Stickman Readers' Submissions June 29th, 2012

Bargirls Are Losers?

Another contributor was of the opinion that bar-girls rarely won much from their time in the neon, ruined by local boyfriends and fiscally raped by greedy families. For sure greed and stupidity are deeply engrained in many wannabe hookers but despite
that most of the ones I have known for a long time end up ahead of the game. Here are some examples from when I was first in the Thai neon some twenty-odd years ago.

He Clinic Bangkok

H started at 19, hardcore Isarn babe in Cowboy go-go with rice-cutter body and the tightest girl in town. Hot. Didn't do Thai men back then, preferred older guys but ended up with a relatively young Kiwi whilst keeping older customers
going on the quiet. Had three kids with different foreign guys, beaten up by one farang, bought land and house by another, worked the streets around lower Sukhumvit for a while. Has been to UK and Europe a few times but doesn't want to relocate.
Now sponsored by Slovakian guy her own age who comes to town twice a year, has younger Thai guy upcountry for kicks and wants to kill cheapskate fathers of her kids. Two of the kids are drug addicts, third is happily married. All the money she
makes flows out to her family and Thai boyfriend but the chunk of land and house in Petchabun are worth a couple of million. Hopeful that her eldest son will go on the turn and work as a katoey in Phuket. Mental state, as mad as ever and never
learns from past mistakes.

B claims to have been married to a policeman who was killed in a motorcycle accident and forced to work to support her baby – for once, never saw any evidence to suggest that this is a fabrication. Some Chinese blood and a bit on the large
side but relatively intelligent and sane. Into the lesbian scene with another Thai girl, she struggled in the Cowboy go-go scene as twenty years ago tubby babes were rare. Never seemed to have a constant farang boyfriend but somehow ended up going
to live in Arab-land for a few years where she had enough anal sex to last a lifetime. Came back with a load of money and recreated herself as a clothes wholesaler/importer (some family connections in China?) and spent a load of dosh on expensive
schools for her son who ended up being educated in the UK. Has her own house in Rayong, land and a decent income but ain't half bloated out at forty-something.

D was already thirty-something when she entered the Cowboy go-go scene twenty years ago but the age meant she was the leader of the pack of younger girls. Typical Isarn woman who'd already dropped a couple of kids to Thai men but still
able to snare elderly Germans and the like – she has a certain way of speaking to them as if they were large cuddly babies. She usually ran a couple of old farang plus a young Thai security guard who she tried to pass off as a friend. Goes off
her head from time to time, whisky and angst. Didn't age very well but didn't stop a few guys being addicted to the sex with her, ended up with land and a restaurant in Chon Buri – has one German and a Belgian both convinced they are
going to enjoy their retirement in the restaurant they both paid for. Now passes off young Thai husband as her son, whilst her real sons are well educated thanks to Mr. Farang's money. She is full of the certainty that if it all goes bang
she can still get a job in Nana or Cowboy (and given the state of many of the girls she probably ain't wrong).

CBD bangkok

T was one of the hottest go-go dancers 20 years ago on Cowboy, so hot most of the time she wasn't dancing as the bar-fine was paid. She wasn't just hot but crazy in the sack, too. She had long term relationships with elderly farang
whilst getting all her kicks from young Thai guys – not pimps but actual working guys such as soldiers, etc. As soon as Mr. Farang ran out of money she was out of the door. Most of her money went on card games, though. Ended up married to an American
computer guy who was almost the same age as her and totally enraptured by her still prime body and hot sex but still doing the serious stuff with yet younger Thai men. If she has land and dosh in the bank she is not telling anyone.

The three sisters were Washington Square go-go dancers at a time when the bars down there still had go-go dancers. They weren't quite identical, in fact each succeeding one was even more attractive than the previous, as if some Isarn
God was taking the piss out of farang. You would just about get over the shock of meeting the eldest then be introduced to one of the younger ones… and then you'd blink and find they were all married off. One ended up selling food in a
Swiss bakery after marring a guy who turned out to be a drug addict. Another in Israel where she dropped a kid and then did a runner back to Nana and the third went the usual route of having a Thai man whilst living off an older farang. Oddly,
none of them got into serious-serious money but Mama has a beautiful house up in Nong Khai and enough rice land to support everyone in their old age. Actually, Mama despite dropping three kids was pretty hot herself but she only did Thai men.

L was a Korat babe with a tinge of Khmer running through her, sort of sexy in a sluttish way but not quite making it into beautiful. She was popular with the Americans, ended up getting pregnant by one who was a contract oil worker so away
for long enough for her to amuse herself with other foreigners. She didn't have much interest in Thai men. She was a typical living-in-the-moment kinda bar-girl but she did get a house and bit of land out of the pregnancy and carried on with
an on-off relationship with the oil guy that is still going on to this day. Her dizzy daughter is into the neon now, money flows through both of their hands and they never seem to have two baht to rub together. It isn't that she wouldn't
like to take a farang for a few million it's that too much effort needed; besides her whisky shot memory would not be up to recalling the necessary web of deception.

M a graduate of the Thai brothels with what looks like HIV lesions on her shoulders to show for it, tall for an Isarn babe she didn't just have a hot body but the face of some sultry movie star. She kinda stood out amongst the lower
Sukhumvit street walkers. She even had a brief affair with one of the Nana go-go bar's owners and almost got married to an Australian airport porter but her Thai upbringing and brothel work combined to make her treat guys with complete contempt.
She also had a Thai boyfriend who looked like a skinny African and was stealing from his boss to keep her happy. She looks a bit razzled now but is still convinced, at forty, that she can hit the big time with Mr. Farang and seems especially attracted
towards Continental types who could pass for gangsters. Mad as a hatter most of the time but catch her on a good day she could still pull it off.

wonderland clinic

A couple of girls died – motorcycle accident and AIDS. Quite a few mostly concerned with keeping their Thai boyfriends happy, taking the piss out of the farang of the moment until they get caught out. A lot just disappeared, either off to
Farangland or to more obscure neon scenes or even back upcountry to nurture long neglected kids and Thai husbands. Mostly, they were ill-educated and, back then, had the option of being rice-cutters or really low end factory workers – i.e. losers
in the eyes of the same Bangkok rich who look down on them for working the neon.

It's certainly true, these days, that there are a lot less accidental hookers in the scene – girls who have genuinely fallen on hard times and have no other way out – and a lot more ex-brothel girls who are ruined even before they set
foot in the go-go bars, but most girls are clever enough to realise that purchase of upcountry land and a house (often in the parents name to keep them safe if there is a divorce) will set them up nicely (especially considering that most of their
customers will spend 25 years working to pay off a mortgage) and give them a retreat when all else fails. It is also true that most of the girls could have made a whole lot more money out of their opportunities but they do have a heart, y'know,
even if it is usually dedicated to their Thai boyfriend/husband.


Reading your descriptions of these girls, I really wouldn't want anything to do with almost any of them. They all seem to have very serious issues!

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