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Stickman Readers' Submissions June 21st, 2012

Good Thai Girl

Interesting to read the stories here about the good girls. I have tried on several occasions and in the end threw in the towel in Thailand.

I really did want a future with an Asian wife and I really did want her to be a Good Thai Girl. (GTG).

He Clinic Bangkok

I had been going to LOS for years and knew, or I thought I knew all the pitfalls.

2008 and I decided to embark on my LATEST quest for the partner I wanted and bring her to he UK.

If I was going to attempt this I needed some help and after talking to an old friend who lived in LOS and after several failed Thai relationships in the past he suggested a new approach. A western run agency which would introduce me to "marriage-minded
Thai ladies" and take me through the whole process, from introduction to STD checks, visa and marriage.

I paid the initial fee, got on the plane and left for 3 weeks.

Checked in at the agency's preferred hotel and the following morning arrived at the offices for the pre arranged meetings.

I was very nervous and that escalated when I walked in and saw at least 10 girls sitting and watching me as I entered. I then sat in full view of these girls counting out cash for the final payment with the proprietor. (As a Brit I was uncomfortable
with this situation). I don't understand why but I was.

I had pre-selected a few girls from the agency's web site and now out of sight from these girls and upstairs for the interviews I relaxed a little. I had selected a few that had caught my eye on the website but in all honesty could not
remember or could not recognise any of them (nerves, I think).

In my mind I had a conception or maybe a misconception of what I wanted. Thinking about it now I am none the wiser. To me at the time I had only two criteria, they would be over 25 and educated.

As I recall all the girls were nice on the eye, all of them spoke basic English which at the time did not occur to me to be a problem.

We started the process in the upstairs office, the agency owners were present with the elegant lady as interpreter.

To my shame I do not really remember most of this process or the women although obviously I remember G who I selected as my date for that day. There was one particular girl who was tall, very long legs, very very hot, short skirt and well
made up but looked more like 18 than mid twenty s and I remember the owner saying why hadn't I selected her for a date. Well for me she had trouble written all over her. Sin sod was discussed with all these girls, where they lived and where
they worked etc etc. After this quick process I would be asked if I felt any connection with the lady. I recollect asking three girls to stay a while so that we could talk a little more. After some thought I left with G and our first trip was
to the mall for an electronic dictionary which proved to be invaluable.

G was 27, cute, slim and dressed very smartly and conservatively, she had a very good sense of humour and seemed overjoyed to be asked for a date. We were to travel to a Thai restaurant where we would eat and be chaperoned by her Auntie.
G had a car parked nearby and drove to the restaurant for lunch with her Aunt on the way we talked and G told me that she had hit the jackpot with me? (46, balding and grey although I still have a 33inch waste, which I'm very proud of).

The lunch was fine with much laughter and small talk and the electronic gadget for words she could not understand. Darkness fell and G returned me to my hotel and we arranged to meet at the hotel reception at Lunchtime the following day.
I was very tired and was happy to have a Thai massage arranged by the hotel and slept for 12 hours. The next morning I missed breakfast at the hotel and went to a restaurant / bar on the corner and up to Starbucks for a coffee hit. I sat near
the windows thinking how long it would take to get G in bed, whilst watching the freelances leaning against trees and lampposts. I had a dilemma, how long before I could have my dirty way with G. The hotel was a 3* and had its fare share of Arabs
and situated on Soi 7 Suhkumvit I needed to relocate further away from Nana, if I didn't want to stray. I had decided that if I wanted to try and make things work with G, I should, however reluctantly, abstain from the Bars.

We met at reception and G was on time (wow). I had a plan, we had a coffee and discussed what to do and where to go, once agreed on that I told G that I had forgotten the electronic thing and I needed to go to the room where I had left it.
"OK I wait here" (shit) so much for the plan. I cant really remember the sequence or days that we did things together but I will give you the gist of it.

For our first day and evening together (no chaperone) we travelled on the skytrain and went and did some shopping together, have lunch and drank coffee whilst talking about our hopes and aspirations and what we wanted for the future. We were
very happy to continue to see each other everyday and G told me that was fine with her and she would take time off work whilst I was n Bangkok. (Beautician). that old chestnut.

I do have a good amount of knowledge about the Thai way of things but this mainly derives from my mongering days, but I knew the score and was in tune with the red flag situations, but G was a GTG and would I need that radar?, I think its
built in now and as soon as I land in LOS I go to defcom 1. We had a great afternoon / evening together and G suggested her favourite Thai restaurant and helped me through the menu and I ordered all the things she recommended, I tried most of
the dishes but 50% were just to spicy for me. G found this very amusing. G drove most of the time and all the time in the evenings. I told her that I wanted to move hotels and that I would do that in the morning. She was ok with that and I would
call her in the morning from my new location "Call me early because tomorrow you meet mother and grandmother".

The following morning I went online and found a hotel that I liked the look off and started to pack. Whilst packing I received a call from the agency. They wanted me to see some other girls and I told them that I was happy to continue to
see G, I got the impression that they were disappointed with my decision. The call had made me think about the interview with G, I remember her being reluctant to name a specific cost for the sin sod and was more interested in a diamond necklace,
at the time that made me laugh because I already had a diamond necklace at home that had cost me $4,000 at an antique action some years ago. When I changed hotels I called G and she came to pick me up in her car. She looked upset and I asked what
was wrong and she had had a call from the agency. I was a bit pissed off about this and although I knew they were acting in my best interest, however if they were concerned about G they could / should tell me. I called the agency and had a frank
and to the point discussion about my take on things, the elegant co-owner thought that G was a silly girl, I don't know why she had this impression but I would take on board her feelings about G and go to defcom 2. I told G that I had informed
the agency that I did not plan to meet any other ladies and would continue to see only her during this visit. She was happy very, very happy.

We went to the family home and met mother, grandmother and auntie and set off for the temples, elephant sanctuary and other jolly-ups. The mother was a very nice lady and the aunt who I had met before made me very welcome in the home and
declined if I offered or tried to pay for anything that day. G was her usual lovely self and as we were on day 3/4 at the time it was evident that the family were happy with my courtship of G. One incident did make me Laugh, we were on our way
to a temple with elephants and were about 3 hours on the road. I had noticed that the inside of mothers car had several accessories with Liverpool football club emblazoned all over them. I pointed out that I was a life long Chelsea fan. Gs mother
stopped the car and threw all the Liverpool paraphernalia in a bin and we drove away. Wow mother was obviously very keen on this blossoming romance. (Day 3/4 no sex).

We spent the next few days doing the usual sight seeing and romance stuff, we visited some other family members and it became apparent that although G and her family were without doubt a middle class family ( town house, security gates and
guards, all mod cons and two cars) some of the family lived in what I would call working class areas with the mandatory TV and DVD setup. As I told you I was well aware of red flags and after 7 days together no sex not even a snog. We would usually
meet at lunchtime at my hotel and spend the afternoons and evenings together. One particular evening we went to the movies at Gs request and watched a horror movie (about day 5). As per normal in my experience much squealing, cries and limpet
moments occurred through the movie with many arm vice incidents, at one point G leapt from the chair in shock and buried herself into my chest. I seized my opportunity and went in for some tongue action her response was to squeal at my advances
(like I had tried to slip it in her arse). GTG, fxxx this, I needed a shag. (The long game).

Fast forward to day 7 (sex), at Gs insistence I relocated to another hotel she had found nearer her home, (apparently my selected hotel was far to expensive). and to near to the bar girls no doubt. We met at her selected hotel which was full
of Japanese tourists, no white Caucasians in sight. We met in reception and I suggested a swim in the pool, as I said I have a good idea about the Thai mind set and G declined a swim GTG. She told me to swim and she would wait in the room!!!.
This was significant, because day 7 and she always waited in the hotels reception, she would never come to my room. We jumped in the lift went to the room and I changed into trunks and made dam sure she had plain sight of my 7day bulging trunks
semi erect cock, my balls were aching like a wisdom tooth. I returned to the room and showered. I was going to up the pressure now, I needed sex. I came from the bathroom in a towel and made sure again that she would see my semi-erect condition.
She remained sat on the bed and I sat opposite on a chair, we spoke for a while and I could see that my now fully erect cock was pointing directly at her head. She sat there just staring at my groin for at least 60 seconds and I would not take
my eyes from hers. She without any warning jumped into my arms and tried to suck my face off. In my opinion Thai girls love to kiss deeply but they are not very good at it. We kissed very passionately for quite some time and I managed to maneuver
us to the bed where we continued to kiss and roll around. I made sure my hard cock remained in contact with her groin at all times, my attempts to unzip her pink jeans were thwarted on several occasions, so I concentrated with deep passionate
kissing with one hand super glued to her crutch keeping constant pressure on her neither regions. This seemed to go on for quite a while and my balls were killing me and it really did take all my self control not to come in my pants. She then
started trembling and she seemed to be coming so in 3 very swift movements it was jeans off, panties down and cock in. (thank fxxx for that). Yes I know, no condom, give me break, 7 fxxxing days. (I did withdraw, quicker than the French and Italians
in several wars). The last time I felt like that I was 15, not 47! (More sexploits later).

So after one week and laying in bed exhausted I contemplated 7 days with G whilst she slept in my arms.

1. GTG maybe, time will tell.
2. 7 days (the long game). challenging to say the least.
3. Good family, so far.
4. Sex OK (needs to improve) the long game.
5. $2000 for 7 days of aching balls. (The longest, expensive game).
6. G has not cooked yet.
7. G has sucked my face but nothing else not even my wallet. (Things would change).
8. G was very very beautiful but needed to get dirty. (The long game).
9. G so far had not raised any red flags. (I would
remain at dcom2).
10. G had introduced no friends.

As I lay there in the recovery position I reflected on the week in my head. She had shown good signs. but, as some girls I had known in LOS seemed very indifferent to some topics we discussed, and for her 27 years sometimes came across as
13, same same, many Thai girls/women same same. On our visit to the movies I had received a call from one of my sons in London. The weekend before I left the UK I and my 4 sons had a bit of a punch up at a party with some Scottish guys. The police
had become involved, hence the phone call. When I relayed this to G she showed no empathy at all and asked no questions. GTG same same.

When G woke, she told me I was a bad boy and "you advantage me, I only kiss you, not sexing me" followed by "you make dirt my pants, , they original" hahahahahahah. (it was her juices not mine).

I asked her if she was ok and she smiled and snuggled into me. I attempted reentry and got a slap on the wrist, why I asked, " I swear" what I said " swear and need crewren" what? I gave her the electronic translator,
she fxxxed about for 20 minutes at least, when I read the text it said, sore and cream. That made me feel better, in my mind, in my opinion, it meant that she had not been shagging for a while? maybe? at least that's what I thought. (I'm
not that big). The sex was ok it was good and she told me what she wanted and liked to bounce on top as many women do, but in Asia I find this is their preferred position.

During the next week we were to visit Father, talk to brother, meet friends and discuss and negotiate our future with her family and best friend who lives in America. Mmmm and there was to be quite a transformation in G.

To be continued. (the football's on)…


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