Stickman Readers' Submissions July 23rd, 2012

Do Stickman Readers Hate Women?

I have lived in Asia for many years now, but recently had the chance to go to America for a business trip. The first impression one has when walking down an American street is how fat the people are. This is particularly noteworthy if one has been living in a place like Thailand, where people are naturally small boned and, due to their primarily low fat diet, quite thin.

Many writers to this site have commented on the obesity of Westerners, especially western women, as a reason for rejecting them in favor of their Asian sisters.

Yes, but.

Although there can be no disagreement that western women are fatter as a rule than Asians, I saw quite a number of slim, very attractive, women on the streets of many US cities. At bars, nightclubs, private parties, restaurants, I was astounded at the number of quite beautiful western women that I encountered.

It being summer, and many of the women wearing low cut dresses, I actually saw a number of large and well proportioned bosoms, something one starts to miss in Asia.

I had the opportunity to chat with a number of these young women. A lot of them were career oriented, and determined to be successful in their chosen fields. While they were driven to move up whatever ladder existed, none of them betrayed any antagonism nor dislike of men, in fact, they were all in varying degrees of relationships. Some were married, some engaged, some seriously dating. I met a number of their boyfriends / husbands, none of whom seemed concerned or threatened by their career minded girlfriend / wife.

Several writers to this website use a phrase feminazi, which I personally find morally repugnant. They seem to equate a woman's desire to be treated equally, and receive equal pay for equal work with a militaristic party that claimed tens of millions of lives in one of the worst bouts of warfare the world has ever seen. I don't doubt that some women might take the cause of women's rights a step too far, but how many of us have not erred and sometimes gone a bit overboard in pursuit of something we hold particularly dear?

By the way, this term was created by arch conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh in the 1990's to refer to women who were pro choice (pro abortion). He claimed there were perhaps 20 women who deserved to be called this word, since these women supported abortion rights, which Limbaugh felt were a modern day holocaust. He more or less stopped using the term by 2005 after receiving significant criticism.

None of the many career minded women I met had done anything or treated men in any way to be called a Nazi.

Originally, the title of this submission was to be "American Reflections", and it more or less would have ended here. I simply wanted to note that American women were not all fat, and not all stridently feminist.

But I got to thinking (probably a bad idea in my case).

So many submissions to this site violently attack western women, saying they are fat, they are ball breakers, they hate men, they hate sex, they drive men to drink, they drive men away, they are like Nazis.

Yet, so many submissions to this site also violently attack Asian women, saying they are liars, they are deceitful, they are not faithful, they take money from multiple men, they hate western men, they drive men to drink, they drive men away.

How can this be, are all women terrible? Are there no good women left in the world?

I reread many posts. Many men claim to have been screwed (not in a good way) by women, both western as well as Asian. I found it rare to read a submission from someone who has been in a normal, long term relationship with a woman of any ethnic background.

And I got to wondering, do the readers (or at least, those who write submissions) of this site, actually hate women? You find little joy, little respect, frankly, little love, in these submissions. Every once in a while you get one, but when was the last time you read… "I have been with my wife for years now, we have kids and are in a loving relationship". I guess that makes for boring reading.

How many readers out there are currently in a healthy long term relationship? Come on, tell us your story.

I don't accept the fact that all women are evil. Focusing on Thai women for a moment, most of the negative comments from writers to this site talk about bar girls. But frankly, what do you expect when you try to have a relationship with a woman who has made a conscious decision to sleep with as many men as possible for money? Do you really expect to have a normal healthy relationship? Why is it surprising that she may lie, that she may deceive, that she is "only in it for the money"?

Bottom line, there are many terrific women out there, westerners as well as Thais. Maybe, if you are unable to find one to have a relationship with, the fault is not with them, but with you.

Stickman's thoughts:

Lots of good points made and I think it can be fairly easily summed up. Thailand tends to attract Western guys who are not what you would term "the best of the West". Many guys had problems with relationships in the West and have found it no easier in Thailand, especially as many get involved with a type of woman in Thailand they would almost certainly not get involved with back in their homeland. For sure, when some guys start going over the top about Western women in general, it becomes obvious that the problem is with them.

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I think more and more Western guys are finding happiness in relationships in Thailand these days and I can only speculate that they are just not that inclined to send a good news story in!

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