Stickman Readers' Submissions March 26th, 2012

Why Would One Ever Want To Stop?

Expanding on another dimension on the sub by Expat667:

It seems to me there is this constant personal psychological assessment of why one prefers working girls over “mainstream” girls in Asia or in The West.

This is only my personal appreciation of why I prefer a working girl in place of the difficulties so often encountered from courting a “mainstream” girl of either culture. I am a Farang Buddhist – not a very good one,
I will admit – but, like most Thai men, I am able to separate the needs of the faith from the needs of the body. Many of my friends scoff at the way Thais “bend” the precepts of Buddhism (sometimes even turning a blind eye)
so they can indulge in expediency around the subject of moral issues versus pure lust. There is really no problem provided one casts off the shackle of belief that sex with a working girl is wrong or goes against all that we have been led to believe
by Christianity. I speak from experience here, believe me.

He Clinic Bangkok

OK, a working girl is dependable because she wants return business – and she will provide a good service to ensure that occurs. The donation fee is known up front and you know what you are paying for is what you will get. Here, I am
talking about middle-to high-end escorts who are generally more selective in the clientele they will accept. These days I never frequent go-go bars or freelance places because of the unreliability of the standard you will receive.

Compare this to the mill you have to run through to get the same result from a “mainstream” girl. Forget it! You probably won’t hit “pay-dirt” until well into the courting stage – and personally, I
am not into the chase – I want the product immediately, thank you. Best of luck trying it on a “mainstream” girl for “backdoor” access <smile>. It really comes down to knowing yourself and what you will
or will not accept. Consider what it will cost you to court a “mainstream” girl – shopping trips for clothes; shopping trips to Yaowarat gold shops; the many meals at quality restaurants; the nights wondering if teerak is
where she says she is when you are apart: Does anyone want this? Believe me, I have been down this road several times in Farangland and in Thailand – no, thank you very much!

You have this dream that you will have this wonderful courtship, get married and be together dta-lot-bpai – do you really, really believe that? Well, just remember that you now have a potential extended Thai family who have
expectations of you – expectations that you will be an upstanding Farang and take care of their daughter (and extended family) dta-lot-bpai. Hmmmn – have you given consideration to that and what it means? Well, we won’t
go too deeply into that – but I think you may well get the drift.

CBD bangkok

Why are you here in Thailand? Is it to see temples, tourist attractions, attend Thai cooking classes, attend Thai language classes? Come on now – I know why you are here – it’s the same reason why I am here, now be honest!
You came here for the availability of sex. That’s better – now don’t you feel happier now that you have been honest with yourself? You don’t really want to get married, do you? No, I thought not. So, where do you go from
here? What’s that? You thought it might be nice to meet a young Thai girl and live a life of bliss? You’re talking about Paradise, I take it – unfortunately, you have another 2000 lives to go before that is even remotely possible.
Sorry about that – you forgot about all those shonky deals you approved; and what about all the times you cheated on your Farang wife? No, you need to accumulate some merit – and getting a “mainstream” girl will not
change your basic nature at this point. If anything, it will make things worse for you. You need a working girl – now, repeat after me “I need a working girl – I need a working girl!” Now repeat that mantra 10,000 times
and come back and see me.

Now, while he’s gone you should consider the good points in choosing the person that you wish to “have sexual relations with”. If you are looking at a “mainstream” girl, you are limiting yourself in the choice
and availability of the “object of your desires”. She may or may not find you attractive or a challenging conversationalist (particularly if you fit the mould of the average 65+ monger). The beer gut will not help either. But, if
you are lean and keen and considerably younger, that last remark may not apply to you.

On the other hand, you can peruse the profiles of the girls on the many escort websites and choose the girl that appeals to you the most – the sky’s the limit in Thai or Russian (even ladyboy, although that is not my thing). There
will be one there that you want, believe me! I have my own favourite website (but Stick won’t let me tell you what it is) – and you will find one that suits you as well.

Look, it really comes down to this. You have to be honest with yourself about your needs – and forget about all the bullshit about shame and guilt in wanting to have only working girls in your life. Accept that is who you are and be
happy with it – you do not need the hassles of a permanent relationship with a “mainstream” girl (unless you’re a masochist). I made a decision, many years ago, that I would be very happy having a different girl every
week – but that creates a real problem for those who are using traditional ways of finding a partner. The only way that is possible is by engaging working girls to provide for your needs – and they do it very well.

wonderland clinic

Happy mongering, customers.


Probably makes a lot of sense if you’re overweight, not easy on the eye and / or unpleasant to be around. I’m sorry, there’s way too many premises here I just flat out disagree with…

If someone wants to enjoy the girls of the bar industry or escorts of any paid commercial sex variety, then go for it! Treat the girl well, hopefully she will treat you well and everyone will be happy.

But to suggest however that mainstream girls require a long courtship, trips to gold shops, support of family etc. goes totally against all my experience, and that of all of my friends who date regular society Thai women.

My personal experience dating Thai women who had nothing to do with the industry is that 50%+ will sleep with you on the first date. You don’t have to wait! I have *never* been asked to go to a gold shop and don’t recall being asked for money outright – which is essentially what going to a gold shop is about. None of the many Thai girlfriends I have had have ever asked me to provide support for their family – but then perhaps that is because I choose to date woman of a similar age (MUST be 30+) who have a decent education and a decent job. Also, I am nowhere near 65 years old and am confident that I look younger than my actual age and before you say that’s unusual, in Bangkok today, no, it isn’t. More and more young guys are moving to Thailand, and these guys are conscious of their health, look after themselves…and mainstream Thai girls love them for that!

I don’t mean to be overly harsh in my comments but I feel that what you say is rather clichéd.

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