Stickman Readers' Submissions April 4th, 2012

Philippines Ladies and Life

Some recent articles got me thinking about the times I have been to the Philippines earlier in my life and the ladies that I have been lucky enough to meet over the years.

The Philippines as a country to visit, at least in the major city of Manila, is mostly a poverty-stricken, very polluted and intimidating place with the hassles of peddlers and taxis I've never really felt myself miss being there. However the thing
that I desire above all else is Filipino women so what to do?

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Over the years I have been a bit creative in seeking out the lovely Pinay in my homeland and abroad in countries where they work by using online dating sites. I'm a guy in my 40s, not very attractive at all and not that thin either.

From my observations it's a losing scenario to bring an Asian wife from either Thailand or Philippines to a western country – and Korski wrote quite a good submission on this recently. I agree with a lot of what he said. Yes, there may be exceptions
but most likely in the end you will lose money, your heart and end up like me – a bit more cynical.

I have travelled to Thailand twice and also Indonesia to part take in the bar scene which was ok at first but then I was looking for something a bit different. I discovered with effort and patience you can date ladies online but the trick is not to chase
girls who are under 30. So far this idea has worked ok for me and I have had some luck over the last couple of years with it.

The first thing I do is focus on the type of lady I would like to date. I don't care if she is married, has other boyfriends or is single. If I like the lady I will chase her. I'm not looking for a lifetime partner but a girlfriend for now,
experience with no time limits on how long we might keep in contact for.

I date 90% Pinay but have had a Thai lady and Chinese lady as well. My take especially on Pinay is that there is no doubt in my mind that they would always prefer Filipino guys before any other culture. However, poverty dictates them to work abroad and
also chase western guys for a better life.

I have travelled to Singapore and Hong Kong and for the most part to date the lovely Pinay and I find I really enjoy it. The thing is, Singapore and Hong Kong are safe and enjoyable places to visit so you can relax while dating. It is a bit more expensive
in that you need to pay of course for all outings and meals for your date and these cities are more expensive than Manila or Bangkok, but very worthwhile. I will stress, however, the kind of ladies I mostly date are not overly attractive or even
so thin but the sex is fantastic for the most part and I can say that so far I have enjoyed it far more then I have the bar scene. <You touch on something here that hardcore sex tourists dismiss quickly – that of sex with regular girls often being betterStick>

Of course from time to time the ladies would, as expected, wonder or ask if something more serious can develop and I am honest in the most part about not wanting anything more than a date / girlfriend. But of course Pinay being how they are would be hopeful
you will change your mind so they too can have a better future in a western country.

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I often wonder why guys get obsessed with the idea of having to find a wife from Thailand or the Philippines when they can have it all without having to bring any problems back to their own place. I know this might sound harsh but at the end of the day,
no matter how much you might think you are in love, the chances are she would have another boyfriend or two no matter how much she professes to love you and besides again, this might sound cynical but there is always another woman who can make
you just as happy as the one before (no exceptions). Maybe Stick will disagree. <Nope, agree with you entirelyStick>

Overall I think guys you have options. Use them before you decide to get married! There is no rush! Women will always be there for you and the online and bar scene is not going anywhere. In the meantime mix it up! There's no need to
always go to the same places or do the same thing. I have found Indo ladies to be really nice as well and Viet ladies also on my to do list (no pun intended!) Have fun all 🙂


Nice final paragraph. The bar scene works for certain situations and a certain type of person. But for those who are looking for someone thing different – and not necessarily long-term – there is no need to limit themselves to that market only!

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