Stickman Readers' Submissions March 29th, 2012

Going Cold Turkey

Ok, I can't be the only guy out there that has sampled the Thailand sex scene and has then had to continue on with his "normal" life back home. I mean, how do you guys do it? So how and why did you stop going to Thailand? Did you run out
of money? Did you have one final bad experience that made you want to stop all the mongering over in South-East Asia? I mean…thousands of men have sampled the sex scene over there. So what is the determining factor to cause them to stop their
visits to "Naughty Boy Land"?

OK, we all know how addictive something we enjoy can be. We know how we can take that one thing and take it to an extreme. So, when do we decide we're overdoing it? When it has an enormous impact on our wallets? An enormous impact on
our psyche? An enormous impact on our personal relationships back home with our family and friends?

He Clinic Bangkok

I'm wondering… How do you guys do it? How do you finally decide to give up all that instant access to sex with all those cute young women? I feel like I've sampled the "heroin" grade and quantity of sex in Thailand and
back home, I'm just getting some basic fulfillment here (the methadone) to keep my urges in check for the time being. Of course, having all that sex in Thailand doesn't really "lead" to anything, and who says it has to? If
nothing else, it sure is a fun way to pass time and enjoy yourself. I'm the type of person that is constantly doing things for others out of kindness etc. Over in Thailand, with all the sexual encounters, I'm finally doing something
for myself. Kind of like here at home, taking time in my schedule to go get a "regular" massage. For once, I'm actually doing something for myself. Of course, a regular massage here doesn't include the "happy ending"
etc but in many ways, I experience an intimate experience with the girl giving me the regular massage. Just through the touch from a women and the conversation, I find I get a lot from the experience. Am I just a needy person? No, not any more
needy than other guys that love the experience of sharing a woman's company and conversation. I actually love the company of a woman, and just love women in general.

Hanging out with "the boys"? Well, that's just never been my thing. I remember when I was in sports. I found the whole experience of hanging out with men in the locker rooms etc. actually disgusting. I remember once years ago
seeing men at a gym locker room coming out of the showers. I thought to myself…men, to me, are physically disgusting creatures. I thought…wow, how do all these hot sexy women even want to touch a guy's nude body without getting sick?
I know it sounds weird, but give me a woman to hang out with any day compared with "being with the boys". I always thought when I was in sports that there was a very fine line between some of those jocks and guys being full blown gay.
OK. Maybe they're normal, and I'm weird. Who cares, I'll just stick to women.

Sorry, I'm getting way off track with my submission. Well, because of business, and other travels, I haven't been to Thailand for two years or so. It's been really good in many ways. It took about a good year to stop thinking
about it and dwelling in my mind about the sex over there. Then I would pull up videos taken outside Nana Plaza in front of the Nana Hotel. I'd see the street scenes and think to myself…if it wasn't for the access to the girls and
all the sex, why in the hell would I be hanging out with all these low end street people? Don't get me wrong, I love the Thai people on all levels, but gee, this is really the bottom level of society. I did find it fun just being there in
such a different environment from back home. I also liked the feeling of total freedom of traveling without anybody. If I needed companionship, it was never hard to find. No connections back home. No cell phone. A pocket full of cash. Access to
all the women. I always found myself wishing all my guy friends back home could, once in their lifetime, experience what I was seeing and doing.

CBD bangkok

I have a fantastic life back in the States and I'm very thankful for that. I think that if I quit seeing my steady girl here and no matter how bad things ever get here, Thailand would be the first place I would run and escape to. Would
I or could I stay there for a long time? Why would I want to? As long as I can visit every now and then. There are so many cool places in the world to visit. I can have a great time in any country, but my penis seems to have the best time seeing
the sights in Thailand. Ha!

So, my title to this submission was "Cold Turkey". So is a lack of funds the reason most guys stop going over there, or do they eventually get burnt out of the shallow lifestyle of hanging in the bar areas? I know on my last trip,
I found the gogos to be getting a little old. Even though I'm 59 now, I just can't imagine life without a woman's company of some type. I know that as long as I have a healthy supply of cash, and a plane ticket to the "Land
of Smiles", I will always be able to put a big smile across my face (even if it's only temporary). I do know that many men that are truly depressed with things back home use Thailand as a way to escape their troubles, but it's only
just a temporary fix from their reality back home. They probably use alcohol the same way, and I guess we all use alcohol to escape from our reality to some extent.

I think cold turkey, giving up on the sex scene totally (I guess like Stick) is probably the best way to go. Seams like that's the only way to get a regular real relationship going. If I was in Thailand, I think I would find myself falling
off the wagon. I mean. just knowing that Lolita's is always so accessible for a "pick me up" I know, I'm weak. What can I say?

I've spent the last few years going other countries and sampling the women in each country during my travels. I must say, there are some smoking hot women in other countries too.

wonderland clinic

Life is way to short. Most people say the last so many years really go fast. I'm trying to cram as many fun things into my years and check off things on my bucket list. So many countries…so many women…so little time.

Perhaps I titled this "Cold Turkey" because that may be the only way to break "my habit" I've got going. I'm almost down to item number four on my bucket list…Japanese twins. I'm pathetic… I need help…ha!


It is a very interesting question – just why do guys who were once participants stop.

I think a lot of guys get burned out on it and eventually see it for what it is. Some are able to keep it all in perspective and see it simply as a place where commercial sex is available.

But those who become addicted to it, really addicted, some never seem to give up on it…

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