Stickman Readers' Submissions May 17th, 2012

18 Month Asia Tour (Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time) Part 4

Jakarta. Great place and interesting people, good food, good bars and the most interesting thing was the attitude of the women.

What a contrast to Thailand.

The women (normal girls and women) were so much more outgoing and not standoffish at all. Most have a reasonable command of the English language and the religious diversity is interesting, the Muslims did not appear to have the restrictions
that I had assumed they would. They have more to say and their appreciation of what you said to them is markedly different.(You don't get that feeling that they have no idea whatsoever of what you are talking about). Their looks and general
persona can be quite European to varying degrees, there are not many moments of silence between you and them. My pet hate when you talk or meet anyone in Asia (most of the time) is their cellphone addiction and the total ignorance of the impact
it has when you are in the middle of a conversation.

I therefore made a set of rules. Rule 1: Tell them politely that you would be happier if they did not constantly use the cell phone, unless it was important or at the very least, do it when I go to the bar or having a pee (this worked
most of the time).

Dealing with high volume numbers in the currency was a mind f**k.

After the events in LOS it was nice not to hear, same same, me too, I not long, up to you and reversed and muddled English phrases and terminology.

Indonesians I found are punctual – GMT, not Thai time.

They do have a good sense of humor, but they were not as tear making funny as some of the crazy mad Thai girls I have known over the years.

These small things did and do make a great difference in my opinion.

Rule 2 was 25 years old minimum. (bar girls no prob}.

Rule 3 do not stare into the eyes.

Rule 4 no bar/good time girls (this trip).

If you try to hit on a normal Thai woman away from the bar and club scene, you draw a blank most of the time. Here it was refreshingly different. They were interested in what you had to say, most spoke good English and didn't stereotype
you as being a late 40s western shag monster.

I found a nice flat / apartment which I rented for a month.

I decided that whoever I met would be made aware that I was not planning to be around for too long. I would be continuing my travels, come what may (seemed like a good idea at the time),

After nuzzling my snout in the cookie jar in Thailand I was to start an Asian girl diet (short time).

Day 1, 2, 3 I spent in bed contemplating if I had made a mistake in leaving Thailand. I was missing Goff big time but knew I was going to get screwed one way or another. I only left the apartment for provisions.

Day 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 I spent in bars, restaurants, shopping and generally looking around and taking it in.

I had a few dates and met some nice girls / women and was amazed, even after a midday or evening date these Indonesians were quite direct in their intentions (I did not have any stablemates). I noticed immediately that most appeared to
be more mature than their Thai cousins. Most looked and were very different.

I did manage to talk to a few working girls and their approaches and conversations never veered towards money and I never got to negotiation stages. Several guys told me that they never discussed money at all. They always paid money the
following day and at the rates they had become accustomed to in Bangkok or other destinations – $40 or $60 seemed the longtime / daily rate.

After 10 days I met Aanjay (I was on the rebound after all).

Jet black hair to her shoulder blades, size 8/10, tall at 5'8'' and laughed more than she giggled and no addiction to the cell phone. What struck me was that you really didn't need to look very hard to find these girls.

I had been in a market to get fruit and walking back to base camp the bag split. 2 girls and a guy helped me round up my now bruised, squashed and battered smoothie ingredients. I thanked them for helping and the taller girl (Aangay)
told me that she would guard my fruit while I found another carrier bag. When I returned I thanked her and she said "You're welcome!" I liked that and as she went to walk away I stopped her and asked her if she would like a

"No thank you."


"No thank you."


"No thank you."

Feeling rejected, I smiled, thanked her again for the help and she said "Breakfast would be nice" and pointed across the road. "See you at 8 AM tomorrow!"

I went back to base camp feeling good about myself.

I left base camp early to get a good table for my breakfast date. When I arrived Aanjay (A) was there already on her cell phone. I thought f**king cell phones. As soon as she spotted me she stopped the call and I immediately thought,
here we go again. My cynic had travelled from Bangkok with me.

What a great breakfast, we didn't eat much. Melon, coffee, juice and water and shared a nice fried rice with shrimp and egg, which I now eat regularly (Give it a try).

She is 29 years old, lives with a girlfriend in Jakarta and works in Jakarta. I asked where she worked and she smiled wryly "is that important?"

Mmm, interesting (Thai alert, Thai alert, dive!! dive!! dive!!).

She asked me what I was doing in Jakarta. Was I alone?

I told her that I always do the same wherever I am – travel, holiday, sightseeing, culture, history, food, drink, clubs, girls and fishing.

She looked at her watch.

I asked her if she needed to go to work.

"No, not yet but I'm bored."

My face dropped, deflated, and I looked at her and that smile wasn't there. Then she, and the waitress started pissing themselves laughing, she grabbed my hand and said "Sorry I could not resist that!"

Sell I was now concerned about what was going on here. She smiled lent into me and gave me a kiss, not long, not short, but enough to send a message. I felt better.

She asked if I would walk her to work, which I was happy to do.

We arrived outside the hospital where she was a physiotherapist, and we agreed to meet the following day after work.

I did wonder if she was a bit crazy, but, she was intriguing nonetheless and very fit (pun).

I went for a beer, people watching and some eye candy.

Jakarta is quit a bustling place with lots going on, lots to see <Really?Stick>, smell, eat, and drink. It's not dissimilar to Bangkok. There were Farangs around but not that many (I hear it's busier now). It has an abundance of restaurants, cafes and bars. The club scene is lively and vibrant with all different types of music and clientele. The vast majority of the populace are happy to engage in random conversation and I never spoke with anyone who seemed standoffish, which can often happen in the LOS.

We met outside the hospital and A wanted to go home first and shower and change, no problem. The apartment was very nice and spacious. Her flatmate also worked at the hospital and she was working late shifts for a week (I never did meet the flatmate).

She came out and she was dressed in a short white skirt, black and white chequered polo with black heels. I approached her and kissed her cheek, and told her she looked beautiful.

She said "Can you wait 1 minute" and came back moments later and had changed her heels. She was now below my height, bless her – she had reduced her heel size. I am 5'10''.

I asked her, why haven't you asked me where I am from, and she said "You're British! I knew you were British as soon as you spoke to me!"

OK, no problem, interesting but no problem.

Dinner was very nice, lots of flirting, dancing, and laughing. I walked her home and she made coffee and played some music. I wanted to kiss her but had forgotten how to actually gauge where I was with her or most other woman (too many
bar girls). We talked for most of the night, especially about local and native girls. There are many who do mimic the Thai way of things but the emphasis according to A is not primarily money, but appearance, nationality, personality, physical,
cleanliness, dress and manners? She went for a shower and when she had finished and was drying her hair passed a towel and told me to help myself. When I finished showering she gave me a tooth brush and deodorant and a clean tee-shirt and
said "I want sex, don't get dressed".

Very nice indeed, very toned, very passive at first and then she exploded and was telling me what she wanted me to do to her verbally and passionately. Whenever prompted she would respond immediately.

Perfect, bloody perfect!!!

Rewind, dancing. In my previous life in the UK I learnt to dance, waltz, cha cha cha, rumba and salsa. The girls love it, with a bit of freestyle thrown in. Never underestimate the power of dance!!!

A spent most evenings with me and was happy eating at my apartment and we always spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday sight seeing, eating, drinking, dancing and clubbing.

A had taken a week off work and I wanted to see more of the country and she always enjoyed showing me around.

She wanted to show me the mountains and lakes to the south-east of Jakarta and I had spoken to her mother on the cell phone, under duress, but I was quite looking forward to meeting her. I asked about her father and she laughed and laughed.
"He is my stepfather. My father died years ago when I was a little girl".

I asked what he was like. Am I safe?

She laughed hysterically.

Come on, A, tell me what is so funny.

"Don't worry", she said, "It's cool."

She always surprised me with her knowledge of the English language and the little things she said in pidgin English. I was suspicious but also intrigued by her, without feeling any apprehension about any agenda she may have, she was very disarming.

One thing that I find bizarre on this site is the money thing, which there appears to be a lot of emphasis on. I paid for this, she paid for that etc etc. Don't get me wrong, there are some extraordinary requests from some Asian
women, but why shouldn't we pay for lunch for dinner and buy some sexy lingerie and some f**k me boots, even a gift? God knows we do in the UK, and we rarely get the attention or the sex at home that these girls give us. <My feeling is that the not infrequent comments from some posters about money are that some guys don't have a lot and therefore they are conscious of seeking fair valueStick>

A paid for lunch (LOL) and headed to her family home in Bandung. The journey was a 2-day deal, and we kept detouring and stopping. The sights were spectacular (highly recommended).

On arrival I was apprehensive about the father, but I was aware that A and her mother had kindly invited me and I am happier meeting people than hanging around bars talking the usual bolox we all talk.

What a welcome by her mother. She was the same size as A and looked good for 50, 4 years older than me (relieved was I). She bought outside a large variety of food and it was refreshing that their were no other family members, friends
or hangers-on. What a contrast to LOS.

No sign of the father and we went inside, very nice place, like a mini ranch and very well furnished, very clean and homely.

A door opened and a man strode towards me with a beguiling look on his face, looked at me and said "So you're the one taking advantage of my daughter!"

Shit! He was an Aussie, shit! He is going to hate me!

Most Australian men are not too fond of the English, especially if you're violating the daughter. (Why are Kiwis less aggressive to the English?).

Only answer was to get stupid drunk and argue about Rupert Murdoch, Vietnamese boat people, cricket, the rugby, the Queen and the Commonwealth, which is exactly what we did.

I didn't see a great deal of A or her mother that evening. We did sleep in the same room. I was wankered by the drinking contest, Australia won, and A teased me all night (loser, loser, loser she said all f***ing night long).

The first thing I said in the morning was, why hadn't she told me her step dad was Australian!!! She laughed, "Well you wouldn't have come if I told you!"

She had a point. He was bigger than me, fitter than me, better looking than me, but thankfully 15 years older than me. I always worry about the age difference, especially with a girl, almost to the state of paranoia (bargirls, no problem).

That day her father told me that A was off to Perth next month and I said that she hadn't mentioned that to me he said, "Well, she wouldn't would she. She ain't going to marry you. Take my word for it -SHE AINT GUNNA MARRY YOU!" Point taken.

Ok, well, Jumbo as his name was, had made things clear. No problem, mate!!!

We relaxed a little after that shot across my bow. I was not going to try his patience and we got along fine (ish).

Every evening A and I would walk together and over those days and weeks it became our thing, just walking and discussing things in general, childhood, football, broken hearts, broken dreams and it became clear we both enjoyed the roller-coaster to the merry-go-round.

I am sure Jumbo set me up the following day. A was out doing the traditional Aussie barb with her mother, and Jumbo said he would show me around the grounds.

I had noticed a lot of bird noises over the last two days and wanted to see his bird collection. Impressive, mainly cockatoos.

Some were nasty buggers, (Aussie accents weird) most were talkers and some were hand-tamed and would sit on you and let you feed and stroke / preen them with your hands.

My favourite was a Mollucan Cockatoo, big but lovely bird named Bonkers. Jumbo said let her sit on you, and she sat quite happily on my shoulder, preening my head and what little hair I have.

Then she bit my ear, F***K ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, like Mike Tyson, F**K, F**K blood everywhere and I'm running around like a lunatic, squealing like a pig.

A and her mother come running round the house panicking and were shouting at Jumbo to get the first aid kit. Her dad was a doctor (apparently) and spent the next 30 minutes stitching up my ear, it hurt, it hurt like bloody hell.

When we were away sightseeing a few days later, A told me Bonkers, the bird, was renowned for her cannibalistic tendencies.

I had the last laugh on Jumbo. After we got back to the mini ranch that evening after the bird attack, I shagged his step daughter up the arse!!! Touché.

I liked A, I liked her a lot and we were very similar in many ways. There is no doubt about it, 20 years with her stepfather and some time in Oz had made her more Westernised than any girl I have met in Asia. A never went over the top with me, no pressure at all. I got the impression that she had a game plan for her life and I felt happy that we had and would continue to have our fling. That was what I needed at that time.

We agreed to travel about for a while before she went to Perth with her parents.

She was a different type of girl for me and the sex got better and better. I've got a picture of her in Singapore with 8 lychees in her mouth, gifted girl (tea bagging, you have got to try tea bagging).

Java, if you like a small challenge to get your girl, try it. If you want an Asian wife try it because compared to our usual hunting grounds these girls have the potential to make your dream a reality.

It is a beautiful country, an old Dutch colony, and it goes in my top ten destinations.

A and myself have stayed in touch over the years and she is currently engaged to an Aussie.

Good luck to her.

To be continued.


Interesting submission which I personally much preferred to your previous 3.

He Clinic Bangkok

What I would take out of this submission is that there ARE other places to meet women in the region, and it is possible, yes dear readers, it is possible, that you might just find somewhere out there you prefer…

nana plaza