Stickman Readers' Submissions July 26th, 2012

I’m On Your Side, Professor

I think the Professor wrote a good and long overdue submission albeit with a bad title. However he may just have been trying to stir up a hornet's nest and I think succeeded.

He asks if Stickman readers hate women and he got a few defensive submissions back in reply.

He did get one submission he asked for, that is a guy who is happily married and states in tongue in cheek that he lives a boring life. I'm certain there are millions of guys out there who are also happily married and can't be bothered
to write about it. I mean it's nobody's business and why write if it's a non issue? The fact is that marriage is still an accepted form of co-habiting and if you add to that people who also live in a monogamous relationship although
without the certificate, we're talking about the majority of the population.

He Clinic Bangkok

Of course along the journey you get bumps along the road called divorce which to a large extent comes down to the wrong selection process and then you got to pay your dues. Divorce is not pleasant for either parties plus the children of that
union but in most cases people pick up the pieces and get on with their lives. I happen to be one of them. I'm now happily married with a Thai wife and have been for the past 13 years. We have a child and moved away from Thailand. While living
in Thailand I've met a good number of people in mixed marriages who have children and are happy. The same applies to people in the country we live in now. To my knowledge most of these people never heard of this website and if they did they
couldn't be bothered to write about their lives or marriages. However if they did come here they'd find a number of damaged men complaining about their lot regarding their past and how they chose to deal with it.

It follows then that anyone reading here will find a club of like-minded guys who find support for their miseries. When you have things happen to you with negative impacts, be it marriage, career or anything else you got choices to make and
attitudes and actions to adopt.

A lot of guys here chose to engage with bargirls to treat the symptoms of their problems. These guys aren't about to recover from what caused their current state of mind. When they talk about feminists, feminazis and being hard done
by they reveal a weakness in their personalities and look for scapegoats to blame. A lot of them are unable to own up top their own contributions to their plights.

CBD bangkok

Ok, so they come to Thailand and because of economic advantages for them adopt a lifestyle which they think is an equitable relationship between the sexes unlike that which was the source of their problem in the West. There is nothing equitable
about being in a relationship with a prostitute when you're paying for sexual favours. Not in a sense of relationship anyway. As a business transaction, maybe.

In any case we're talking about an issue here where it was posed that men on this site hate women. They probably don't, otherwise they would not seek them out other than for sex. So here is the crux of it, there are many if not
most of them who love women, would like to have their ideal woman be their exclusive partner but because of their own fault can't find such a person. They're damaged or were never suitable to provide what a woman needs, are Mummy's
boys, can't commit or don't want to and maybe feel they're God's gifts to women. I'm sure you can come up with more reasons.

You don't have to hate women to be a failure in a relationship but you have to love yourself before you love somebody else. My point is that a lot of men here hate themselves and don't want to face that. So they look at women as
an excuse.

These are guys who may lose a job for non-performance then blame the boss for sacking them.

wonderland clinic

Men who write about their plight here and complain about women in the West or Thai women should do some navel glazing. Then again maybe they can't see it because of their tummies. These are the guys who say that Western women are too
fat. How ironic! <Oh yeah, a point I continue to hammer homeStick>

I live in a beachside suburb in the West and the girls are gorgeous here. There are some overweight people here too as there are in Thailand, admittedly not too many in gogo bars where they do a lot of exercise. When I look at women here
I prefer to focus on the pretty ones. As I said there are many here. It depends on you whether it's a glass half full or half empty. I remember some time ago there was a pictorial submission sent in by someone named Caveman who decided to
demonstrate how fat women are in the USA. Selective presentation to back up a viewpoint. I could go out today with my camera and shoot dozens of pretty women in bikinis down at the local beach. That would be just as selective. At least it'd
be more pleasant than what Caveman did. That's what I mean, highlight the positive and downplay the negative.

There used to be a submitter on this site by the name of Casanundra who used to write witty submissions about Thailand, refused to succumb to bar hopping, married a decent Thai girl, had a daughter with her and moved to England where they
all live happily. I can relate to that. I don't think you'll find his submissions on here any more as he asked Stick to remove them. Guess why?

My guess is that he didn't want to be associated with some other submitters here. I could be wrong but in any case he moved on to greener pastures.


I have a couple of acquaintances in Bangkok who absolutely hammer Western women and blame them for many of the ills in their respective lives. One of these guys is physically a wreck – there is no better word to describe him and while he is a nice guy, physically he is actually disgusting. The other is doing ok physically, but is horribly dishonest with himself, again blaming Western women for all the problems in his life. I've seen the way he treats women and it's appalling, yet he harks on and on about evil Western women. I guess the point I want to make here is that while I often read emails from people hammering Western women, I'd actually like to know a little bit more about the person telling the story. Are they really the fine specimen that they often make themselves out to be?

nana plaza