Stickman Readers' Submissions June 22nd, 2012

Good Thai Girl Part 2

G stayed a while and sent me to the 7-11 for some lotion whilst she showered then ran me a bath. She cleaned and tidied the room. She also washed her pink jeans, they dried as we watched a few DVDs on TV.

I had a Thai friend in Farangland who had asked me to bring a few things home for him and check on his property in Bangkok. He was married to an English women and they had a teenage son and teenage daughter. Mr. and Mrs. C had two successful
businesses in the UK and 2 properties they rented out I would estimate their combined wealth at the time as roughly $2.5 million. Mr. C made the vast majority of his wealth in exporting heavy and light engineering products to China in the 90s.
After watching Prison break on DVD for a while I told G I was calling a friend for a quick chat. It was early morning in the UK and I spoke to Mrs. C briefly and Mr. C came to the phone.

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Hi how are you Mr. C asked.

Good thanks I need the address to check on your house and the address of the jeweler and I will collect the Jade you ordered.

Mr. C gave me the details but suggested that it would be best if he faxed all the details to the hotel and they would be able to assist with transport and a safe for his Jade. I transferred the call to reception, job done. G remained in bed,
now with a damp towel on her forehead. "I headache very bad hurt" ok my dear you rest, GTG same same. As usual G had no interest and made no inquirie about this phone call, she stayed engrossed in Prison Break. She stayed in the room
until 11.30pm and then drove herself home. Our routine would always start at 11am after G had attended her Grandmother and sorted out whatever she sorted out at home. Her mother worked in the south and would always be home from Friday afternoon
to Monday morning. G arrived the following morning and we had coffee outside on the terrace.

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G sat next to me and discreetly placed her hand on my Thigh and said " you love me" pardon? "you love me" what? "please, you love me" I looked into her eyes and explained that I liked her very much and that I
hoped we would in time grow to love each other, she giggled and laughed at me "no, you love me in room now, we go room" (prat am I).

Significant changes were and did take place that lunchtime and into early evening. What an unbelievable manifestation in 24hours (she had one hell of an itch). We shagged each other senseless. No shame, no crevice left unexplored, my god
she had some moves and was one very horney little honey pot. My red flag rises to half mast. Did she actually hear the telephone conversation with Mr. C?.

Over the next few days the sex remained high on her agenda not in the morning but noon and night. She made no mention of Mr. C. We visited Father at the temple, due to hi untimely demise some years ago and the discussion with mother and grandmother
commenced and several long telecom from the brother overseas. Her brother was 22 and studying in the UK and working with family at a Thai restaurant in London. It was soon obvious that the brother was taking a lead regarding sin sod and I understood
that due to G being the only daughter and the facts of her middle clas back ground, I was aware that this the wedding and the gold could be a significant sum. Then I was summoned to a meeting at the family home and via Skype introduced to "T"
who was a Thai national living and working in California. Now here we all were at the family home, myself, G mother grandmother auntie and two very nice hot cousins and an uncle. Brother was on the phone and "T" on Skype, I braced myself
for some monetary pain. We discussed many things that afternoon and G said very little throughout the meeting. The cousins and "T" spoke very good English, however no sin sod was discussed. What we agreed was that our courtship would
continue and that in the future should things work out G was to relocate with me to the UK after the wedding. It was made clear to me that I should before returning to the UK get engaged to G. This would require an engagement party and an engagement
ring. All this at day 14. I was a little apprehensive and remained at defcom 2. At this time G and I never stayed together overnight, G would not swim with me, would not drink or smoke or go clubbing. I had now met a few friends of hers and most
of the important family members and all appeared to be ok.( I was not too sure and the pace was making me concerned).

We continued to spend time on Skype with "T" a really nice guy and very helpful with all things Thai, "T" was engaged to a girl in the south, and working and saving money in the states for their own wedding in a years
time. Over the next day or so the brother requested a sum of 400, 000 bt. add this to the gold, wedding and diamond neckless and I instantly went to defcom3. The evening after the meeting I had the honor of a visit Gs bedroom much to grandmother
distaste. She booted up her pc and said "I want this" I thought to myself here we go demands for gold and diamond necklesses. But no, I was shown porno pictures, stills, she wanted me to giz on her face, giz on her mouth in her hair
and do her with a butt plug. OK no problemo, pearl neckless much cheaper. Now I returned and steady at defcom2, no flag a fluttering and seeing no major problem in marrying my little honey pot. One day G wanted to have a day of "m"e
time, she told me she needed to go temple and give offering, parlour and see mystic meg about her destiny and our future.mmmmmmmmmmmm, Red flag half mast. During this time I would Skype with "T" about the Brother. At this point I contacted
the agency and told them things were going well but did not mention sin sod. "T" told me not to pay the 400, 000 and he would find out what was going on? in his opinion this was too much money. G was off having "me" time so
I went to the hotel internet suite and did some research on Brother. I knew where he was studying and I knew the course he was on, the cost for the 3 years tuition was surprise surprise 360,000 baht.

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I really don't have a problem with sin sod, I have spent more than 360,000 baht on a 2 week holiday at Sandals Antigua, but what do I know! I went back to my room and started drinking water and pineapple juice (I had been told by an
ex that this makes sperm much more palatable). My priorities where elsewhere, how shallow me. The phone rings and I answer, its Gs mother, "you pay no sin sod" pardon? "you pay no sin sod" are you sure mama? (yes I call her
mama, don't laugh). "yes no sin sod , I pay for wedding and no sin sod" WTF I didn't know what to say, I protested but she wasn't having it. She asked that I buy 3 gold baht to appease grandmother but she was paying for
the wedding and no sin sod.

Being a bit of a cynic, I couldn't help myself, what was going on here, mother was very keen that we should marry, she was an only daughter and quite a catch for me? I needed to talk to Mr. C.

Mr. C was a good friend of a good friend. We had met socially a few times and he would always raise a few eyebrows on how he handled things with his English wife, other than that I knew very little about him. My good friends assured me that
he was a good man etc etc and that he would be happy to give me an opinion. Well he did, suffice to say this did not instill a great deal of confidence (more on this later).

G called and said she would see me at the hotel in the morning. In the morning she turned up at 10am hammering at the door. My immediate thought was that she was pissed off, when I answered the door she leapt at me and systematically raped
me and got a really good gizzing. Laying in bed I told her about the call from mother and she just smiled and nuzzled into my groin, again. after round 2 I went for a swim and let her sleep. I wallowed around the pool for an hour had a few pineapple
chunks and returned to the room and was just swiping my key card and heard one hell of a barney going on inside. G was obviously having a proper go at someone on her cell phone. My Thai is basic and I can understand very little but she was in
full flow. ( we all know that these girls can kick off) she was ballistic I listened for a while as you do and entered the room. She didn't notice me and kept her tirade going. She eventually realized I was there and immediately terminated
the call. She then came over and hugged me tight. "I sorry" why you sorry "I fight girlfriend she say bad words me" my red flag was at full mast, the flag was damp, blowing in the wind and slapping me round the face. She was
lying and she knew that I knew she was lying, but as normal there was no way I was going to be told what was going on.(facefaceface) I have never been the jealous type (stopped jealousy at 25) however I am aware that in Asia if you show no jealou
tendency' this can work against you insofar as "you don't care" so I gave her the silent treatment and withheld affection. In my opinion this winds them up. I told G I didn't believe her and said that I would if necessary
call the agency and get another date tomorrow. The tears then flowed GTG same same. I didn't have any intention of carrying out this threat however their is no way I am going to put up with any shit. I was in the driving seat and had my seat
belt on, she was going to hit the windshield when I did an emergency stop. Anyway we went to lunch and I put on my green eye act. I told her that I found it difficult to believe that someone as pretty, educated, middle class and a horny little
minx would not have a boyfriend or two buzzing around her honey pot. I told her to go and see her girlfriend!!! and have a chat, in the meantime I would go to the agency. I told G I would get a date with the hot tall sexy one, (G had mentioned
her on our first date). I told her to come back to the hotel that evening and that we go to the temple and make our offering and that I would prey for our future together. I also told her that if she did not terminate thi friendship with her "girlfriend"
I would fxxx off and never see or talk with her again. (I didn't swear but it sounds better on paper).At no point did I loose my cool and at no point did I avert my eyes from her eyes, in fact I held her face in my hands and didn't allow
her to escape from my stare.

I had no doubt that there was a Thai guy around know doubt at all. G left to see her friend, I think, and I went to the bar and had a few Malabu' and pineapple.

G returned 2 hours later I took her straight to the room put her feet behind her ears and nailed her, full throttle. I was happy, she was shocked, but as lily Allen says "fxxx you fxxx you very very muuuuuuch".

We rested in bed for a while and left for the temple. G dropped me at the hotel and apologetically asked me to forgive her about the events of the day. I typed in the translator. commitment, honesty, irresponsibility, chastity, penance, respect
and a few dozen others. she got the point, I think?

When you dine with the devil use a long spoon. Have no idea who said that but I like it. G and myself spent the next lunch in debate with the electronic thing. It could not translate bullshit, but by the time we had coffee she got the idea,
You cannot bullshit a bullshiter. I disclosed that at home I had a fxxx buddy, but as far as I am concerned the relationship I had was terminated (used the electronic thing again) we also discussed with "T" on Skype that I would not
be willing to go into Thai suspension to be reanimated when I was in the LOS. If she truly wanted to change her life for better or worse she had to decide now. I then threw in that I needed to check on Mr. Cs home and pick up some items to bring
home for him.I collected the Faximille from reception and of we went. Mr. C had arranged a car and we were collected by a driver in a white BMW. This blew G away and we had the driver and the car for 24 hours, her status would soar overnight,
I saw love in her eyes. (cunning plan).

As I stated earlier their is no particular continuity to this submission, as I type I remember some incidents of note, some are interesting and sum are not. (you decide). One incident one particular evening was her grandmothers health. Grandmother
was in her 90s and quite frail and G had mentioned that before our meeting she had been spending more and more time caring for her. I did notice that as far I could tell G was not happy with this arrangement. The aunt would spend most of the day
with grandmother and one particular hot cousin most evenings. I could sense that the grandmother was keeping or had kept G on a tight leash. Grandmother stayed downstairs glued to the TV with her a/c at full pelt, one evening she wa particularly
sick and G suggested I go upstairs to her room and watch some TV or play some DVDs. She escorted me to her room and we had oral sex for a while with my hand over her mouth when she did the Thai eeeeeeeiiiiiiiahhhhhhh. After our short tryst she
rummaged around in the wardrobe and emerged with several porn DVDs. Turned on the DVD and told me to watch them whilst she bathed and hosed down grandmother. This of course I did. fast forward and stopping at any good bits.

They were predominantly Japanese, and it became clear that G sexual preference and most of here bedroom moves had been studied on these DVDs, especially her fascination with the ejaculation process. I was quite pleased that it indicated that
she had learnt her preferred moves on this small collection of DVDs and not in some short time hotel with her obvious Thai boyfriend/friends (kidding myself here). I understand that stick prefers an intellectual submission as opposed to a pornographic
one.(lol). Anyway, G was not hard core but she certainly had very few limitations and during our brief liaisons/courtship had been partial to some guidance/tuition/ suggestions etc etc. As the days past it became clear she enjoyed risky sex especially
whilst we were driving in her car.

She then continued her seduction by waiting on me hand and foot (feeling guilt I think, or just reeling me in) whatever. Her cooking skills progressed from omelet to wonderful and not too spicy Thai dishes, she would take me to the market
for fresh ingredient and wok me up. The usual feeding me and picking her teeth behind a napkin. All very endearing behavior that we all have become accustomed to in Asia. (in my opinion). I loved to and enjoyed winding her up and teasing her,
in this game she also enjoyed doing exactly the same to me. One particular thing I did at any given importunity was dance, G found this very amusing and would invariably hide herself and squirm with embarrassment, my best moves were usually in
the supermarket doing a salsa with a shopping trolley. We went and played golf one day, I fxxxing hate golf. Why play a sport where you come home more wound up than when you left, bearing in mind G was a much better golfer than me, I insisted
on a BJ in the car for her winning our 9 holes.(she would frig herself off in the car during this process).

We would also visit her local Thai massage parlor which was run by an elderly Chinese guy and his two average looking daughters and usually her grandmother would attend. Best massage I ever had. Why do I always get a semi-on during a massage?
even by an old Chinese gentlemen. Oh I forgot, prior to these massages G would pop-in to the parlor that she worked in for some nail or hair action and I would wander round the store and stalls. Nearby was a launderette and I went in one day with
some shorts, pants and shirts. The owner took my washing and whilst I waited I could see the back yard. My eyes were attracted to a very pert arse which was articulated by being bent over a tub of water with small droplets of water following down
this perfectly sculptured lower body, when this girl turned around, WOW, she was stunning, I mean a 10 absolutely stunning. She trotted over and asked me the mandatory questions and it was very clear she was interested. I was transfixed by her.
Suddenly I was aware of G aura, fxxx me, dagger stares at dawn, between this girl and G. the owner quickly emerged and the hothothot girl wiggled away to the rear of the store. In the car G went into one, "what you say" "what she
say" "what you do" what she do" "you like her" "she like you" "why you look" "why you talk" "why you make me shy to you" after a hug and a few kisses we returned to the hotel
and went to bed. (Pineapple chunks). and all thro the bed session I thought of the laundry maid. (you know what its like). I had 100% put the laundry maid on my to do list, EVEN PAY CONSIDERABLE DOSH OR THAI GOLD, should my romance fade wither
or die. I am not a detail man, I had absolutely no idea where the hell this parlor and laundry were in the sprawling suburb of Bangkok, but when G returned to collect my laundry I got the address from the label/receipt and stashed it in the hotel
safe box.(after this incident G did all my washing on a daily basis).

To Be Continued (Football's on). Money, menstruation, moronic behavior and a missed flight home.


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