Stickman Readers' Submissions May 8th, 2012

My Comment On “What Farangs Don’t Get About Thai Women”

I've heard about your website before from my farang colleague that you have got a lot of interesting articles writing about Thais here…so today I randomly founded one article "
What farangs don't get about Thai women" by Jayson. I really wanted to make a comment on this article and share to others or at least
to the author of this article.

As for me, I'm one of the Thai ladies who date farang. But I'm not one of the hookers. I'm well-educated with good job (office job). I'm not conservative as 'typical Thai girls' like he said in his article but
I do still have perception against farang guys living in Bangkok that most of them (especially the young good looking ones) are butterflies and looking for fun – this is not talking about those tourists who are here short term but those expats
who live and work here full time. I used to discuss about this with my male foreign colleague (European) about why most farang guys are butterflies, and he said well because it is so easy to get girls here so they are enjoying it and why bother
having only one girlfriend while you can get more so easily. To me, the point is about where they meet "those girls".

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Of course as expats living here most places for them to hang out are pubs and bars….so what do you expect from people you meet there? They go there to have 'fun', right? And I'm sure it's a mix of normal Thai girls and the hookers
in those scenes…to cut out those hookers and narrow it down to normal Thai girls…but most of them are "party girls" and party girls are not really seen as a "good girl" for the Thai conservative way of looking at things….
My point is if you want to meet a normal Thai girls you should get them from somewhere else not for the bars….as it is high possibility to fish out "hookers, bargirls, party girls who deals with lots of men" rather than meeting good
ones. If you are lucky you could meet the good ones too. I didn't mean that all girls who do clubbing are not nice, don't get me wrong.

My farang friends said "where can I meet normal decent Thai girls if I don't go out?" I know it's difficult….even for myself, I have the same question here, where I can meet decent good farangs guy? as I don't drink
and I don't go out but I like farangs, I've dated farangs for years – only channel I can meet them are "online dating" but I have to scan them a lot though….very rare for the good ones online as most of them seem to be there
for "only just fun" too and yes, there are lots of gold diggers online too. What do I like about farangs? It's just my personal preference. I'm tall and I find Caucasians attractive to me apart from that are their character,
life style etc. So I don't like farangs because of their money and it's true that not all of them are wealthy 😀 People just stereotype them.

My conclusion here is….why we most of the time see farang guys with Isaan girls…..We just need to ask them back "where they meet them?" They just meet people at the wrong place and I just wanted to correct that not all Thai
girls who date farangs are after their money (at least not me). I'm not conservative and I don't feel ashamed walking with farangs as I don't look like "those girls" anyway. I think Thai people are experienced enough to
differentiate between a normal Thai girl and a hooker. If you find my comments are useful for other readers, it would be nice if you could share my comment after his article or having it posted somewhere on your blog. This is my first time writing
to you or participant on public article like this. Please guide me. 🙂

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Stickman's thoughts:

It's good to see Jayson's article still generating feedback after all of these years!

Yes, I agree with your European colleague that many Western guys resident in Bangkok are butterflies largely because it is so easy to meet regular women. A lot of guys meet girls online, but many also meet them in certain bars (NOT bargirls) as well as at their place of work, or introductions through Thai friends.

With regard to Westerners meeting good girls, or Thai women meeting good guys, the only advice I can give is TAKE YOUR TIME. A lot of people are just in it for fun. To Thai women, I would say don't drop your knickers quickly. That will keep his interest for a while and if he really likes you, he'll put in the time. All the best Thai girlfriends I have had I had to wait for. And every girl who dropped her knickers on the first date I had forgotten that she even existed 24 hours later.

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