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HIV And Genetics – FACT: I’m “Delta-32”, And I Am Immune

FACT: All peoples (all races of people) have evolved uniquely, and each race has, on average, varying immunities towards different diseases. For example, most sub-Saharan Black Africans, Equatorial-Region Black Africans, and Southeast Asians evolved in
the presence of Malaria. Consequently, those Blacks and Southeast Asians frequently have higher natural resistance to malaria than do other racial groups. In regards to HIV, there are also marked differences in susceptibility from one racial
grouping to another. Black Africans have lower natural immunity to HIV than any other race. Next is Hispanics. (think of the “true Hispaniola type” as having inherited his genetics from Western Europeans, Moors, Native Americans,
and Black Africans). Next is Asians, Dead last in susceptibility, and highest in immunity, is Europeans (“Caucasians”) whose ancestors are from Northern Europe and who survived the plague.

FACT: The Delta-32 chromosomal mutation (do a Google, don’t make me do it for you) is just another random mutation of no value, except… when the Black Plague ravaged Europe, those persons fortunate enough to be either homozygous
or heterozygous Delta-32 just happened to have the optimum cell-coatings and the most resistant attachment sites, and to put it simply, their cells were not easy prey for certain types of viruses. As it turns out, the “black-death”
was more than likely not caused by rats passing bubonic plague bacteria (Pasteurella pestis) with fleas as vectors, but was caused by an Ebola-like virus transmitted from person to person as the etiological agent. This explains the infection
patterns, and it is the only explanation for why “Darwin did his thing” and selected for the CCR-5 allele, giving many of the survivors of the plague the Delta-32 genetics.

FACT: The Delta-32 (CCR-5 allele) is found in approximately 10-25% of all Caucasians. (The precise number is not known, and has only been estimated by scientists, since so “few” Caucasians have been tested, the numbers of
genetic test subjects will have to grow from the current many thousands to many millions in order to more precisely estimate the number) The Delta-32 mutation is not found in any significant measurable occurrence in any other race, except
infrequently as the heterozygous single-allele in a mixed-race person. (e.g., a Hybrid-Cross like President Obama could theoretically have the single-allele.) Persons with the double-allele (homozygous Delta-32) are functionally immune to
HIV and Smallpox. Persons with the single-allele have a very high resistance.

FACT: Smallpox? How do you think the old smallpox vaccine worked? The vaccine changes cell coatings making it more difficult for the smallpox virus to bind and replicate cells. (Sound familiar?) I’ve had the vaccine three times
– – at age 5, at age 18 before joining the U.S. Army, and at age 23 before entering college after Vietnam. The smallpox vaccine is no longer given, which is probably too bad. There is good data which shows that persons who have had the vaccine
at least twice in their lives have very high permanent resistance.

FACT: Ladies who are HIV+, and who monitor their CD-4, and stay on the anti-viral medications, have very low viral loads, so low, that “odds are” they will not transit anything to another person. Now, I am not a proponent
of barebacking HIV-positive prostitutes, but again, I am simply reporting the facts.

FACT: Do you believe that HIV is the only sexually-transmitted disease which has susceptibility-linkages to genetics and therefore to race? No, and as a matter of fact, the “odds are” that I am more of a danger to my sweeties
at the Hotel 88 Bare Back Whore House than they are to me. Firstly, as a Delta-32 white guy, I’m not catching what they are pitching, so to speak. However, as a Caucasian, I am at the wrong-end of the genetics and race equation for
these Asian girls. Odds are, I could be contributing to their cervical cancer. The issue is the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) which causes increased rates of cervical cancer and throat cancer. The “non-politically-correct” issue
is the morbidity versus viral types and racial-host types. (Of the approximately 100 type-strains of HPV, there are approximately 20-strains which cause cervical cancer) Each race of human, evolving separately over the eons, developed its
own unique genetic code, and co-evolved with its own unique strains of each virus. Prior to wide-spread race-mixing, the overall rates of cervical cancer in every racial group was much lower than today. The unnatural order of things is again
unfair to African peoples – – Black Africans normally carry the most aggressive strains of HPV, which creates higher morbidity than normal in both White and Asian women. Caucasians are in the middle, with strains of HPV that do not create
higher morbidity in Black women, but that do create more cervical cancer in our local Asian lovelies. Lastly, Asians co-evolved with the least potent strains of HPV. (and, not to use an anecdotal single case as proof, (again, do your own Google),
but President Obama’s Caucasian mother preferred black men as lovers, and she died of cervical cancer.) Fortunately, a vaccine for HPV has been created, but unfortunately, it only seems to protect the young ladies from the “bad
strains” of HPV if they start on the vaccine series at a very young age.

FACT: Life is a crap shoot.

FACT: For about $200-SGD, you can have a blood test at Singapore General Hospital, and the geneticists will tell you if you are a Delta-32 “Lucky White Guy”, or just an average white guy.

FACT: As an old white guy whore monger, and a confessed and unrepentant barebacker, I am probably way more of a threat to these Asian girls than they will ever be to me, and the issue isn’t HIV. The issues are: HPV and cervical
cancer as noted, and the issue is also the usual NSUs (non-specific urethritis, like Chlamydia, etc). Men, especially white males, are frequently asymptomatic carriers of these non-viral “mild-nasties”. On those occasions when
I have had Chlamydia, I only got a mild “itch”, but how many Asian girls did I give it to, and did they develop full-blown pelvic inflammatory disease at some point? It is very common for prostitutes to reach a point in their
barebacking careers where they simply can’t get pregnant anymore. And while this may seem handy, the cause is scarring and overgrowth within the fallopian tubes – – permanent blockage prevents the monthly dropped egg from traveling
from the ovaries to the uterus.

Again, do your own Google searches, and also note that I feel obliged in today’s hyper-sensitive world to point out that these are simply the “facts”, and I have tried carefully to present them with balance and with
no malice towards any racial group.

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Like I have said ad nauseum, there are other nasties out there other than HIV – and it's not just her infecting you but you infecting her – and this is why guys should wrap up.

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