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Good Thai Girl Part 7

Quite frankly I like a bit of Mills and Boon also a chick flick. (that effeminate streak in me). still waiting for ladyboy feedback stick. Not that you have any experience yourself. Too busy with the HAKA

Where was I?

He Clinic Bangkok

Female ejaculation. (I have refrained from using the F word to save stick some time in editing duties).

Back to 2008, September, I had a flight booked prior to G and myself hitting the windshield, I had thought that my seat belt was buckled but alas, still ended up with broken pride/ego after the inevitable windshield impact. I was on the rebound
and genuinely wanted a Good Girl but she needed to be Thai! why did I at this time of my life still have this obsession, my constant itch/rash for a Thai honey pot. Before leaving the land of cold I called the agency and I had selected a few girls
for the mandatory interview process, but before meeting a GTG I needed, I wanted, I craved, I was hungry for Laundry maid. I had a plan. During my UK sabbatical and prior to my return I had a few meets with Mr. G. He required some more Jade and
I required a Laundry service. He made some suggestions and with the assistance of his nephew, the game was afoot. Nephew would deliver flowers, and other delights and a lunch or dinner would be arranged. Feedback was received before my departure
that Laundry maid (LM) had a boyfriend, however she would be happy to meet. This seemed promising but Mr. C suggested that I meet her at a pre-arranged restaurant just in case the boyfriend would be lurking around with a stiletto knife and a desire
for my wallet. The nephew would remain nearby at all times (at a cost) until my body and wallet seemed safe from harm. I checked into the agency's preferred hotel and got a good nights sleep.

I called the agency in the morning and said I had a few things to sort out (LM), this would come back and bite me on the backside. My word she looked so good when she arrived and I was almost dribbling from my mouth and definitely dribbling
from elsewhere, lunch with LM was really nice and I was erect throughout the main course and desert. I had been quite frank about what I wanted from her and she came across as very receptive to my less than subtle innuendo which continued into
early evening. I wasn't to pushy about getting to the hotel and even when she made it clear to me that she wanted to bounce as much as I did, I wanted to wait until later in the evening. (I wanted a bit of build up). To seal the deal we went
shopping in the mall and down Sukhumvit to the street vendors, I had without thought slipped into full on mongering mode, you are never far from the dark side. I got a bit carried away with both black and white lingerie and LM was a happy little
honey pot. I even went as far as fake leather black thigh high boots and a fake Rolex, probably for the boyfriend, LM insisted it was for her brother, whatever. We also needed a shoulder bag for all the stuff I had purchased. I thought if she
did a runner then the nephew would not be far away, I had seen him a couple of times looking a bit like inspector gadget lurking in the shadows. LM was a smoker like myself and liked a beer so we wandered of to a sports bar on Sukhumvit soi 7,
with no objection from her at all. I stashed the shopping at the hotel reception and off we went to get pissed. LM spoke reasonable English and we were able to survive without me buying another electronic thing. Yes my Thai is not brilliant but
not too bad, LM was happy enough with my attempts. Suitably inebriated we returned to the hotel. I got a few funny looks from the girls on reception (they probably had a look in the shoulder bag) the hotel were aware that I was in Bangkok with
the agency and LM did not look like a Marriage minded Thai lady. We went to my room. We showered together and whilst LG dressed eagerly into her white outfit and heels not boots, she wore white heels to the restaurant with a white short skirt
which made her legs look so so good. She kept laughing at my ginger pubic hair and said I resembled an orangutan. Yes grey/silver on top and red below. She told me she had never bounced with a redhead before, she did take some photos of my ginger
thicket during our time together. The evening was mind blowing and her rear was magnificence itself absolutely magnificent. She was no GTG she was a little slut some of the best sex I have ever had, she was a VFLM (very filthy laundry maid). she
was insatiable once she got some heat in her cylinder block.

CBD bangkok

I fell asleep and she went into limpet mode and through the night when I woke to pee, (too much Malibu), she would be awake and looking around the room, when I returned to bed she would limpet mode again. I needed breakfast more than sleep
and left VFLM sleeping, it was daylight and now she decided to have a deep sleep. Whatever. When I returned a hour later she was still fast asleep I went down to the terrace to drink coffee and smoke and think about various different positions
I would try with VFLM later and which angles I would need to get an optimum view of her magnificent rear profile. My god if I had a better divorce settlement I would have sponsored her and kept her as my VFLM in-definitely, she could have as many
boyfriend or husband as she wanted no problem at all, she could have had anything, I was very deeply in lust. I returned to the room at noon and she was still fast asleep. I was laying beside her and watching her sleep it seemed only fair after
all the enthusiasm she had shown the night before. I love too watch beautiful women sleep I don't really understand why but I do. She woke with a smile and then started to tell me that she wanted to go home. Why I asked, not safe here I not
like spirits/ghost here. We went for mid afternoon lunch and I agreed that we would go back to the laundry and she assured me we would be alone and undisturbed there and apparently she would be more relaxed and would be able to bounce more. Wow,
did she mean she could be even better than the rumpy pumpy of the night before? A call to nephew and he turned up at the hotels outside terrace and we headed for the laundry of hedonism. Nephew and myself were aware of the risk we ran in this
neighborhood (near to Gs salon) and cautiously and with stealth entered the building post haste. VFLG and myself did not leave this palace of lust for 2 days, nephew would bring provisions and copious amounts of tequila and beer and the essential
Malibu and pineapple juice. That night I witnessed the most bizarre thing VFLM and myself were bouncing this time in black and thigh length boots and during this particular session in the almost missionary position with heels behind her friction
burnt ears, she was slapping her vagina, I mean I know some girls like a little clitoral play whilst having sex but she was beating her clit like a big bass drum, suddenly she screamed and I thought she had pissed on me. This I was to learn with
a sniff and a rub between my fingers was not urine but female giz. Wikipedia search.

I had never seen this before. She would repeat this activity several times during our time together. I really needed to call someone about the water in this area of Bangkok, it needs testing it seems to have a profound effect to the ejaculation
fixation which seems very prevalent in this specific area of Bangkok.

I did very reluctantly return to my hotel and continue my search for my elusive GTG but to my dismay when I arrived at the office during torrential rain only two Marriage minded Thai ladies had shown up. This according to the proprietor was
due to the inclement weather. I recognized them this time and they were both girls that I had seen online. The one I particularly liked was in her late thirties or early forties. Short hair and very smart and from memory she also owned a launderette
ironically and also in Bangkok. I remember now. The initial interview would be some small talk about each other and the agency owner would ask if either of us had a connection, if we had an interest in each other then the interview would continue
and the elegant lady would inquire about sin sod and any debts or problems. The lady in this case stated that she felt no connection, I was disappointed.

The second girl did feel a connection and we dated for 3/4 days but we had a problem communicating, her English was non-existent, I had to obtain another electronic thing and she had no idea how to use it. Within 48 hours she initiated sex
and within 72 hours I met most of the family. On day 4 she was talking about Marriage. I got on a flight to Manila. Before my departure I persuaded VDLM to pop back to the hotel in daylight hours to bounce and squirt, I did tell her that I had
fallen deeply in lust with her. I did not really speak to the agency again and they didn't even attempt to get any other girls to meet me. I do believe that they had found out what I was up to at the hotel and that I had disappeared for a
few days with VDLM. Maybe I am wrong but the 12 month contract and $2500 had been a waste, not by them but more by me. Stick knows who these people are and I would recommend to anyone to try their service. They will and do look after you if you
seriously want to find a girl/woman to spend the rest of your life with. Many westerners do find their wife at this western run agency, give it a try. (ask Stick not me for details). I bet you edit that.

wonderland clinic

Looking back now to those events in LOS with G. I had in my subconscious given up on the dream and even as an ex-mongerer had gotten scolded if not burnt, had I not heard the telephone fight in my hotel that day I would have probably ended
up as a victim, but my glass is always half full and part of me has always wondered (what if) in an ideal world would we have had a future together. I am resigned to never knowing the answer. (trust, no trust no future).

Back to May 2012.

Going down memory lane. My god, its only 4 weeks ago that she came and I still cant stop smiling about her visit. I had managed to convert her to the Chelsea supporters club during our 4 weeks in 2008. She still has the Chelsea shirt and
scarf, coffee mug, key ring etc and she told me she had been to see them play in a pre-season tour of Asia in 2011 (good girl). She looked so so good. Her hair was longer and now rested just below her shoulder blades and was tinted with subtle
almost bronze streaks, her figure was as good as I remember. Being not that long ago that we had been together, the way we looked at each other, it was evident (her words) two lovers who although we have moved on, still held deep feelings for
each other. She told me that I was the third man she had ever slept with, (I didn't ask her this) and I was the only man who had ever seen her DVD porn collection. I did ask about that and its quite interesting. At the time her and her girlfriends
had the impression and had been warned that all westerners were sex crazy and that they were far more experimental and perverse than normal Thai guys. I have no idea how true this is.

I told her I had forgiven her and she confirmed that she had forgiven me. I did love her as much as you can after 4 weeks and she cried, a common occurrence for both of us that week. We laughed about the engagement party and she told me that
in the 4 weeks we spent together she had never laughed so much in her life. I told her that I had thought of her often and always with great affection and a smile on my face. She now has two salons in Bangkok and a tattoo high on her left arm/shoulder.
She refused to show it to me. (she does regret getting it). She had come to London to shop and to visit me, in that order I think. She knew my address and brother knew where my home was. She is unmarried and does work with airline crew training
(some of you will have without doubt been on a long haul and been attended to by G, doors to manual). She intends to open another parlor every year, also a dog grooming parlor and a veterinary clinic. I asked her where she had been that day, she
looked away, she told me she had been with him. She swore to me that she was trapped and fearful of what he would do, not only to her but to me. I asked if they were still together, she said "tur hen chan ngo ruu ngai" whatever that
means. Grandmother had died from a heart attack and I spoke to mother on Gs cell phone that day. (viber or tango free app) I cooked G a Thai red curry for lunch and when we sat to eat she noticed the photos of my wife and daughters on the walls
and started to cry again, as did I. ( we would sometimes joke to each other about her bearing me a long awaited daughter). She had come to see me because she knew I would have been home watching Chelsea play on TV with my sons. When Chelsea won
the Champions league final she flew to London, she knew I would be in a very good state of mind and would forgive anyone anything at that time. I asked her so many questions and she reciprocated. She will visit me again and I will take my wife
and daughters to see her in the LOS later this year. G stayed for a week and ironically spoke to my Filipino wife and watched our daughters on Skype several times. She met my sons who rent my home in London when I am in Asia. We had dinner with
Mr. and Mrs. C, yes, Mr. C got out the Jade, as he always does, more good memories for G and myself came flooding back and the only bouncing that took place was my grandson on G's knee.

She told me the blank and vacant expressions were done on purpose and she still uses them frequently. She told me that I was a bad boy for taking advantage of her in the hotel room, she had stared at my erection, wondering what a farang penis
would feel like. She also said she did want a Thai husband rather than a westerner, she no longer feels the need to escape. With my wife's blessing I showed G around London and men would stare in the way all us Thai addicts do. She had numerous
Tiger episodes and I thought she was about to explode at Harrods, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the tour of Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea Football Club. She spent two hours at a BMW car showroom (playing with the gadgets) and had
the sales guys eating out of her hand and driving her around in the cars. I loved seeing this fantastic woman so happy and content in her life.

T is now and living in Bangkok with his Thai girlfriend. We both still have the neckbands and rings. G did state that she does not think she will marry any time soon. Mother was desperate to get G away for obvious reasons. Do I regret not
staying with G, no I don't. Does she regret what happened to us, I don't think I will ever know, I didn't ask. She confirmed that the third hotel I ended up staying in, which she selected was because the family knew the owner, everybody!
knew of the threat posed by her Thai Guy. When I had the moronic episode at 7-11 she had thought it was with him. He had seduced her shortly after the death of her father, when she was a vulnerable(her words) 19 year old girl. (I often wonder
what a mess we leave behind in Asia).

I don't know what the future holds for G, the one thing I do know is that she is, at this precise moment, a happy, almost mature, beautiful, hard working, responsible, independent and incredibly sexy lady and right now! waiting for a
white knight to make her life complete, G is without doubt, A GOOD GIRL, long may she remain that way.

nana plaza