Stickman Readers' Submissions July 14th, 2012

Do They Deserve To Live Rent-Free in Your Head?

For the sake of affordable sex, we come to a place where it is seemingly a prime product. Why we think something changed miraculously in our life to make us attractive to women twenty, thirty, forty or more years younger than is really a hoot. Maybe it is true that hope does spring eternal or that a sucker is born every minute. Pick one.

Not to single anyone out as I have been a fool as well here again and again, I note myself getting excited about or believing pathological liars. At this stage, I find it humorous and fully understand why the long term fellows all chorus for the short time.

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If you are too old to be excited by a woman anywhere near your age, then this is the place to lay down with one for awhile. Just give up the idea of ownership or partnership as she has me and the other guys to accommodate and earn from whenever she feels the need.

Because if we do get involved with them, we seek an accommodation for our own values, we seek hope in every crevice in their deceitful personalities. We can try every trick the Thai guys use and all the games we know, but, in the end cash is the solution to all mysteries. Possibly their greed is in response to the materialism exported to Asia from our homelands as Farangs. I can't say. Maybe their long tradition in this arena is the prime cause.

And so game after game comes from her creating confusion and stress in guys just trying to grab some happiness. All solutions seem to revolve around money. If you don't have a disposable big stack of it in Pattaya, please save yourself some dough, grief and letting your head get overloaded by just staying with short time. When she toys with you she can lapse into only speaking Thai to you, or ignore you, or try to walk in front of you and every other tactic the older "sisters" have coached her on to keep you off balance.

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I have tried on four of these girls in ten years here, and find it is always oil and water as a mixture. They are all great fun at first, then the games set in and we just have to keep an eye towards our wallets as that is the target.

Some may say I am only addressing a small percentage of the population, and they may think there are women to be found here without money on their minds. Seems possible, but the odds decline rapidly with increasing age differences.

Then in this case, maybe I should only be addressing the men in their mature phase of life. As the young fellows would be targeted for babies and the following financial security resulting from marrying and having babies with a foreigner. It seems logical that young poor women would entertain such an ambition.

I do have a good time here, live within my means and measure how sane I am with local girls by how well my bank account holds up through the month. I have said no many times here or I would surely be broke without a doubt. These girls are skillful and one senses a desire to just give them money without their request being spoken.

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So if you are trying to figure out what her actions mean, just stop that nonsense and keep it in perspective. We do not have a need to live in emotional terror or confusion. It isn't that hard here to keep your feet on the ground.

She cannot love us the way our wishful thinking wants, and never will. We are not high on her lists of important people. They do not particularly like us nor will they. Just treat them politely and with respect, but do not let that be interpreted as weakness and things will be fine.

We are employers and customers in this town, and if you want more of her time and the maintenance duties, go ahead. Just keep in mind how to take care of yourself because here you are on your own. Pay as you go!

I live right next door to the big modern Central mall in Pattaya and luckily for me I don't have to drive a car, motorbike, or ride on the back of a songtaew wondering if the welds will hold up or the step on the back will break off leaving me to roll down the street. Everyday, at pretty much anytime of day I can see buddies sitting around visiting that I've known for years. The single guys are simply happier than those who have paired up with someone who could physically be the same age as their grand daughter. Riding the escalators it is sometimes hard to not just break out laughing when I see an 8, 9 or 10 with some fifty plus year old with an extra thirty or forty kilos around his mid section, holding hands while she looks way past bored and he looks worried. It does feel good at first, but, practical real life does roll on up to us all.

I hope anything I write here can save some lonely man the pain one can so easily get with "romantic (for the Farang, not the Thai business girl)". There are tragedies after tragedies here and I hope to spare someone the financial ruin and emotional roller coaster that accompanies such.

A few weeks back I was in Bangkok walking, taking photos and chatting with Stick. He told me he hears of many sad stories and dramas, some of which he cannot disclose as the victim's request not to, some of the stories are truly disastrous.

They got their minds on your money and your money on their minds.

Stickman's thoughts:

I really like this phrase – "pay as you go". It is excellent advice!

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