Stickman Readers' Submissions May 24th, 2012

Feeling Unease In Paradise

This is my first submission to this great stickmanbangkok website / forum and I hope some of you may find interesting and take advantage of some of the thoughts I'm sharing here as much as I take from reading most of yours.

To give you a quick background of my experience in the LOS, this is not my first time here, but the 6th. On previous stops I have visited most of the major tourist destinations such as Phuket, Phang-nga, Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan,
Koh Tao, Koh Chang, Koh Samet, Pattaya, Bangkok and Hua Hin with different lengths of stays and diverse types of accommodation in each place. And yes, I have f****d the girls from all of those places. On average I had two or three girls per
day, in some cases all of them at the same time.

I have a very strong Italian heritage; however I have spent most of my youth days in another Paradise called Brazil. Just as a note for those interested in the subject, in Brazil you definitely don't need money to pick up the chicks,
however instead you need a “six pack” underneath your t-shirt. In addition, you also need to "deliver” the job. In Brazil, If you go out with you a woman, no matter if she is poor or rich, a stunner or not, and you
can't go at least 3 times with her, just don't bother calling her again. Better start working out…

After a fair happy and spicy life in Brazil which included three marriages (with no children) and speaking fluently five languages I joined the international hospitality industry where I had the chance to work in Argentina, Venezuela,
Peru, Mexico, United States (BTW the most boring country ever), Canada (the coldest), a few countries in Europe and Australia (with the most unapproachable / weird girls ever) I finally joined the cruise ship segment as a fairly well paid

Working now for almost 5 years on different ships, in addition to visiting some of the coolest destinations in the world such as South America, the Caribbean, all Mediterranean destinations, the Greek islands, Alaska, French Polynesia
and so on…I have also managed to get very close to a common and interesting international female staff on board these ships such as the Russians and Ukrainians. My opinion about them is that they are as stunning as they are dangerous….so
unfortunately my advice is to stay far away from them. They simply have a completely different system of principles and values in their minds (or perhaps no principles or values at all!)

As a conclusion of this brief introduction and for your delight, even after visiting all those other “paradises on earth” I have selected Phuket as my favorite place and thereafter it has become my personal home port when
I'm on holidays.

Been a little tired of the ship-life and its downsides I recently decided to refuse my further assignments and was planning for an early retirement in Phuket.

The visa issue was solved through a student visa, the money would come monthly from some rented proprieties I have in different countries and I was ready to sit and enjoy life!

As per accommodation, thinking to avoid cleaning and maintenance issues, instead of renting an apartment or house for myself I decided to go for a suite in a local hotel. It has a large balcony with ocean views, a small kitchen with fridge,
all facilities expected from a hotel room such as air conditioning, cable TV, fast internet, security and most important of all; every day cleaning and laundry services with clean sheets and fresh towels (Yes, living within the hotel industry
for so long with all these services readily available to me I guess I became a kind of lazy spoiled folk). The hotel has also a pleasant swimming pool and is located on a quiet hill area, however not far from the night's entertainment
area in Patong. (Read Bangla Road and its surroundings). This luxury treat costs me around THB 20,000 per month.

For the first few weeks all went well. I was enjoying all the beaches close by and took advantage of islands surrounding Phuket for scuba diving, and at night the available girls.

After picking up a girl somewhere and bringing her to my hotel room the usual answer to the very frequent question of “How long you stay here” was “a couple of weeks”. I did this first because I was not planning
to get attached to anyone and second because I knew this was the expected answer for them to deliver premium services.

Time goes by, I start to feel alone some times and I start to repeat some of the girls I liked most, eventually during day time and with no booze involved. With a little more intimacy the questions started to change for something like "why are you
still here” and “what do you do for living”. Somehow I felt unease to tell them the truth that even though only in my mid-40s and completely fit to work I decided to retire earlier. And this issue still going on….

I have spoken to some expat friends of mine who live in the island for more than 20 years and all of them tells me that I don't need to be ashamed about this. I should simply tell the girls the true and they will accept it easily.
They have also told me that with my monthly income which is THB 90,000 per month (flat, and absolutely nothing else!), fit and with a good appearance I should not have any difficulties in finding a nice girl willing to stay with me as a girlfriend
/ wife.

On the other hand, I think their questioning make sense. A quite young and fit chap like me should be working and not sitting in a beach front bar getting drunk every day. In addition, bear in mind that I'm relating to 20-something
quite good looking girls that from my point of view are not as dumb as most expats think they are. Of course they may want a little bit more comfort and therefore will be willing to move to a slightly better life than the current one, but
it will come the day when their needs will naturally grow and they will require more, as all other women on this earth and this is when shit will hit the fan of your simple and easy life in Paradise.

In conclusion, I think these girls are stunning. Furthermore they are friendly, feminine, caring and definitely are able to deliver some of the best sex I ever had in this life. In spite of that however, they are young, genuinely playing
for their lives in financial terms, and therefore will not accept anything less than what they can really get.

This being said, I consider most of the expats posting related to marriage with a stunning young Thai girl by an elder westerner retired man (with limited resources) a complete nonsense, an illusion if not a clear act of insanity.

Because of their harsh past, cultural / educational or religion beliefs these girls simply don't know, understand or value “Love” as most of us do in the west. Money has taken its place long ago and currently plays
the major role around here. So, if you are not able to work hard to provide ever increasing needs (casually fairly similar to young women in the west) or don't have unlimited deep pockets, you'd better not enter this game or chances
are that you will rapidly lose the modest sum you placed on the table as sure as the sun will shine tomorrow.

About me? After only a couple of months of “retirement” in Paradise I decided to go back to the ship's life and return here only from time to time spending the usual average of THB 300,000 per month with the girls.
I know this amount gives me access to the best girls in town and perhaps to your beautiful young greedy Thai wife as well! Unfortunately this is my most sincere opinion about how things really runs in the “Land of Smiles” and
I don't believe this will ever change.

About marriage: When the right time comes by I will most likely marry a Catholic woman from Brazil (who, in her naïveté) still believes in “Love”…

Sawasdee Krup!


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Wise man! I cannot understand people retiring here so young. Visit regularly, sure, but retiring so young seems to fall somewhere between optimistic and crazy.

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