Stickman Readers' Submissions March 15th, 2012

Men And Women, Again

Cash flow :

Following the thoughtful submissions of the respected Korski and Caveman et al, and viewing an interesting Belgium produced documentary about prostitution, both individual and organized, I thought to make a sub.

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Background: according to the law of Briffault, money always flows downhill, and the diminishment of the money supply generally leads to the end to the relationship. I also saw on UK TV recently a program that quoted studies showing a man to women income differential of ca+ 2,000 US dollar / month was the optimal point (e.g. what the women were looking for).

The Belgian program was interesting as it covered all sorts of viewpoints in the "game" e.g.

– users (mainly men) of all kinds socio-economic levels.

– suppliers (usually women) of all kinds of earnings levels from 25 Euro / shot to 3,000 Euro / night.

– individual suppliers (no background organization).

– international suppliers (Russian website and hierarchy).

– pro prostitute organizations.

– anti prostitute organizations (ban the use of).

What was surprising was that:

– the men and women would be interviewed openly with real names and faces.

– that the action / organisation could be infiltrated in real time (as if you were there and a user and or provider multi country).

– that the exact earnings could be examined.

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A few anecdotes on the users (men)

why do use the girls?

– better relationship than with my ex wife (really using the word / meaning relationship).

– better sex.

– better active listening than my ex wife.

– non judgmental unlike my ex wife.

– less expensive than my ex wife over time.

– no other regular women will contact me (tried dating agency).

– a reason to be alive (for the unemployed).

– variety is the spice of life (it consultant with girlfriend).

– no time to waste (high earner).

Indeed one 80-year old man who had used the services of the same women over 35 years (whilst married of course – wife now dead) would now have coffee and cookies weekly with the provider (now retired). The visible bond was like that of old friends…

A few anecdotes on the women

– lower earnings group on the street:

– get robbed by my own countrymen (Moroccan) therefore scared but the job its self is ok.

– wouldn’t stop as the job was fun and rewarding relationship wise.

– wouldn’t stop because the earnings were far higher than that in Romania (single mother).

high earners ca 1000 euro / night age mid 20s to mid 30s

– fun.

– interesting company(powerful rich men).

– lots of fringe benefits e.g. free resto, travel, flights etc.

– easy money.

– high-flying lifestyle (earning ca 10k Euro / month minimum) mini jet setter.

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It is of interest that many of the high-end providers would never leave the industry unless forced by age / looks / etc to quit as the money was just too good.

So once again, anecdotally, the case for the Briffault law is proved again and again. I can well imagine that there are as in any study a distribution curve of exceptions in the diminishing part of the curve, but it would seem that in the bulk of the cases the law applies pretty accurately.

So my point of view would be that by definition that any relationship where there is a net outflow from the man to the woman on a consistent basis is nothing more than a collectively societal organised long term purchase of sex / affection as against other remuneration. e.g. house, food, car, housekeeping, clothing etc.

I would add that in fairness that in a truly balanced relationship where there is a neutral cash flow or a inverted cash flow that there is then the possibility of a true relationship un-based on financial needs or remuneration.

Thailand is good for you! IT'S PROVED!

Recently a very longstanding friend of mine returned to Europe after a 4 month stay in LOS.


Long term unemployed, early 50s, fit, suffers from low self esteem, low life force, divorced but with long-standing local home country girlfriend (voluminous but friendly).

after a debrief of his stay in LOS

the result

=> fitter and lost 10 kg.

=> feels better about himself.

=> better balanced.

=> better will to live.

=> back with the good ole local girlfriend, but with nice memories.

=> now self trained to have fun with the local lasses but without getting wrapped up in it (keeping a safe mental distance).

so as you can see there is good cause for a trip to Thailand if you can train yourself to handle it mentally…

The Phils:

There have been several subs on the Phils in the recent past. Most have laid out the country to be a dustbin and the people deceitful / rapine. There is 1 defender of the country who runs a tele outsourcing company in Makati

I have not been to the Phils (even if I hope to soon for business) but I have met a lot of Phil expats in Dubai, Hong Kong, trade fairs and other places as well as several people who run smaller businesses

From all that I met comes pretty much the same tale:

– the country, like Indo, is run largely by a clique of Chinese descendant Phillipino that would control about 80% of the wealth of the country.

– thus the great majority of the people are left out of the system.

– this is overlaid by a deep-rooted catholic system of values that forbids divorce, re marriage, children out of marriage, contraception, etc.

– this is of course exacerbated by the unbelievable birth rate that leads the country to have to import almost everything (including rice from Thailand).

– in fact just the yoke that the southern European countries took several centuries to throw off and become free of.

The people I have met are generally friendly and open, but not up to world standards of business ethics or education.

Of course those above trends of high birth rate and low income will make it a suitable destination for the privileged who can obtain plentiful low cost female company… Briffault in action again..

yours truly

the Frenchman

Stickman's thoughts:

Thailand's naughty nightlife can be "good" for you if you keep things in perspective. Many are able to do so, but probably just as many are not!

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