Stickman Readers' Submissions April 19th, 2012

Transparent and Transparency

I bring forth this title in honor of the earlier submission from, I guess a US resident who sagely remarked on his becoming transparent at the age of ca 40 years.

Indeed in the west, wherever I go I too at 54 years of age I am without being, except if I make a younger girl laugh, which will then make then think I am just a dirty old codger!

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It is remarkable that in western society, and now increasingly in the east, which has imported recent western values, the older or mature generation are looked down on with such derision.

I do clearly remember that when I was a kid in the US in the mid 60s that we looked at our parents and other adults with something like awe and aspired to be like them. No longer so. The young and poor are right and the older, wiser and richer
are despised!

Economically, it is also funny that those who are at the peak of their earnings / donations curve (in the 40's) and with the most dependents (wives / ex / children) are so looked down upon despite we being the biggest payers!

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Thus it is natural to look for a place where there is some form of "respect" to ones-self at this time of your life.

The earlier submission brought on the usual tale of the Thai high and Thai blues or Thai withdrawal symptoms.

Just count yourself lucky that your job / earnings allow you to continue to get a twice yearly fix and that you can lodge away in your deepest memories the fun and joy you experienced.

We live in a golden age where still affordable transport will allow you in about 8 – 10 hours to exit purgatory and behold heaven. With the increasing price of fuel this will not last and I estimate that in 7 – 10 years this golden period
will be over for ever (only sea / train transport left). I don’t think that many Europeans will want to pass a week on a train via Siberia and China to get to Thailand.

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Another Nordic reader quotes on several Nordic chums who have done the Pattaya swan dive.

I have a Swedish customer whose best mate also went that way.

The reason is that the more you go north, the more the people are egalitarian and think that the rest of the world is also
getting smart: Nordic / UK values of fairness / propriety and women’s lib are a purely Nordic "value"
bubble and are not to be found elsewhere.

From the Spanish and Italians I have met who have done their time in Thailand, they are by far more level-headed and see things in a far more worldly manner, thus not getting burned and entwined in the Thai mistress-es web.

If you want to survive in Thailand you have to be hard-headed and mentally alert.

Of course it’s difficult to act that out in front of a 26-year old slim knockout with shimmering waist length hair when you have just arrived from transparent-land. But one must stand firm and not be in a rush.

The recent case of the UK chap in Vietnam was unfortunately a case in point on how not to do things, as he readily admitted – too late, hats off to him though for sending the warning to others. Inn fact from those I have met in Vietnam would
be about double as money grubbing as the Thai equivalent.

For my money the best relationships are going to be where both sides know and admit where they are coming from and what the game plan will be e.g. the westerner admits he is not Brad Pitt and is going to pay as you go in one form or another
and that the recipient (apt wording) also comes up front with the gist of the deal.

Then there will be no tears / loss / cheating / and reduced emotional shock at the end, with hopefully some happy memories to stash away when back in the real world…

Look at the reports from the professor Korski on how to deal with the myriad different women and discard those who are not up to par.

Remember there are literally millions out there for you to choose from. If you don’t set the looks bar too high you will have literally, a ball.


the Frenchman


A lot of good advice.

It will be interesting to see how the world changes. If fuel prices go crazy, yeah, the whole dynamic of international travel could change radically. With burgeoning middle classes in many ultra populous developing countries the demand for oil is going to be immense so yeah, it could get interesting…

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