Stickman Readers' Submissions July 9th, 2012

HIV In Thailand, Africa & In Your Girlfriend

I am extremely thrilled that there is finally a lot of debate on this site about HIV. There have been several posts and this ugly HIV topic must be dragged out of the dark shadows and be pulled kicking and screaming into the light.

The previous letter titled “HIV Beliefs And Psychology” was excellent and he basically made all the points I wanted to
make, however I have some other information. The tone of my previous submission is caution and to please use common sense. Too many guys in LOS are hoping they don’t get infected or gambling on it. This slack attitude has long concerned
me and I always try and warn people to behave but nobody wants to know. I would always rather error on the side of caution.

I think the situation in Africa is very relevant to LOS. AIDS originated in Africa so it's only common sense that the continent will have the highest infection rates on earth. I offer two examples of real people who didn’t believe there was much HIV about and then I will tell you what happened to them. (see below)

Be worried… what you’ve heard about HIV is true… they may have predicted the dates of large group infections wrong but I believe that they have predicted the level of infection correctly. This is similar to what financial analysts or Hhedge funds do. They try and predict the future. They can more or less predict what will happen but not the exact dates. The levels of infection in Africa are as high as they were predicted in the 1980’s but it’s taken a lot longer to get to that high level. Remember the TV adverts in the 1980’s predicting mass infection rates?… That is what has happened in Africa. The dreaded pestilence has arrived! Make no mistake.

The only thing I fear is that the pestilence is still moving and growing exponentially… into Thailand and the civilised West. HIV has not stopped spreading or gone away as many people believe or hope. I am telling you for sure that millions of straight heterosexual people are infected with it and are dying in large numbers… fly into South Africa and see it with your own eyes… or for that matter any country in Africa below the Sahara Desert (nothing crosses that wasteland, not even AIDS).

It can’t be wrong. If every trained Medical Doctor in every country on earth tells you unprotected sex in a high risk group is bad and The World Health Organisation backs up this statement and the United Nations starts allocating funds which they would rather spend elsewhere to this issue… not to mention thousands of Non-Governmental Agencies (NGOs) and tens of thousands of charities… all this against the word of some fat, old, drunk sex tourists on barstools.

I am sure the fat, old drunk sex tourists tell you they bareback hundreds of girls and only ever get the clap once a year… but do you really believe them? Use your common sense!

And if anybody thinks that all the Africans catch it easily because they have weaker immune systems or bad diets… think again. The Black man in Africa is a strong proud warrior class, muscular, healthy and powerfull. Come to Africa and see for yourself… they all look great. South Africa is not a country full of starving thin famine victims covered in flies wearing rags… sure there some poor sickly people but not the majority. White Farang catch it just as easily as Africans, Chinese or Americans.

Many Thailand sexpats are treading dangerously into the camp of AIDS-denialists. The two examples of real people who didn’t believe there was much HIV about that I mentioned above both happened to be the number one big shots in South Africa. The first one is called Thabo Mbeki and he was President of South Africa until 2008 an AIDS-denialist. He became an international laughing stock because of this and under his leadership infection rates soared and education/prevention was abandoned. He is being blamed for the current crisis.

The second one is the current President of South Africa called Jacob Zuma. He knowingly had sex with an infected women in 2005. This was well documented in the courts and media. The President of the richest African country no less… can you believe it?… talk about setting a bad example!… Both of these guys didn’t believe in AIDS… I bet they regret that now.

There is no reason on earth why HIV infection rates are not going to climb higher and higher in the Farang & Prostitute circles of Thailand. I am arguing the point that they are already high.

If you are so careless to think that having unprotected sex with third world prostitutes is a very low risk affair… then maybe you deserve to get sick. Please use common sense. As regards criticism about my general message. I won’t be responding to any more debate as I have said my piece. I appreciate the feedback and criticism and hope that by our lively discussion more people will be encouraged to practice safe sex as it’s not that bad or a difficult thing to do..

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Stickman's thoughts:

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I really do applaud your stance. Erring on the side of caution when it comes to a disease that kills is the best approach.

The difficulty is that anecdotal evidence suggests catching HIV via heterosexual sex in the absence of existing STDs, lesions, sores and / or a weakened immune system is really not that easy. You've seen the state of some of the long-term sexpats in Pattaya and other parts of Thailand, guys who have a lot of high-risk sex. That these guys who are obviously not in the best of health have not contracted it is evidence that we really don't know that much about it, or at least what is understood in mainstream society contains a lot of myth.

That is why I stick to my original comments that solid info needs to me be made widely available. I guess the problem is that if this info was made available, it could actually have the opposite effect and people would not wrap up. I mean to say, if, for example, it was actually the case that there was a 1 in 5,000 chance of contracting HIV through vaginal sex, I reckon a lot of guys would say the risk is worth it and not wrap up.

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For me personally, I have always erred on the side of caution and I believe that a condom should be used in all but serious, long-term relationships.

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