Stickman Readers' Submissions August 3rd, 2012

Do Stickman Readers Hate Western Women, My Thoughts

Do Stickman Readers Hate Western women? I would say not but they more or less hold Western women in contempt if they can not have sexual access to them…the way they would like to.

After living here in Thailand for 25 years for business reasons I would say Western men living here or coming here often do not hate Western women, rather they simply detest many aspects of the Western women’s attitude and or their
developed character that they do not have to be subjected to and or tolerate here in Thailand. By living here or coming back here often many men have simply removed themselves from being subjected to the Western women and all that they entail.

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Many Western men living in Thailand are in a favorable position to criticize the Western women for their own personal (often jaded) reasons while they have other options and other choices. Not that it makes any significant difference to the
Western women but many men feel self-satisfied not having to be around the Western women and all their Western women idiosyncrasies. Like as if they outsmarted the women and simply up and left and went somewhere else to get laid all the time and
find female companionship that satisfies their sexual desires and sooths their souls.

Criticizing Western women while having sex with Thai women satisfies their egos in a strange sort of way and difficult to explain while they somewhat believe they are getting back at all those Western “bitches” that gave them
some grief or a whole lot of grief somewhere, somehow along the line. As if they are saying: “Who needs you Western women when there are Asian Women to accommodate us.” The best way to forget one woman is have sex with other women…or
many other women, as is the nature of men.

The truth of the matter is pretty simple. The majority of Western men here in Thailand are getting laid in Thailand somehow or some way, when they want and how they want to their satisfaction. As long as men are getting laid, often enough,
by any race of women, in any country most men are content enough and pretty mellow and happy. If they are not getting laid often enough and or not at all then they will develop an attitude about the women in their own country or where ever they
are living.

If you have spent any length of time in Middle Eastern countries in an environment that is more or less sexually repressed and difficult to get laid then many men will form a somewhat negative opinion about the women and the country in general
on that aspect alone when living in a seemingly sexless environment.

For many men living here in Thailand, concerning female relationships the relationships are not all that the men seemingly believe it to be concerning Thai women verses the Western women. Here in Thailand the Thai men are not necessarily
totally enamored by Thai women and or always praising the women as being so wonderful and so sexually accommodating and or so noteworthy the way that Western men praise Thai Women. The average Thai guy himself struggles to get laid here in Thailand
with the exception of the men that partake in the pay for sex game.

I can assure you on average Thai men have a lot of similar complaints about Thai women and say the same or similar comments about Thai Women as Western men have to say about Western women when they are struggling to socialize with Thai women
and get them into bed and have sexual relations with them and put up with all the many various Thai female idiosyncrasies…and there are many…a lot!

You look around at the average Thai guy…the Thai guy that would be equivalent to the same sort of guy back in the West. Do you think he is getting laid all the time when ever he wants and the way he wants and there are Thai women falling
all over him and any Thai women at all coming on to him and or even flirting with him? Not in this conservative Buddhist country! Even the Thai men with money do not have the common Thai women falling all over them <Not sure where you get this idea but Thai guys with money absolutely do have women falling all over them!Stick>. Sexual liberation is just beginning in Thailand.

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It is well known that America and Canada (for example) practice a far, far more liberal sexual attitude than Thailand does. Thailand has a whole lot of prostitution to make up for the conservative sexual morals of the population while a notable
number of Thai women more or less prostitute themselves for a number of complex social reason that could easily make for another long submission and a subject matter that has been somewhat discussed before. It may look like there is more sex going
on and in some respects there is but liberal sexual relationships are not practiced by most Thais nearly as much as in the Western countries.

Yes, Thai men womanize as much as men in other nations but it is not really reciprocal on the women’s part and it is not easy for a Thai guy to simply get laid by the common Thai women when ever he wants. Other than the wide spread
prostitution that accommodates a notable percentage of Thai men it is not easy for the average Thai guy to get Thai women into bed with him let alone meet the women and socialize with them attempting to get laid. All too many Western men come
to Thailand with a mistaken concept concerning practiced Thai sexuality and the belief that Thai women are sexually accommodating and easy to get into bed as compared to their Western women counterparts.

It has to be realized that when men have satisfactory sexual relationships with women then men are more or less happy enough with women and do not criticize them too harshly but when they are not getting laid and or do not have the access
or the ability to socialize with women the way they would like to then they begin to criticize women and begin to hold them in contempt and begin to fault them for near anything. After a while, all of the women are considered bitches while a man
is not getting laid for long periods of time. A lack of sex or sexual relations develops a negative attitude towards the opposite sex.

Meantime, here in Thailand there certainly is a whole lot of eye candy to enjoy and naturally the women are slimmer and trimmer than the average Western women originating from a European background, mostly or African or many from Latin countries.
Those are genetic factors while Thai women make for smaller, slimmer women who are not considered large or fat on the average (compared to their Western sisters) and that is appealing to many men. But yes there sure are a lot of fatties in North
America and Europe and that includes many fat men also to match all the fat women. Also there seems to be a lot of young girls and women to enjoy observing here in Thailand as compared to cities in the Western countries where there is bigger percent
of all ages seen out and about. Why is it here in Thailand you see so many young girls and young women? Where are all the older people?

When you start to look around at most of the Thai women you begin to realize that there are not that many who are really “that” good looking, face wise…but many (a lot of them) are sexually attractive…but you have to like
the looks of Asian women to recognize that sexual attractiveness and you have to be comfortable with the look of Asian women. Most of them are not beautiful, rather they are cute or pretty or sexually enticing having nice full lips and interesting
facial features and of course their nice smiles. The word beautiful is often used to describe Thai women but I have been here for 25 years and I have never used the word beautiful to describe Thai women. Cute, super cute, adorable, attractive,
really attractive, exotic looking, “Sexy” (of course) feminine, very feminine, pretty, very pretty, alluring, charming and many other words but not beautiful the way that women from some other nations can be truly beautiful looking.

The biggest attractiveness is their overall “femininity” and their underlying sexuality…the whole package looks sexually appealing and very feminine and many of them have a great attitude…while it is said that the Western
women have a bad attitude…but certainly not all of them and probably most of them have a good attitude …but “all too many” do have a bad attitude towards men giving them a reputation as being disliked amongst men.

The Western women grow up in a much different environment so of course they have a different attitude and different developed character and a different way of thinking…which more or less does not suit a mans way of thinking concerning Women
and how Men would like Women to be and act that would be in a man’s favor, of course.

Meantime if you live in Thailand you will notice that most Thai omen have attractive legs and look great in a dress or short skirts and high heel shoes.. as if they were meant to wear high heel shoes…but truth be told most of the women
are more or less not good looking and many are down right ugly and not attractive at all…but a high percent of them have very appealing figures and …well we all know what they look like when you get their clothes off to find out they have
excellent bodies and even the ones considered to be fat or overweight are still sexually appealing and sexually attractive. In bed they are sexually stimulating and sexually satisfying in numerous aspects and sexually addicting to a man’s

But they do not make better lovers per say than Western women…just more lustful sexual encounters in many aspects because many men find them to be a big sexual turn on and some what of a fantasy come real. But you have to like that kind
of body shape and female figure…because a lot of men do not like small breasted (near flat-chested) women with more or less flat shaped bums (very few bubble butts) and on the average short stature, as compared to taller Western women with more
voluptuous figures.

However it seems that many men do like that kind of look and body figure and certainly once they have experienced the whole package many men keep on coming back for more.

I personally believe it is the overall “Asian Femininity” aspect that has them hooked on Thai girls and Asian girls in general…besides the sex…of course.

Without the sex aspect then what would Western men have to say about the Thai women?

However, if you live here in Thailand there is not much else other than Thai girls and not much variety the way there is in North America…so a guy becomes accustomed to the look and appeal and femininity of Thai women and find themselves
in some what of a “sexual comfort zone” and happy to be here…very pleased to be here amongst all these pretty, friendly women…and it kind of grows on a man which distorts his thinking about Western women while he makes sexually
induced and sexually seduced, incorrect assumptions and comparisons.

Then there is long-term intimate relations with the Thai women and marriage. That is almost a whole different world versus just having sex with them and in the end you learn that all too many of them can be an even worse choice than any Western
women. If anything there are as many Thai women who will give you just as much or even more grief in a long term relationship than any Western women. Do not be fooled into thinking a marriage or long term relationship with a Thai women is going
to be “naturally” better. Do not let their “looks” and or Asian femininity and their sexual allure and or your “sexual lust” and libido fool you into thinking they are little angels compared to the Western
women. The big difference between living here verses living in the West is the man still has “many more” self serving sexual options while living here. It is much more of a man’s world here than in the Western nations in the
aspect of practiced male sexuality. If the woman is giving you grief you can always go get laid with a working girl and or there is far more chance of successfully developing sexual affairs on the side with Thai women you meet under normal social
circumstances. If you separate from your woman here in Thailand you can always go get laid easily enough with a working girl to soothe your soul and satisfy your sexual ego and stroke your libido.

The numbers are in favor of the man.

There are a dozen different angles to the advantage of the man and in favor of the man here in Thailand that does not exist in the Western countries.

Back in the West it is not like it is here in Thailand while the Western women have many legal and or social status advantages over the man as that is what has evolved over the last 50 years.

I would say all too many men in the West are more or less sexually frustrated and their hands are tied, so to speak, dealing with the Western women and when that condition evolves then men form jaded opinions about women in general and they
become vocal about it while more or less just bitching and complaining because they can not get laid the “way they want” or think they should be entitled too…in a mans mind and thinking.

They don’t hate Western women, rather they just love complaining about them while they are actively getting laid by Asian women and happy to be getting laid and not having to put up with the Western women attitudes and not having to
play the game by way of the Western women’s rules of conduct.

*** Having said all that I have said I already know well, very well that all too many of the Western women are a major pain in the ass and somewhat of a nightmare as well documented by loads of social data and all too many men’s personal
experiences ( for the record) that does not fare well for the reputation of the Western women.

I expect to see submissions from the usual people who are going to correct me or educate me with their astute, all knowing insight concerning the subject of Western women and their personal (although often jaded) opinions about Western women…but
I already know well all about the so called Western women and all that is entailed regarding relationships and living with the Western Woman and or having to tolerate the Western Woman by way of a man’s “perspective” ***


It's interesting to read how much you've learned in 25 years….

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