people. They didn't have much but were super friendly and hospitable. I had a wonderful time in the Philippines. I cannot recommend it highly enough. My only advice is get out
of the red light district and Manila completely if possible.


Sounds like a nice time was had. Photos would really have added something to this sub.

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