Stickman Readers' Submissions August 4th, 2012

My Thoughts on Women

Although late to the party (as usual) I would like to add my thoughts on women, particularly those of the Caucasian and Thai varieties. In the Professor’s defense, there is no getting around the “feminazi” tone of a lot of articles on Stick’s site. Most begin with a sad tale of how all the women of their western society conspired to take every last cent in divorce court. Hence, their subsequent journey to Thailand to restore manhood. I have challenged this baloney in the past and have been rewarded with a lot of insane email. Those responders who could control their vitriol for a few sane exchanges, later admitted that “yes”, they were caught cheating or there was that odd bash to the head that resulted in them spending a few nights in the pokey, or even the low-priced attorney they dragged into court. I suspect that these women-haters prefer to blame others for their mistakes vs. taking a good hard look in the mirror. To me, they should feel lucky they can still swing their dick in the free air of Thailand.

I was also saddened to read that one good fellow was scared to death that his son would wake one day to find his girlfriend accusing him of rape and his subsequent prison term. I have had many exchanges with this author about this unreasonable fear but I cannot seem to budge him from his stance. The fact is today’s police are not so stupid as to go blindly into court with only the word of their victim for evidence. They will do a rape exam and a background check of all involved, including interviewing the neighbors. Remember Strauss-Kahn, the French diplomat accused of raping a hotel maid? They were ready to fry the guy until the police, listening to her phone calls, discovered the maid had lied in an attempt to extort money. If the American legal system can’t even falsely convict a Frenchman of rape in America, then your theory of feminazi’s trapping innocent men on rape charges is seriously lacking in evidence.

Now, stepping down from my stump is the real reason for writing this article. I agree with those who say one man’s happy story of marriage to a Thai woman cannot be transferred to others. Working harder or smarter only gets you so far. I have been very happily married to a Thai woman in America for over 8 years. But you are not me, and my wife is not your wife. I may be able to offer some helpful advice, but as there are so many factors that go into having a good marriage, my advice may be of little help. I have, though, been able to gain some knowledge of my local Thai community by way of making friends with a few of its members. Some of the stories are quite unnerving.

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For instance, there is the Thai woman married to a struggling Thai businessman who is leaving her husband to marry a well-off Caucasian man. A very congenial parting, as she has made it plain to everyone that failure is not an option in her world. Love is not really her thing. The naïve suitor has no clue that his seemingly demure sweetheart is really a tiger in disguise. I wish them happiness but I would not bet on it. Or the Thai businessman married to a Caucasian woman with 2 sons who tries to fxxx every young Thai woman he meets. Sometimes he uses coercion to get his way. Recently, he married an 18 year old girl in Thailand and is secretly planning his escape to a new home and marital bliss. Screw his American family. The stories seem endless; boyfriends and girlfriends and frauds and other silliness. Although depressing, I realize they are the same stories from my own Caucasian group of friends. As my Dad liked to say, “People are people everywhere”.

The other item my Thai connections confirm, Thai women can be just as bad as their philandering Thai men. We all know about “giks”, or the fxxx-buddies many Thai women keep around for sexual pleasure. The benefits of giks, especially for Thai women, are that they do not steal their money like a Thai husband is prone to do. My own wife’s ex-husband left her with over $5,000 in debts. What you may not know is that many giks are actually old boyfriends from their youth, and that there may be real love in these relationships. They did not marry for any number of reasons: money, school, families, etc. As most of these earlier lovers did not follow them to America, it seems like this is mostly a Thailand phenomenon. So, for those living with Thai wives in Thailand, realize that the next time you are on a “business” trip to Soi Cowboy, your wife might be taking a little vacation as well. It happens all the time.

In the end, those who “trade-up” from western to Thai women may be trading one set of problems for another. Sure, you can probably have more sex in Thailand via prostitution or on-line dating but it can be difficult to find good candidates for relationships using these vehicles. You may be trading a feminazi for a tiger lady with a secret agenda. Which is worse? Finally, whenever I am reading some article where the western male writer is denigrating western women, I always wonder if his comments include his mother, sisters, or daughters?

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A lot of sense spoken, a lot indeed.

What I find aggravating about some of these anti-Western women articles is that the authors don't seem to be in touch with many of the problems inherent in relationships in Thailand, a good few of which you have obviously seen yourself. Thai women might be easier to meet but that doesn't necessarily mean a relationship with a Thai woman will be better or without issues…

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