Stickman Readers' Submissions May 18th, 2012

Mystery Guest

As I lay here next to N__g, I wonder just how it is that she is still around? It could be due to her incredibly well sculptured breasts and the fact that she called repeatedly as they sometimes do, her record is forty seven times over
six hours once. My objection to her coming was that service has gotten so bad as of late due to a number of factors of which her not so secret lesbian lover leads the pack. But, she promised me it would be a good time. I was exhausted from
a threesome the night before and really wasn't all that enthusiastic, but she prevailed. So, tonight after an unusually gratifying event, her older sister called from Korat and I heard her tell her that she really wants her Tom (that's
the Thailand term for butch in America). Then, after she got off the phone I asked her to confirm what she said and the classic Essan stonewalling began.

As any veteran here can tell you, these uneducated great looking hillbillies have the silent treatment down cold and are masters in that arena. With folks of our origins, that manure really raises the blood pressure. I told her either
make things clear or leave. But, not her stay as it was 3 AM, although they fearlessly will head out in the night at any hour.

There is little information from her past I have gleaned in the two years this has gone on, but I am aware from her occasional screams in the night and limited social skills that she is somehow damaged. Since her obscenely sexy body and
beautiful face gets her as many bar fines as she likes, she has not bothered to learn English.

When confronted she will quickly create crocodile tears and when that started in I said stop, it won't work. Then told her in a soft votive to just tell me what is happening as I have other friends who have lesbian lovers and I can
understand such things happening since I have never promised to be full time, sponsor, husband or things of that nature. I have told her an abundant number of times to not ignore me, but she ignores that advice.

Now, I just chill while she sleeps occasionally opening an eye to see what I am doing. I am trying to keep the highest path possible out of this and will be able. My lessons in Thailand have been it takes quite awhile to get rid of these
children. Do it gently as they feel they are losing their job. Nobody wants a ball of fire, and I have seen my share.

Before this Tom thing there have been others and she frustrates them into leaving. Last month I wrote about the guy who gave her 40,000 for one night and how she went crazy gambling only to lose her couple of hundred thousand baht savings
and the guy fled back to America to reload his coffers. He will return in a few days. Guess he can wonder about that mystery lady there in the room. I just don't have the energy and have not called her in weeks. She solicits me and, by
accepting, I pay a price I am no longer willing to pay.

In this town, many lazy guys like me sometimes screw up and see a hooker repeatedly. Only to unwittingly become a sponsor for that mystery guest. On third road there used to be a place called Champ Essan where boys were dancing on stage
and bar girls would go there and barfine the lucky lads so that sweet talking with someone their own age could occur in the Thai language. It has been a few years since it closed, but the scattered karaoke bars serve the same purpose. The
mystery guest buys girls in those places or girls buy guys. Seems many people are for sale in Thailand.

They feel when they are out hooking that they are working. Was talking to a friend today up in Korat who has not seen his wife in three weeks. After losing over a million baht to card sharks, she could no longer refinance any of the things
my 72-year old friend has bought for them and their 5-year old son (my friend's only source of happiness and the reason he stays). So, at 40 she is back down here with her big breasts "working" on some mystery guest of her own.
This friend has been in South-East Asia 40 years and still fell for the kind of con job he helped me avoid. Physician heal thyself?

We try and be as different from the overwhelmed tourists as we can, but are pretty much always going to be treated as a dumb customer if we allow this sort of thing to happen. Being used to it and having some other options, I am okay
and will be okay. It seems the married guys have the greatest stress and alienation.

It' s back to short time for a truly good time. Don't know about anyone else, but I know I like women when they are happy. If I am around them for long, unhappiness and demands set in for the long haul. I sure know I am too
old to be here for a long time, but I do want a good time and I don't mind if the mystery guest have a meal or two on me.

With these Thai hookers, it is more a matter of comfort. They can converse in their own language, cook and eat on the floor together. For further deep stimuli, they can watch Thai soap operas together and cuddle well as they are the same
size. When they spend hours sitting cross-legged on the floor playing cards, a common problem of later flatulence pops and I noticed N__g was blasting out some loud ones. I say let them cohabit and have some other Farang sponsor that party.


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It's interesting that you have been here a good few years now and have not settled down with one. Some would say there's something wrong with you but I would say that you're one of the smart ones.

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