Stickman Readers' Submissions June 29th, 2012

Good Thai Girl Part 5

I was walking through to departures security and realized I did not have the teak box, in a panic I frantically searched for my cell phone, shit I couldn't leave because the driver had the teak box. I then hear my name called, "we here, we go
with you in airport" driver and G emerged with an airport police officer, he handed G a laminated badge and we went through? Once more I was in a situation that I knew nothing about. We approached the security control and followed the driver
and police officer, all my hand baggage and Gs fake Burberry hand bag and the contents of my pockets were placed on the belt and in the tray, but no teak box?. Driver still had the teak box under his arm. G and I walked through and driver followed
and the police officer waited the other side. We were Airside? G was now very excited and her eyes were bulging at the sight of all the duty free units and other high brand shops. Mr C was obviously a well connected man. We were waiting for my
flight to be called, we sat near my gate. G started crying again. I motioned to the Driver and between myself and G I explained that I would not get on the plane without looking inside the teak box. He handed me the box along with a bundle of
paperwork and explained that I had all I needed and that I would have no problem in Mumbai. Really, I wondered how far the black hole of Calcutta was from Mumbai Airport. On inspection there was nothing at all suspicious about the box or its contents
which looked the same as when I last saw them. It was all very busy sitting in the gate area so we ambled over to a small hot & cold drinks bar. G started to talk to me ? Previously I had done most of the talking but she surprised me. She
handed me some letters and told me to read them when I was on the plane. I agreed. She explained that she was concerned about my meeting with her brother. what would I tell him, what would I ask him and what would he ask me. At this last few moments
of my trip and of our time together, G decided to get deep and meaningful, she then ruined this moment by asking if she could have a BMW car in England. GTG same same.

The letters are wonderful and surprisingly well put together (unlike these subs). It was clear they had taken a long time to write. I counted 14 letters, all hand written all dated. To my math this was one every 2 days or so? or did she write
them all on my "me" day? did she write because she wanted to write or did someone else write them on her behalf?. I had left Thai airspace but my cynicism remained on the plane. One letter refers to our first sexual liaison. She wrote
that she had not wanted sex on that day. She said she had only wanted to kiss and roll around. She said and later confirmed that she had sex with me because I had not pressured her to go to my hotel room. The words she used in her letters were
at times confusing (electronic thingy) I spent hours on the flight reading them over and over again. I still have them and I read from one now " I confuse when I feel you, I confuse what you speak me, you make me smile and funny inside, marriage
I worry but for you I not worry? another that I read now, "mother always mad to me and shouting, I try good daughter always I do that. sometimes smoke you, I not want you smoke you get sick I cry and unhappiness if you sick." I am a
typical guy in that I try to conceal my feelings and hide behind laughter, deflect any potential assault on my body and soul, had G got to me ? I still had the letters!! is that an indication of love or is it just fond memories? I do love her
in a way that is not true love (as I see it) did I want to fly straight back to the LOS or did I want to fly back to G. If I had truly loved her I would not have left, of that I am sure!

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The flight was fine and we arrived at Mumbai for a 1 hour stopover. All the passengers for the connecting flight were led through the Airport by a couple of members of Jet airways staff and when we passed through immigration my name was called.
I placed everything on the conveyor and walked through and was directed to a table nearby, a couple of immigration guys came over followed by the Jet Airways Lady. Not to sure about this, I offered the paperwork driver man had given me but they
were not interested at all. They opened the box and admired the Jade. The box was handed to me and that was it.

I arrived at Heathrow and had a 20 minute delay whilst the paperwork was checked at the anything to declare area and job done, home in the land of cold, piece of cake. I spent the next 16 hours in bed. Delivered Mr Cs Jade the following day.
When I asked what the hell was going on he laughed as he always did. He must be connected but he never felt the need to explain, he was very grateful and told me that it saved him a journey home. The car was his brothers and his nephew was the
driver and he knew almost everything that had happened in the last 4 weeks. When I had spoken to Mr C on the first occasion about G he had been very negative, now after some weeks he seemed to think things may be ok. That day I called G and we
got together on Skype and agreed our schedule for phone calls between us. I don't know why I bothered G would call me at least once a day at any hour, usually at 2am in the morning. I always called her at home every lunchtime. I tried to
explain jet lag and the response I got was "I fly Hong Kong before I not Jet lag ". (bright and beautiful). I tried to explain time zones on Skype and I got that expression she did that indicted she had popped of to see some fairy's.

I must point out, in all fairness to G the vacant and minor peti-mall seizures that occurred frequently. were primarily due to me talking to fast.

I met brother in Central London and we drove around for a couple of days with me showing him my home, work, friends, family etc I got the Spanish Inquisition treatment about my youth, my failed marriage, my sons, my work, my aspirations and
hopes for the future for G and myself. He was very mature for his age, what the f**k happened to his sister. Maybe the umbilical cord got stuck around her neck. My final snare was to introduce him to Mr C. Job done and no mention of sin sod. After
our 2 days I spoke to G and Mother and Auntie on Skype and I had passed with full honours, brother approved and G broke down crying either she loved me or more probably was frightened to death.

The intensity and pace of all this was a bit too much and after a few days, I had to speak to an old friend in Bangkok. Whilst I had been looking for my Marriage minded Thai lady. My mentor John had been in the UK having treatment. John had
been unwell for a while and whilst he knew I was in Asia I didn't give him any details. It had been at his suggestion that I went to the agency. I called John at home and he listened to the chain of events. He told me to be very careful and
he agreed with my belief that there was an agenda to all of this. He believed that I had an option that hadn't occurred to me. His idea was to cut G a little slack and see if she hung herself. I agreed with his Baldricalian cunning plan.
All of me wanted G to come out of this smelling of roses BUT the nagging doubt in my mind would not go away. John was not well enough to help or monitor what was going on in Bangkok.

At the time of all this madness(it seemed like madness then and whilst I type in this moment on June 23rd 2012 it still seems like madness now) England v Italy tomorrow, where was I? Yes madness, well its probably too late, BUT, do not judge
me and do not judge G, do not cast the first stone my friends. A few people have emailed me about this sin sod thing and def-com thing, regarding sin-sot, sod or whatever, this was the agency asking these questions not me. As an agency they are
introducing westerners for Marriage, they have an obligation to ask about any financial demand/demands that may be made. That is why they ask at the interview before you take a girl out. defcom I use because to me its funny, regarding dcom 1,
2, 3, 4, 5 who gives a shit. (but thank you for you emails).

Over the next couple of weeks I started to tell G that if she needed to go and do few things that was OK. If she wanted to see a few friends that was OK. I told her that I knew she loved me in her Thai special way. She told me on many occasions
that she knew I had a good heart, if only she knew. (cant bullshit a bullshitter). Things continued as normal and I sent G about 5000 baht via Moneygram and waited for things to unfold, we were still phoning every day and every week we would send
each other letters and emails as per the agency's instructions. After a while I noticed a few small changes, a slight change of hair, elaborate nail designs and less conservative clothing and one day she asked me how I felt about tats (we
had already discussed this on my 4 week visit) I am not a fan. I told her I don't own you, and it was her body and if she wanted to scar herself it was her choice. To my knowledge she refrained. I was also aware of some friction between G
and her mother which she had mentioned in some letters. At this time she was sorting out some accommodation for me very near to her home, the idea being that it was cheaper than a hotel and "I take care of you, I cook for you and wash for
you". We had started online sex, after a slow start from me I ended up getting into it. It sounds and is quite sleazy in my mind, however having made a commitment!!! and adhering to the f**k buddy promise, needs must. She enjoyed risky situations
with sex but when I think about it their was never a big risk. Like borderline exhibitionism (tinted widows, blinds etc . Cam sex was the same, I am convinced that the turn on for her during these cam moments was Grandmother or the cousin or mother
being downstairs, (maybe the Thai boyfriend was in the wardrobe) did she feel empowered in some way, a rebel without a clue, or was she just itchy.

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So let us pray, sorry clarify a few things. In a couple of months I would return to my sweet Thai honey pot. We would have a more elaborate engagement party. We would commence with the fiancé or is that a finance visa, we would have
time together living in Bangkok, G would show me other areas of Thailand, we would then return to the UK and then all things being equal we would return to LOS and be married and live happily ever after.

Dinner with Mr and Mrs C.

Dinner at his home was at his request, to be attended with several other mutual friends. All present knew me and him well. I had no preconceptions about this evening but knew Mr C would not miss an opportunity to big it up, also I would no
doubt be questioned by these friends about my search for the elusive "Marriage minded Thai Lady" . Photos were handed around and comical stories shared and exchanged. Mrs C was very quite and although this is not unusual, I sensed she
had something to say. The general consensus was that I should continue with my long spoon theory. I did not mention the plan conceived with John. The evening was finishing and Mr C displayed his Teak box, he then produced several other Teak boxes
all of which were as equally impressive. The guests started to leave and Mrs C asked me to wait a while for a chat. Mr C was conspicuously absent initially. I don't feel it is appropriate or sensible to go into much detail, but through blood
Mr C was very well connected. When he joined us and stopped his predictable laughter, we made a mutually beneficial agreement. My side of this agreement was to stop one of my sons pursuing his daughter.(Asian girls must be in the blood). There's
would be to get information appertaining to G or more accurately the family problems caused by G.

There is some but not a great deal of information, however, as an English gentlemen I will not divulge such personal non-sexual info. Also this info had not been relevant to the ever decreasing circle of love in which G and myself would be
drawn inexorably toward.

As I mention frequently in these subs their in no particular pattern to the events that I remember, i.e., dates, times, days, weekends etc., I am not a detail man. G took the bait. GTG same same. It happened fast. I decided to shake up the
times I would call, I would call twice in a day and not just lunchtime. She always answered the phone when I called. Then one telephone call was answered by a man. I always called on a landline and I always called on the speed dial setting.

When I asked who it was on the phone, whoever it was hung-up. I texted G straight away to go online to Skype which she failed to do. I then called the home phone again, the cell phone and the parlour and left messages. I did not hear from
G for 24 hours, I waited for a response. I didn't react in the way I thought I would, anger, frustration etc I was disappointed, I was disappointed in myself and in her. I knew that the fight in the hotel all those weeks ago was a boyfriend,
I knew that 100%. If she had any common sense she would have called me back straight away, but she didn't.

The following day G called and told me how sorry she was but her friends Father had died and she needed to drive her all day to the Fathers hospital.

To be continued, (footballs on) tears, fears and burning ears, G, 30 going on 13, on my front door step in London?

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