Stickman Readers' Submissions July 10th, 2012

On The Subject of HIV/AIDS

So much has been written of late on the subject of HIV/AIDS in these submissions, some fiction, some fact, that I decided to inject some truth into the discussion in the form this carefully worded essay. So many dissertations have been published recently
that I feel it unnecessary to address them one b' one. I will simply address some themes that I feel are in error, then try to rectify the situation with good advice. I provide this as a public service, as HIV/AIDS is so terrible an affliction,
that I hope I can save someone from the path of poor choices. So whether you are a socially awkward westerner who cannot find sexual opportunities in your homeland and you innocently delve into the Far East sex scene to fulfil your basic human
needs, or, you are a hardcore monger who is such an insidious beast, a downright filthy and depraved individual, who long ago grew tired of the debauching of young maidens, and has now come to the point where he can only satisfy himself by the
most severe forms of libertinage, this submission is for you. I enclose herewith my advice.

Friend reader,
Some have used the Sub-Saharan African model to address HIV/AIDS rates. One author explains the exploding HIV/AIDS rates in the dark continent as a side effect of malnutrition. This has some impact on the epidemic but it
is not the whole story, nor is it even a major contributor to the story. I have concluded from the Center For Disease Control website that the chance of being infected by HIV/AIDS by insertive vaginal sex to be 1 in 2,000. This seems to be a widely
accepted estimate. Various sources have found that serio conversion and viral loads can greatly affect this estimate though. It is thought that if someone has just been infected, or are in the last stages of full blown AIDS, than the chances go
all the way up to 1 in 20. Conversely if someone is on anti retrovirals and the disease is under control, the odds go in the opposite direction and your chances of catching the germ are more like 1 in 10,000. Of course if someone is suffering
from full blown AIDS, is full of legions and is basically a piece of leather draped over bones, you most likely will defer and find a new victim to embugger. However someone who was just infected with the virus will go unnoticed, but still be
as virulent as the person in the final stages of death from aids.

He Clinic Bangkok

Many other STDs are available as well. Syphilis, Herpes are two that play an important role. For your consumption, I will provide you with some facts about both. Syphilis and herpes cause lesions on the genitals, anus and occasionally inner
thighs, and in the case of herpes, also the mouth. If you have sex with someone with an active herpes or syphilitic infection, your chances of catching herpes or syphilis is basically 50/50. That is to say, if you pick up an infected whore, and
have sex with here 4 times over the course of the night, then you will contract herpes or syphilis. Herpes and syphilis lesions are a major co factor for contracting HIV/AIDS. They act as a conduit thru which the HIV/AIDS can enter your body.
Estimates vary, but a man with either herpes or syphilis who has insertive vaginal sex with an HIV positive woman stands a 1 in 10 to 1 in 100 chance of being infected by HIV. Compound this with a woman who has a high viral load and basically,
it's a done deal – you got the germ.

One of the main reasons sub-Saharan Africa has such high rates of HIV lies in the fact that sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate in the world for syphilis. Most infections go unchecked, and thus, a normally lower risk vaginal sexual encounter
with an HIV+ woman becomes a distinct possibility for getting HIV, when the man has a syphilis infection. Another big reason is lack of education in the dark continent. Many have no idea that these infections they live with are a main factor in
contracting HIV.

Another author claims homosexuality doesn't occur in Africa. This is simply untrue. Homosexuality exists in Africa in roughly the same rates as it does in the rest of the world. The difference being, that in Africa there is a huge stigma
attached to openly gay men, so African gay men don't admit to their homosexuality. Much like African Americans back in the states don't admit their homosexuality. Back in the States there is a nickname for these African American homosexuals,
"down low brothas". Basically these men live outwardly straight lives, have sex with women, sire many children etc. They may even look like hardcore gangstaz or thugz to the layman. However, they enjoy sex with men, on the down low.
Many picked up the habit in prison, some suffered molestation as kids, whatever the reason, it's prevalent and a Google search will inform you. There is even a famous rap song about it entitled "thug or what", with the hilarious
line, "your girlfriend things you're tuff, but you into some other stuff". LOL. Anyway as we know receptive anal sex with an HIV+ partner is all but guaranteed HIV on the first try. They then go back and infect their girlfriends,
infect them and they cycle continues. The same goes on in the Dark Continent.

CBD bangkok

To summarize :
* HIV may be low risk for the man involved in unprotected vaginal sex, provided the man is STD free and the girl has a low viral load.
* While HIV may be low risk with unprotected vaginal sex, Syphilis and Herpes are
never low risk with unprotected vaginal sex. They are extremely high risk.
* If you contract Herpes or Syphilis, any unprotected sex with HIV+ partners will go from a low risk activity to a very high risk activity.

On a side note. Stickman mentioned, how, many haggard looking sexpats with obviously poor health manage to stay HIV free. Really? How do you know they are HIV free? Because they tell you so. LOL, what do you expect them to say. Do they provide
recent medical records for your review? Did you ever think their overall haggard look, and unhealthy looking body may be indicative that they actually already have AIDS?

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