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18 Months In Asia (Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time) Part 6

Bangkok to Clarke.

3000 baht and pay for you refreshments and any food, the Airport was better than I expected.

He Clinic Bangkok

I found a half decent hotel which was full of people just like me (I left the following day) if I wanted to relax I would not spend it with people like me. (joke).

I had read a little about Angeles and was not expecting much and it was not disappointing, it was as bad as I thought.

But then things began to look up, every bar girl I met spoke good English, I never had an Asian rental who could fluently speak my native tongue, the girls were very diverse in their looks. it soon became clear to me why the Americans come
here. The Filipinos still perceive that America is significant to the world. I met a lovely girl for my first night and she knew her tasks for the evening and fulfilled them with enthusiasm. In the morning before she left we prayed together and
sought salvation for our sins of the evening before, then repeated it all over again.

CBD bangkok

I was not planning to stay in Angeles and got a cab to The City of San Fernando (35 minutes) and found a nicer hotel in a nicer location and planed my next adventure. Angeles I would visit for a takeaway but had no compunction to stay. (I
was not ever going to get in a hot smelly chromed oven on wheels).

I spent five very enjoyable days in the markets and Malls, discovering the Christmas Capitol of the Philippines and would return later for more fun. I got picked up in the mall having a coffee. I never travel with a great deal of clothing
and needed some new attire. During my air-conditioned mall trip (hotter than Bangkok or anywhere else for that matter) I had been in several shops and flirted continually with the cute, slim, happy English speaking sales staff, it was like being
in London in my twenty's and thirties these girls were very interested in ME. Nirvana found, I did not see one other farang in the 5 days in San Fernando. I had come on a bit strong in one particular store and had not intentionally been on
the hunt, I planned to get a take out that night from Angeles. In one store were three very nice looking girls, not too young maybe mid to late twenty's. they were very inquisitive whilst I looked for a few polo shirts and refreshingly chatty.
I told them I was with a Roman Catholic rock band with Cliff Richard. They had no idea who Cliff was and I thought Cliff was international. They saw through my games and I then said that I was looking for a wife and that I was feeling very lonely
and sad in a country far from home and needed someone to love me and shit like that. I was just having a laugh no other agenda.

Opposite the store was a coffee/ice cream area and I went and had a coffee and a doughnut. I was looking at my map of the Philippines hunting for Subic Bay and Olongpongo or whatever the place is called. I was joined by a young lady who resembled
one of the girls I had just talked to in the store, she smiled and introduced herself, her name was Cheryl pronounced Cher. I got her an iced coffee and she was indeed a sister of one of the girls I had been mucking about with. She asked if I
was in the Philippines for a wife and who Cliff Richard was, is he one of the Rolling Stones, with a smirk on her face. ( I liked her immediately). We chatted away all afternoon only leaving when the mall closed at 9pm. We had exchanged basic
life history s and I suggested a drink and we left for the only club/restaurant/bar that had a live band. She was Filipino/Chinese stood about 5"2 size 8 and was 28 years old not divorced (not allowed) but her marriage was annulled. Her sister
had called her when I was in the store! and she had come to the mall to see me, she liked what she had seen and came over. these Catholic girls!

We had a good meal a good few San Mig lights and a boogie woogie, talked bollocks and laughed all night. I really liked Cher and refrained from inviting her to the hotel. I asked if I could see her again and we arranged to meet at the mall
the following lunchtime. She organised a tricycle that took her home and then returned me to my hotel. Her home looked very small to me and the area was in my view quite impoverished. I knew I liked this girl and slept and woke with a smile on
my face. The hotel was about a 3* by western standards and the breakfast was rank but it had a big swimming pool and wave machine which started with a siren which would wake the dead. I went to the mall early for a few decent coffees. Cher arrived
and was very good on the eye, dressed in a short black skirt (long legs are displayed by girls who process them in the Philippines) black blouse with huge hoop earrings, it was obvious that she had her hair and nails done. Her sister joined us
for lunch at my invitation and we discussed my plans. I told them that I intended to go to Subic after I had seen the local volcano I asked if she would come with me to Mt Arayat and she agreed to be my guide and minder?

wonderland clinic

We spent the afternoon talking and eating (they eat more than Thais) various Filipino dishes which were far nicer than I imagined, it was not Thai cuisine but nice enough all the same. Cher wanted to go home and shower and agreed to meet
me at my hotel later for a swim and we would go out to eat at a fish restaurant near the hotel, later that evening. Before she left to go home she wanted to see her sister and we went to the clothes store. She had a quick conversation with her
sister and I asked to use the CR. When I came out of the toilet Cher was waiting and we had a long and very very nice time fooling around in the hallway. (These Catholic girls!) I really liked this girl and didn't want to screw up. We met
at the pool, I had told reception that she was arriving and she was escorted to the pool. She told me she loved to swim and in one swift movement took of her dress and dived into the pool. Wow she was hot in her bikini and my blood rushed into
my little feller very rapidly, I followed her lead and belly flopped into the pool to hide the bulge in my shorts. Yes the belly flop hurt and Cher nearly drowned pissing herself laughing. We sat around the pool and continued to talk and talk.
Before we left for dinner she wanted to shower and change, I suggested the room and she declined and told me not to worry and that she was looking forward to seeing my room that evening. (jolly good). It did cross my mind that things had moved
fast from coffee to potential slap and tickle but maybe "you fink to mut". We met at the restaurant had a very quick meal and rushed back to my room. She was very nervous and very self conscious of me seeing her totally naked at first.
She was not in my opinion a very experienced lover but she was a blank canvas as far as I was concerned and if I asked her what she liked or what she wanted me to do she would become very embarrassed and pull the sheet over her head. Yet again
we talked all and finally fell asleep.

In the morning she was very quiet and seemed embarrassed about the night before. I asked if she was OK, had I done anything to upset or offend her, she said I hadn't and I left it at that. She had to work and we agreed to meet that evening
at the Live band place. I spent the day reading by the pool and went to the old town and meandered around and bought loads off rip off DVDs at $1 each. That night I discussed Subic bay, I didn't ask her to come with me, she assumed I was
going to ask her, she said she couldn't come with me because people would gossip? also she could not take time away from work. We delayed our visit to the Volcano for a week and I would set off to the seaside for 5 days. She didn't seem
to want to come to the hotel and I didn't push it. I hired a car at the hotel for $35 a day and off I went.

There is a thing called the NLEX or something like that, it passes near to Clarke/Angeles, San Fernando and south to Manila, its a new toll road with few cars on it, they cant afford the charges so the vast majority don't use it, so
in about 1. 5 hours I arrived at my Resort Hotel in the Forests/jungles that seem to surround Subic Bay. Very nice indeed very civilized, Western style and western prices! I went to reception and asked about transport to Olonpongowongo or whatever
its called. A taxi would cost me half as much as the car rental for a day and it was the other side of Subic Bay. I really should look at map scales. The hotel was very good and the food very Asian/American not the best but good enough, it even
had nesting turtles on the beach and shark nets in the swimming areas. I was on the beach under my umbrella and a security guard ambled over "hey Joe" good afternoon dear boy, I am English I replied. "I speak English " he said?
no I am English old chap I replied, this went on for quite a while until by brain began to fade and I told him I was British. I then understood why 90% of the time in Asia why I got a vacant expression when I would say I was English, know I understood!.
Anyway he continued to tell me that the resort would not allow a girl (how did he know) from onlongopogomongo stay at the resort and that I would be better if I got a room there for the night. "

I was irritated by all this rule thing about working girls, their are many rules in the Philippines and nobody takes any notice of them, so why should I! I went to reception and would initially inquire and then complain. I understood the
rules of engagement even in the Philippines so I would remain calm and polite. At reception I found two nice girls and an ugly guy in there mid twenty's, beavering around but actually doing nothing. Could I check in my wife please, I inquired.
Of course sir and handed me a check in form. I wrote all the details except name, nationality and passport number and handed the card back. He handed the card to one of the girls and she went to her pc and had her back to me. without turning she

Your wife's name sir?

I don't know yet.

nationality sir?

I don't know yet, probably Filipino

Can I use your name sir?

Legally I don't think you can

Why cant we use your married name sir?

Not really because we wont be legally married until tonight more probably early tomorrow morning and I don't want you to break any rules!

She turned and smiled and asked if my wife to be had ID and could she come to reception, I told her that this was not possible because my future wife was probably at the other side of the bay in olompongobongo blowing an American Navel officer.
She burst out laughing and the ugly guy scurried away to get a Manager. Mrs Toad strode into reception and the 2 reception girls got busy doing nothing and avoiding Mrs Toads eyes. Good afternoon sir how may I help you. :::

I would like to check in my wife in please.

certainly sir, where is your wife?

In a bar in alongpongowongo

My staff tell me your are getting married this evening, congratulations, where is the happy event?

Room 144, if you let her in the hotel?

Much laughter from the girls, big frown from Mrs Toad

Sir, may I ask which Church?

No church, a Chaplin on the USS Panties-down currently moored in Subic Bay, my fiancé is currently docking with Captain Badboy of the 1st Pacific fleet.

I needed to check out apparently, no sense of humor these toads. I went to my room and packed, I was welcome to stay but I would still be charged for the room and lunch at the restaurant. (bollox). As I left with the bellboy and his trolley,
I was greeted by numerous admin staff in blue uniforms, gardeners in green uniform, housekeeping in yellow, kitchen staff in white, restaurant staff in maroon and security guards in grey all with huge smiles and waving peace signs with the odd
high five offered and accepted. The bamboo telegraph had been very busy.

"Hey Joe", no I am British, it was my "buddy" from the beach "your a funny guy, very funny, I help you find hotel near the girls" OK lets go. He got in the car and 45 minutes later we were in fun town. I gave
him 500 pesos (much more than a days wages for him) and checked in. I had a siesta and got in the bath tub for some bubbles. I started to think about Cher. As I lay on the bed I called her:::

Hi Cher its J,

"hi how are you"

I'm good

"did you find you hotel ok"

yes thanks no problem nice beach and quieter than I thought

"I'm happy that you have called me, I didn't believe you would call "

Why would you think that

"because we had sex I thought you would think I was easy and not call me"

No I called because I miss our conversations and I miss you

"really "

Yes really

(she was silent for quite a while)

Are you there Cher


Will you still take me to the mountain when I come back, can we see each other?


I like you Cher I want to spend time with you, I enjoy your company

"thank you J, that means a lot to me"

Cher I will be back in a few days and I will call you tomorrow.


yes I promise

"take care, god bless you J"

God bless you Cher

I felt guilty after the call, not like me, was this different for some reason, I didn't know, but after a few beers I would snap out of it and continue to be a self cantered shallow arse. I dressed and went for a wander. I found a floating
restaurant and bar and boarded for a steak, it was a very good steak. Got talking to a couple of Aussies and being new to Olongowongo I thought I should continue my wander with them. we went to a couple of bars had a few beers but nothing really
tickled my pickle. We went to their preferred bar and things started to pick up in more ways than one. The girls were very nice and very toned and brown, in all shapes and sizes I waved at one cute little thing and she came over. Usual format
but so cute. She had the most fantastic teeth, amongst other things and asked her if she had a friend who could sit with us. " No problem" she said "you like two ladies" well I didn't want ladies I wanted bad girls, "we
do whatever you want, you want good we good, you want bad we very very bad" fantastic conversation, boundaries, requests, requirements they understood everything I had said as long as you talked a little slower and no slang. these Catholic
girls!. Left the two Aussies who were busy with 3 girls each and having full on oral in the corner of the bar. (shocking behavior).

Got back and the girls left their ID at reception and off we bounced. Wow what a night what a fantastic night 30% cheaper than LOS a 100% GFE and no boundaries imposed whatsoever, when I needed to change condoms on occasion they would become
impatient and if one got more bouncing than the other the one feeling left out would still keep very busy doing something else. The impression I got was that the more they did the better the bonus, the Aussies had said not to go OTT with performance
pay, even if you wanted to. I was not ready to let them go in the morning and we went out all day and had the following night together. I would call Cher every morning from the coffee bar while my LBFMs slept until mid-morning. These girls were
the best. There is quite a lot to do at Subic, ocean world, monkey world, water-sports, boat hire, safari stuff and good restaurants, bars and sanitation. It also has a duty-free area but the prices looked the same to me. Surrounded by lush forest
and some great beaches, diving and snorkeling and sharks in the bay on the beach and in the towns. Very near to the Bataan peninsular, the death march route.

I had a great time in Subic and Angeles can sink as far a I care, Subic is where its at on Luzon. (in my opinion). Yes its more expensive, you get what you pay for. Its cheaper than Bangkok. (some of the girls look very young which is not
my thing, take out, with caution).

I missed Cher and before the bad girls gave me a heart attack, I headed back to San Fernando, I called when I left and Cher was happy that I was coming back early and agreed to meet me at the mall, after she finished work. I checked in and
headed for my favorite coffee bar. Cher's older sister arrived from her shop, shortly after I sat down. They have a system within family's that the eldest son and eldest daughter have a higher status than their siblings. Anyway the sister
gave me a right grilling over coffee. Had I enjoyed Subic, had I spent time in Angeles etc etc had I enjoyed Bangkok etc etc! (these Catholic girls).

I told her and I meant it, I liked her sister very much and had indeed come back early from Subic because I had missed her missed our conversations. The general rapport that I enjoyed immensely. I had, without realizing, that my mongering
had evolved, I knew that although I enjoyed P4P I had shifted my perspective. Aanjay in Jakarta and now with Cher, I found travelling alone much more enjoyable with a woman who liked me for me. It was nice to relax with a girl without worrying
about any agenda they may or may not have. Then sister invited me to the family home the following evening.

Cher arrived looking lovely and kissed and hugged me without any thought. This was very different to Thailand and I enjoyed it. She knew her sister had invited me to the family home and I asked if I could buy groceries that night and a few
beers for tomorrow. She suggested that we go to the market in the morning and she would pick me up at 6 am! I asked if she would stay with me that night, she said she couldn't because sister (Ate) had been mad at her for staying overnight
before. But she wanted to stay with me that evening and we could eat at the mall before we went back to the hotel.

As usual we talked at length about her failed marriage and there are many comparisons with Thai men, Thai husbands having mistresses and children dotted around. Guys drinking and getting into drugs and petty crime. Many of her family were
overseas workers in various country's all over the world, nurses, care workers, janitors, nanny's, hotel staff, cruise ships and mostly construction in the middle east. The Filipinos seem to accept this as a way of life, they would not
see many members of their family's for months and very often years. She also confided that their were problems between her and her eldest brother and sister. They felt that she was hot headed, I thought by what she told me that she was more
independent than they wanted her to be.

We showered at the hotel and the sex was far more free flowing and at one point I had to up the volume to the music. Cher obviously enjoyed herself and was much more responsive and receptive to my inquiries about what she liked. We chatted
for a while, Cher told me no man had ever asked her what she liked or wanted in bed.

T. B. C. .

nana plaza