Stickman Readers' Submissions July 25th, 2012

Do We?

"Stickman readers hate women?

The author may just may be a woman, always eager to blame men for all wrongs beneath the sun and moon. I think many of my fellow refugees from feminism and feminazis feel a strong animosity for the over equality lawsuit laden viciousness we witnessed back home. Yes, back home where they claim to not have sex for money. If you ask any divorced American if that is true you just get a stare.

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The American male generally suffers in silence living his life of quiet desperation.

In the youth oriented culture the natural process of aging excludes many American normal men from any sex life or feminine warmth…and. If a guy is working hard to gain acceptance from these ladies, he had sure better watch what he says at work

Or his firm is sued, often over a insincere contrived grievance with no merit. having personally endured and survived a fake charge, I can testify as it happened to me, and many of my friend's.

Sorry, " Professor ", of what I wonder, but those nice ladies you mention we're not around much in my experience. Sure, if one is just a friend and I can have two notarized witnesses for any meeting, I guess they are ok.

It could be that the average American woman at 165 pounds vs. the eighty pound Thai dancers is just not attractive to men who have spent much time is south east Asia. And for that, we are also demonized for visiting prostitutes. What men are afraid to say is that American women could be the greediest prostitutes on earth. Possibly, Paul McCartney's divorce is among the costliest in history…But, he's British and I am sure our gals will stand up to the challenge to be number one and overtake that ridiculous windfall.

When we see these girls in Asia sending money off to their parents living under no financial safety net such as western women have, I sometimes am in complete admiration for the hookers here. Is it possible American women send their parents anything from their divorce bonanzas?

In my years over here, many friends back home write me in admiration for my being able to escape the emotional tyranny back home. They are afraid to leave and don't want to subject their adult children to the ugliness of divorce when big money is at stake.. And so they acquiesce to their wives and suffer eating serotonin inhibitors and Viagra overdoses, just trying to get by… Waiting for the death bus, lonely..

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No thanks, Professor, I am old and we are negated in the homeland, undeserving of happiness.

I wish it were not necessary to write something angry, but the hypocrisy is so tiresome. The learned authority can say hurray for her side, it is my right to stand with my brothers who have endured that stuff back home and chosen to be emasculated..

Would anyone go live around open sewers, unregulated dangerous traffic, blatant racism, noise and air pollution, thieves, and con artists if there were not fed up with the defensive isolation feminism in this stage anyway provides us " losers "

With in such abundance?

As a young man I was transferred to Germany in the military during the summer of love it was called in 1967. I noticed the European men got along better with their women as the roles were more traditional. In those days, the newly introduced birth control pill, war protests, marijuana, and more liberal thinking gave us, " free love ".. Now, like high fat fast food and conspicuous consumption my home land has also been successful in exporting feminism. This awkward stage of roles during this transition to projected more fair society, is certainly going slow. I really don't like the conflict between the genders back home and note most men, just as I, simply avoid it and get away from the war.

Sure, fairness is sane and reasonable, but the situation back home where men are terrified to speak their minds, is not a healthy environment.

If there is any one thing I have learned in Asia it is that you have to go with the flow.. It is flood drowning the men back home. We don't have to swim to get away, the airports are not far.

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