Stickman Readers' Submissions July 2nd, 2012

Good Thai Girl Part 6

Where were we??? Funny day today, waking earlier than usual, thinking about how the day ahead will end. All the old memories flooding back. Apprehension about my feelings today, how would I cope, and a numbing fear that Italy could win and England will
crash from the European Championships and worse, much worse, penalties. Just to inform you England Lost. (retribution for my smart mouth about Italian withdrawals/surrender). Karma!

I will admit that my initial disappointment in G and myself did fluctuated throughout those 24 hours until she finally called.(maybe I had gotten what I deserved). That night I didn't sleep at all. It did rattle around in my head throughout
the night that she may be innocent of any wrongdoing. It took all my self-control not to chase G by constant calls. When I had called home after the initial dropped call, answered by a male voice, I sent a text to her cell. I called her landline
and spoke to her cousin and called the salon and spoke to one of the girls there, they all knew me and they were all told "I need to talk to her NOW or see her on cam". I would not call again and I waited for a response. Obviously during
these subs I have not really gone into the conversations that took place between us, there were many. The biggest problem I had was trust. I needed G to trust me. I had a previous relationship with an English Rose (psychotic skunk head) in which
I was never trusted. Even tough in any long-term relationship I had always remained faithful to that partner and even in a boyfriend/girlfriend (western culture), I looked frequently, but I have never cheated. I was aware that the Thai perspective
of cheating could be somewhat vague. In all honesty and I am being truthful here, I was not overly worried about her having a guy lurking. I am not the jealous type and was well aware of the what you don't know you don't worry about.
I had made it very, very clear to G that if she did deceive me, in any way, that would be the end of whatever relationship we had together. I am a great believer in that the past is the past and leave it at that, it has never ever bothered me,
I don't need to know any details of a partners past sexual history or past partners. In my thirties I had studied psychology, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Briggs Meyer etc (not English literature or language) LOL, and I don't believe this
insight into the human mind has ever helped me in Thailand. Someone has written on this site recently that Thailand has never had imperialistic/communist/religious long-term occupation/alteration and that also they prefer welcoming guests and
exploiting them, rather than fighting them. Maybe this is why so many westerners never really understand the culture which remains constant and undisturbed in Thailand. In my country, the basic culture has remained the same, however both the Roman
Empire, the Invasion by the Normans (French) in 1066 and the arrival of Christianity have changed things and helped the culture mature for the better. (in my opinion).

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Having said all that, where was I….. body language, facial expression and the eyes give a great deal away, it is not rocket science.(in my opinion). Before any of you email me it IS body language and not body English!

She looked very sheepish on Skype, no make-up and no gold except for her engagement neckband and ring.(in most but not all of Asia, if there were a degree for manipulation many Asians would hold that particular certificate). In my opinion,
only my opinion please do not email me, or take offence.

She had been crying or maybe she put fish sauce in her eyes. I asked where she had been, why she had not called, why she had not got my messages and responded, why had she been crying and who she had been with, in my calm but assertive manner.
She said"you mad to me, I not bad to you, I only help friend, no signal there in home" she was not being truthful and I knew it. as she lied her eyes would move quickly and her head would move away from cam and she constantly fingered
at the neckband or rolled the ring on her finger. The only question she answered with any truth was to, why have you been crying "I worry you mad to me" we then had a very brief discussion. I told her I did not believe a word of what
she had said and that every agreement we had made between us, or with any other party at any time was now dead and buried. The video call ended and I would not see or talk to her for 4 years. The first email I received from G, I did read, "I
sorry I not come England, I want stay Thailand, I love you so much" this message actually means, I save some face maybe if I send this message. The biggest confirmation came when I had a text from the brother in England "so sorry my
sister very young" 27 going on 13, I was very sad that this had happened, very sad indeed. Skype conversations with "T" the Thai friend who was and remains a friend of mine. "T" was born and bred in Bangkok and had been
engaged to his own Thai honey pot, we had never met but G knew her from school and they had been engaged for a year and were due to marry in June 2009. She left him for another Guy in May 2009.

The emails, sms/text, letters, posted boxes of gifts and phone calls persisted for many months from numerous family members, even when I returned to the LOS (unbeknownst to G or the family) this bombardment continued. I had expected a call
from the Agency but that did not happen. I did except one video call from Gs Mother. She was devastated and very emotional, she desperately wanted us to remain together and I got the impression that G was in the room during that video call. Letters
arrived from G with photographic collages of us together getting married and other elaborate surroundings (no bikini in sight), her mother wrote saying that G had been constantly crying and would not leave her room for days at a time, It was very
very difficult not to cave in during those weeks and call her, but I never did.

I have known and dated rather than courted several Thai women from various backgrounds over the years and found them all very different. They are, as many women are, aware of their allure and power over men, this power can be used to snare
use and extract many things, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially, as many men also do to women. To my mind its all about status and face and how others perceive them. A few hundred years ago in the UK it was common in middle and
upper class society to pay a dowry. In my own family in the UK, gossip will and has ensued by the older members, if they feel that any off the younger members are marrying down. And not that long ago families would and did split apart and a bit
longer ago it would cost the spilling of blood if it was perceived or was evident they were marrying down. Is this not the same in East Asia? Equally is it perceived in some, not all but some Asians that hooking and landing a westerner is marrying
up. (yes I know some farang make me cringe, they look, behave and are arseholes). Just a point of view/opinion/observation.

As you know in the western hemisphere bad news travels faster than good news, much faster. Mr and Mrs C came a visiting and they had information. Gs father had been killed in 1999, G would have been about 17. He was run down by a drunk driver,
he had been a government official in Bangkok (civil servant is the British equivalent). The parlour business was owned by G. Her mother still worked in the government at mid level. Mr C had family working in the government himself. He also had
information about G which had been obtained via monetary incentives. G had been or was a Mai-Noi to a senior government official who had seduced G at an early age, it was not clear if this was before, during or after her fathers death.

Gs immediate family were reasonably well off and this information did explain a great deal. I felt so sorry for G, but I did not have any thoughts regarding rescuing her. She could and would be able to look after herself.

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May 2012. A few weeks ago Chelsea Football Club had won the Champions league final and were now for the first time in their history the champions of Europe (this is relevant) and I was a very happy man. Several days after this historic event
there was a knock at the door.

I live in the suburbia of London and have a video entry phone system and I thought my daughter in law had arrived with my grandson, yes you got it, despite my best efforts to stop my son, myself and Mr C are now family. Karma.

I opened the door and there stood G! WTF, she had a nervous smile on her face and I had a beaming smile on mine. I grabbed her, held her and kissed the top of her head. In perfect English she asked me if I had forgiven her and I asked her
the same question. I made her a coffee and went upstairs to get her letters and a photo off us taken in Lumpini park. We were to talk for hours that day 4 weeks ago and we would both shed a few tears. Now you know why I have shared this with you
(with Gs blessing) and it gets better, in my opinion, I love a happy ending.

Conclusion; coming soon, female ejaculation has nothing to do with G, it happened in the rooms above the laundry shop.. In sticks own words "this is not a Mills and Boon site" we need a bit of bouncing from time to time.

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