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Stickman Readers' Submissions August 15th, 2012

Biology 102

This responds to a recent submission in which the author has been married to an American woman for nearly a quarter of a century, and together they raised two daughters to adulthood. He describes the marriage as dull and sexless, but stable in the sense
that they both worked together toward the common goal of raising their common children. He offers a biological perspective in explaining the behavior of he and his wife, as well as male/female interaction in general. The author says we are prisoners
to biology in the sense that we are fooled into procreating, even though that might not be in our best interests as individuals. Furthermore, men and woman have different goals due to their different natural roles in reproduction.

I think the author has framed the problem in the right way, and I agree with most but not all of what he says. Instead focusing on minor disagreements I have, I would like to show one way that this sort of analysis could be extended to explain
a fundamental difference between the behaviors of Thai and farang women.

He Clinic Bangkok

It's often said that Thai woman are more in touch with their femininity, than are farang women, without a clear explanation as to what that means. I suggest that this means that Thai women are more skillful in manipulating the male mind
into getting what they want, than are farang women. Men are fundamentally gullible, and their biological success depends upon it, but Western women don't need to exploit that gullibility nearly so much as do Thai women.

In order to explain why this difference exists between the East and West, let's first look at what would have happened if the author's marriage had failed, and ended in divorce court. Family law varies considerably between countries
and between individual states, and I can't possibly cover all jurisdictions. I'll focus on America, because the author is married to an American woman, and because America seems to be leading the way to gender "equity" within
the Western world. Within America, futurists say that California leads the rest of the states by about ten years. I will use California as an example because it is a jurisdiction with which I am intimately familiar, and because it's a world
leader. It's just a matter of time before the rest of the Western world becomes just like California.

Had the author and his wife gone to California divorce court, they would have each faced a moral dilemma, because Court-ordered child support generally far exceeds the cost of raising a child, and depends upon the time a child spends with
each parent. Therefore, both parents have an economic incentive to prevent the other from seeing their child in order to maximize or minimize these payments. This leads to nasty custody fights with the child as the big loser. Most commonly, the
outcome of a California divorce case is a massive redistribution of income from the man to the woman.

Thai women cannot count upon the clout of an oppressive Western legal system to get what they want, but must rely instead upon their wits. They are such skillful manipulators that farang guys, being accustomed to less crafty farang women,
don't stand a chance. I'm not exempt from this natural vulnerability, either.

My girlfriend and I just rented a house that was previously occupied by a farang/Thai couple. I recently discovered why they had moved out. The French guy next door had threatened to disclose to the husband that the wife had a Thai boyfriend
on the side. Before we moved to the new house, our next door neighbor was a farang/Thai couple who just had a baby. Shortly after giving birth, the wife left him and ran off with another farang, taking the baby with her. The cuckolded husband,
undaunted by her betrayal, immediately found a new girlfriend. However, his new girl needed to leave him temporarily because her farang husband, who incidentally was building her a house, was back in town.

My girlfriend comes from a traditional background and has led a sheltered life. We are married in a traditional, but not legal sense, although most people assume we are legally married. She has met quite a few other farang wives, even though
I try to avoid them myself. Most commonly the wives come from poor backgrounds, have tattoos, and can speak English. They met their husbands while they worked as "waitresses" in Pattaya. She didn't understand what all this means
until I explained it to her.

My girlfriend has talked to these other farang wives who say they get substantial allowances from their husbands, and want to know what she gets, and how much money I have. The answer is that she gets zero allowance from me because she has
a job. She doesn't know how much money I have, because I never told her.

It has been suggested by other submitters that economic advantage alone can explain why some Thai women seek farangs. I disagree. I think it has more to do with manipulation. A Thai girl can drive a farang like a car.


Makes a lot of sense…and your final sentence is a great quote.