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The Ball-less Farang and the Decline of the GFE Service in Thailand

Per Stick's request, I will expand on an email I sent to him.

So, you may ask, what is a ball-less Farang. Well, I am sure most of you will understand the term, but it is worth explaining here.

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Who can read this?

If you have Balls, read it

If you want Balls, read it

If you do not have Balls, read it

If you are a feminazi, read it for sure


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This will be harsh to some people, it may insult most of the women who read it and even some of the Ball-less guys who also may read it.

This is my own opinion and my own look on life as I perceive it. Your experience WILL differ, but then again it may not. Also, forgive any grammar / spelling errors as I am not a writer.


Ball-less: Read on!

GFE: Girl Friend Experience

BG: Bar Girl

Howling: read on!

Leather taste: Read on!

Feminazi: Extreme feminists who treat and consider ANY man to be Ball-less (but they are wrong!)

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A bit of Background/History

I grew up in the US and had my university education in the UK, got me three bachelor degrees in engineering and technology, visited and/or lived in Canada, Europe, the Far East, North Africa and South-East Asia. Dated and/or married white, black, Asian and Latino ladies. Please understand that I am by no means showing off, just giving you a bit of my background.

Now to the background of the Farang who visits SE Asia and in particular Thailand. Generally speaking, he is middle-aged and above, somewhat middle class and has decided to try the Asian culture and specifically the infamous nightlife in Bangkok. Of course this article applies to all the other "classes" of men who visit Thailand.

Historically, The Farang has been trained all his life to take care of his female companion and to attend to her every need. Oprah, Dr Phil and the rest of those Feminazis TV shows (I think those shows have done more damage to the male identity than anything else) explain to the male in the western culture how he is "supposed" to treat his lady, or else she will not be happy and as a result he ain't going to get laid (Dr Phil says: you are not happy till your woman is happy, WTF?), that was the bottom line.

Look at all the commercials, the Hollywood movies, the TV shows, everything to do with females and feminism and anyone with an IQ of over 80 will see how the male figure is portrayed as being dumb, always breaking things in the house, only good for being enslaved for the woman and to be obedient to her. The Feminazis are here to stay… They are entitled to everything a man can give and they will get it because if not, men will not get that wonderful big pussy. Also, there are hundreds of guys who are willing to lower their heads and get beat up with a big stick by them Feminazis as long as they get a…pussy! This pussy is fat, has an attitude, has a PMS period of over two weeks, can shut down its borders better than the US/Mexican border can ever shut down, and it can smell…sometimes…I told you this will not be pleasant…

So, how is this even remotely related to Farangs in Thailand and GFE you ask? Well, think about. It has everything to do with it.

The Effect of the Feminazis Training

I have frequented Thailand on business and pleasure enough times to see the same thing. A Farang barfines a lady from Nana or Soi Cowboy, he looks at her dancing, his eyes are wide open like a kid in a candy store for the first time, he even touches her feet and kisses them (a big no no), he tells her she is beautiful, he "asks" her if he can buy her a drink (WTF, of course he can buy her a drink), and he does…a few drinks, he takes her home, he does not know what to do, he is so taken by her beauty (most of them have never had such beauties in bed) and he is just in heaven. He does his deed and quickly finishes, he overpays her, he tells her again how beautiful she is, he may even tell her he loves her in the heat of the moment, he gets up and gets her a towel before she goes to the shower, he opens the door for her, he goes downstairs with her to make sure she gets a taxi safely (sometimes he sees some Thai man waiting on a motorbike across his hotel…he does not get it…it is his girl's BF!), he tells her again how pretty she is and may be give her a kiss and a hug in public (another no no)…You see he is desperate from all the verbal and psychological abuse he got by the Feminazis…

Next day, he barfines her again, he is in heaven now, all his dreams have come true…A beautiful girl in his bed for less than a couple of hundred dollars…he can't F****ng believe it (OK Stick, I almost used the "F" word or did I?)

The girl tells all her bar friends how this guy paid so well, he was so nice and STUPID, he was a pushover, he has no balls! All the girls now want the same thing, an easy prey that pays very well and treats them like queens, princesses and goddesses…who would not want that?

If the Farang dares to fall in love with her, well he may call it love, I call it lust because that is all what it is. He is in for a world of hurt. This guy never before had women so easy in his western life, his own women treated him like shit all his life, maybe he got to get laid a few times…On the western woman's terms, not his. She had to be ready, in a good mood, over her PMS, the stars had to be lined up with the pyramids of Egypt and the cat had to be sleeping, and only then she is in the mood to have sex in the missionary position, ONLY. He better satisfy her, (even though he had not had sex for weeks and he may come too quickly) else he may not have sex for another few weeks or months… Please don't even try to tell me this is not happening, it is happening, A LOT!!! Today, as we read this. Many, many married men or men with GFs, when they are telling you the truth after a few drinks, they will tell you this is happening.

Does he dare to even THINK about cheating on his wife / GF? Well, he does think about it but he has no balls you see, he can't do anything about it. If his Feminazi finds out he cheated, he's out of his own house in a jiffy, he will have 50% of his assets that HE worked for all his life given by the female judge to his non-working ex wife, he will be paying over 50% of his wages AFTER taxes are withheld, his ex will be taking the kids and the house…

Can he find an easy lay? Not that easy in the west and the selection, oh boy, dismal at best! Ah, he got a good idea, better just not to have sex. He says: "cheaper to keep her!" (Do you believe this shit?)…He is desperate AND has no Balls.

So back to if he falls in lust with his bar girl, well now he is hooked, exactly what the BG wanted. He will bar fine her a few more times, she will get an attitude with him AND with her friends at the bar. Why? Because she has just gone up a few notches in the status ladder… She puts her nose up, she is making money for the bar, more drinks, more barfines on a daily basis, she can come to the bar late and leave early with him…now she can tell the older girls what to do…not true you say? Well it is 100% F****ng, oh I mean 100% true, sorry Stick…I have seen it happen to two newcomers to Thailand. They used to be my friends. I got rid of them you see, I have a reputation to maintain and they can F**k it up, I mean mess it up (I controlled my tongue Stick) if I am seen with them while they behave in such a Ball-less way with girls, I do not want to be associated with them. I warned them two times, they could not erase their defunct Feminazi programming so they were tossed out by me, now Bangkok has them (Hangover II movie anyone?).

So back again to the Farang in lust, he will be a slave to his BG, he will do anything she wants, buy her flowers, dine out, drinks, shopping, bar fines her every day (I know of a guy who barfined a girl 12 days in a row…his reasoning: he did not want any one else porking her! he did not believe me when I told him she has a Thai BF or husband to go home to)…Gents, do I need to go on or have you had enough?

The Marriage Union (Prison) and its Vows

OK, so I am not insulting the FEW of you who have a truly successful marriages out there, this is for the guys who have failed marriages and / or relationships but continue to stay in them in fear of not being able to get a black hole once in a month or so.

For me, again, for ME, "Marriage to one person till death do us a part" is un-natural, period. It just seems wrong to stay with one person for life. Why can the Thai men do it, i.e. get married and still have many gigs and we can't? Oh, wait a minute, the Feminazi are here (in the west) to stay. Be honest with yourself and answer this question: yes ALL of you guys, if you were able to sleep with many women, and your wife/GF will never find out and there will be no negative consequences, will you do it? This is especially for the guys who believe they have good unions..I believe the answer is YES…write an article to tell us otherwise and state your reasons…I am open ears.

The vows, oh those vows, where did they come from, religion perhaps, social? When I first heard "till death do us apart" I knew something was wrong…I was 11 years old!

Now divorced, I am as happy as can be, I make tons LESS money due to my divorce, but I am free of her and the family court system in California. While I was smart enough not to be taken to the cleaners, I am just happier with less. You see, I quickly learned it from the Asians…go to the countryside in Vietnam and see how they live on so little (no way the US could have ever won that war), maybe you will also learn to live with less. All my other divorced friends lost it all and they continue to give in to the family court system…these men are…Ball-less

The Howling and the Leather Phenomena

A friend of ours, of Asian heritage no less (Asian men tend to have bigger balls than others when it comes to woman), was the last guy on earth I thought the Howling and the leather phenomena would be displayed by him…

Let me explain this "Phenomena": The Howling is a phenomena that occurs to a guy who has lost his Balls to his woman. You see, when the Balls are gone, the wind tends to go through his legs in the empty space where his balls used to occupy, and the result is major howling. This Howling sounds like a wolf and can be heard low at first, then as the wife/GF takes over more and more of the control, the howling increases in pitch and in noise level (measured in dBs, above 95 dBs, ear and brain damage can occurs). The maximum Howling happens when the guy, if asked a question such as; can he go with the guys for a drink, he instantly turns his head and ask permission from the wife/GF…This is the maximum Howling effect, about 110 dBs. It is deafening, he can not hear himself think, he can't make any decision without consulting her, he will stand dumfounded while stuttering not knowing what to say nor what to do if he is asked a question and she is not around to give him an answer. Gentlemen, believe me, it is all around you, The Howling!

Now, this friend used to be a great guy, we rode sport bikes, drove cars, skied, drank, went out and did everything at any time we wanted, no Howling to be heard from any of us. He never let his GF ever tell him what to do. He got married and got divorced later because she started telling him what to do. Well, finally an Asian woman of his own country, younger then him by over 10 years, needed to get a green card to stay in country so he marries her, somehow with voodoo or black magic or both. She now has his Balls. So we lost him, the howling is severe, even Bangkok can not have him!

He also now is always chewing on leather, and he seems not to mind it. The Leather Phenomena: You see, she shoves her leather boots up his arse so far he can taste the leather straps in his mouth…sometimes he spits pieces of leather…somehow he does not mind it, he is confused, he can't hear himself thinking because of the Howling, you see; he has no balls.

My 9 Year Cost of Married Sex

I was married for about 9.5 years. The sex before marriage was great, she told me I had a big one and I satisfied her the best a man could. Nine years and a bit more later, destruction of the family occurred.. You see she had had three girlfriends who were divorced and still had their ex husband's ATM cards and the houses…My Ex, Buddha will never bless her soul, thought she could do the same with me and still sleep with other guys. Oh, she did, she did sleep with other guys, younger than me and her, but she got nothing, she got it all wrong…and I was freed!

Oh by the way, now my dick was too small and I never satisfied her, she said…yeah right.

Well, the cost… I added the cost of attorneys, courts, spousal support for two years, loss of income, loss of some property and I calculated that the cost per time I had this "low quality sex" with the ex was over $900. Yes gentlemen, nine hundred US dollars per lousy lay, over a period of 9.5 years. Remember now, this is the same pussy I had for 9 years (boring) and after TWO children it was like throwing a hot dog down the hall way (too big), and it was me who had the small dick not her giant vagina. I did not add in to this formula the cost of food, housing, gifts and all the other expenses while being married!

The price of the mental anguish? How can anyone put a price on that?

The Declining Thai Bar Girl Attitude

As you may know, there was an article on Stick's site about the decline of the Thai GFE in the night life in Thailand. Well, I think some of it has to do with worldwide inflation and the increase in demand over supply, but I also think it has a lot to do with the psychology that goes on between the Farang and the BG. Thais are known to quickly get an upper nose once they start to feel some power or get a bit rich. I venture to say most Asians too. Of course this also happens in the west, but it is more subtle and less tolerated. So as BGs know the Farang's weak ways and know how far to push him to get what they want form him. Money, they will make him a door mat. They will tell their friends and Thais are very quick copiers when it comes to making easy money. Their services will decline, they want to give the least for the most…So, the BGs get an attitude and the Farangs give in to them! The percentage of Ball-less men far exceeds the ones with balls.

What to do, What to do? What the guys with Balls are to do

Well, it really is very easy, but you have to have…Balls! and you must keep 'em.

DO NOT: over pay, over tip, tell them they are pretty (OK, maybe one time, say pretty – not beautiful or gorgeous!), let them walk in front of you, open doors for them, serve them anything, get towels for them, wipe their asses, wash their bodies (let them wash yours), EVER kiss their feet, let them slap you, scream at you, call you bad names in Thai or English, let them give you the finger (or two fingers for the British), give in to their demands, take them shopping, let them order food without consulting with you, buy them flowers… In other words, treat them like the Thai man treats them MINUS: no physical abuse please, not needed, not worth it, not good! I do not believe in hitting a woman even though sometimes some of them need it badly – a slap on the ass, not on the face.

Also, DO NOT: lie to them, tell them you will marry them, or you will get a divorce and then marry them, do not tell them you love them, do not take care of their Thai children as this is the Thai male's job, and please, please DO NOT get them pregnant! Do not go bare back!

DO: walk in front of them, go through doors before they do, Agree on a price and time before hand, treat them gently, pay them what was agreed, never scream at them, just tell them to leave, use protection, get both of you tested if you want no protection, keep your promise to her about seeing her or calling her again, better yet, make NO promises.

In Conclusion

Listen guys, Thais stick together more than our own Feminazi do, so we need to stick together even more, us the Farangs. What each one does effect all of us negative or positive. Do not give the Thai girl the power nor the attitude we gave our women, look what happened to most of us, we messed it up once Please do not do it again…



I think the horse may have already bolted…

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