Stickman Readers' Submissions April 25th, 2012

Thiri Post-Script

This is an update about Thiri, the Burmese lady Steve had helped re-settle from the Mae-La refugee camp to the USA and who now lives in the USA. Thiri and Steve keep in touch, and in fact she and a resettled Burmese family came to visit him recently. She was visiting them in Los Angeles and they took a day trip up the coast to spend a day with him in the lovely beach-town where he’s so lucky to live.

She told Steve they’d be arriving at about 9 AM on Saturday morning, and he told her to call him when they left LA as it takes about 90 minutes to drive to his home and that would give him plenty of time to get up and get ready. Typical of Thiri, she dutifully called Steve, and told him they were on the way. That was helpful. But what was also typical was that she didn’t tell Steve the whole story…in fact, they were already in the area. So, just as he was drying off after his shower, the front door bell rang. Yup…Thiri and crew had arrived: a young family of Dad, Mum and an 11 year old son, plus an older lady. In his sweats and slippers he invited them in, made them tea and coffee and then got dressed.

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He hadn’t seen Thiri for nearly 3 years but the intense eye-contact and the connection between them still generated an electric charge that he felt course through his body and perk up a part of him that would soon become all too obvious in his sweatpants, so he excused himself to go change into jeans that would do a better job of containing the obvious pleasure he showed in seeing her and feeling her sensual and exotic presence.

When he came back into the living room he noticed an overnight bag and a shopping bag with some wrapped items in it. As is so typical of Thiri, she evidently decided to stay overnight but hadn’t thought to check with Steve if that was OK. But he did recall her asking if Steve’s daughter was with him that weekend or with her mum, and coincidentally she was with her mum. So Steve guessed Thiri assumed he’d be alone and happy to have some company.

They had a very pleasant day and went down to the beach, to the pier, had lunch at a Thai restaurant and then Steve took them on a scenic drive along the coast, through some of the high-dollar neighborhoods with fabulous gated estates and to the old Spanish Mission. The family loved the visit and as they left to drive back to Los Angeles they promised to return soon, and next time bring more of their clan.

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That left Steve alone with Thiri. Hmmm. Now what?

She told Steve about the boyfriend she’d been with for the last 2 years…she liked him, and he seemed to be a decent guy, but she wanted to get married although he was waffly. One year earlier she’d given him an ultimatum: marry or separate. She gave him a year to decide, then on the anniversary confronted him about it and he pleaded for another year. But Thiri had already given him time and she told him time was up and that was it. Done. Over. Finished. Just like that.

It dawned on Steve why she had chosen to visit now and why she had brought her overnight bag: she’s a moral girl and honors her commitments, so she’d never think to have an affair outside a relationship. But now she had no relationship, so hence the coincidental visit with her overnight bag when Steve’s daughter was away. Steve can be pretty slow sometimes, but even he knew this could only mean one thing…she wanted to check him out as a possible partner again and likely enjoy some of the amazing sex they had when they were together nearly 3 years before.

Saturday night in a college beach town is always fun, especially when you’re with a lovely and sexy Burmese lady who’s definitely enjoying the good times. But it was obvious that so much of Thiri’s world was colored by her almost slavish devotion to her Baptist faith. Again it reaffirmed for him that they were very different people and not compatible as life-partners. In fact, they discussed this very openly and although she was disappointed she understood and was reconciled to them just being friends. But physically there was real chemistry and electricity… and that night was wild and passionate. Steve lives in a very quiet neighborhood towards the hills and sound carries a long way at night. Thiri is a “screamer” and he was really worried that somebody would call the police. In Bangkok he had a corner room so there was only 1 common wall with another suite…but even then the management left him a written note about the noise…they asked if he could turn down the volume on his TV…of course they knew what was causing all the racket but that was their face-saving way of handling it.

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In the morning and after a delicious reprise of the night’s ecstatic exertions, Thiri made breakfast and then they went for a drive through the hills and canyons above Steve’s home. It was a perfect Southern California day: cruising with a babe under clear blue skies, a slight ocean breeze rustling through the verdant foliage, roller-coastering along the meandering mountain roads to the ridge-top from where the view encompassed a wonderful panorama of the rugged canyons, the shimmering ocean and on the horizon some off-shore islands.

Then it was time to for Thiri to go. As he drove her to the Greyhound Bus station for her trip back to Los Angeles he indulged in a little day-dreaming of a few happy memories of the special times they had shared and wistfully, perhaps even sentimentally, again wished that things could be different between them and at last he could find the happiness in love that he so dearly desired. But a few of the thoughts back to the Bay Area with the older lady.

She SMSd Steve a number of times (he thought, here we go again…a barrage of calls and SMSs like in Thailand) but it was all very civil, friendly and actually, very nice.

Despite her quirkiness and childlike petulance she’s intelligent and knows herself. She also knows what she wants, and occasionally also how to get it. It turned out she had refused her boyfriend real sex for some months (she gave him an occasional token hand-job to handle his blue-balls) and was horny, so Steve was a safe, clean and known partner who could also satisfy her quite nicely. As she knew he had no attachments at the time and she rightly assumed he was horny for her, she figured it would all work out for both of them…and if Steve finally saw her as life-partner, then that would be a real bonus. Well, she was right about the horny part and it was definitely alright with him to be with her.

The other dimension to this is of course to do with the money she promised to repay and the exchanges between them. Steve is not so crass as to suggest that Thiri could “work off” her debt to him, but on the other hand, they both know that sex can be part of the equation. On the morning before she went back to LA she also started to clean Steve’s home which was quite clean and tidy by a man’s standards, but not by hers. She spent a couple of hours cleaning and conditioning his large black leather sofa and then dusted and cleaned the living room. She also volunteered to make some food Steve could keep in the freezer, but there wasn’t time. He knew this was part of her way of saying “thank you”, as was her visit and the very enjoyable sex…and for sure so were all her religious comments about Jesus being in his heart (even though "You don't feel him") or else why could he be kind and compassionate? They didn’t need to talk at length about these things, and yet this was an affirmation that Thiri would make sure she showed her appreciation and respect and repaid Steve in whatever ways she could.

And for Steve it was an affirmation that he had made the right decision to help her.



Sounds like a nice time was had by all!

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