Stickman Readers' Submissions March 24th, 2012

Can You Ever Stop?

In response to Does It Ever Stop?

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Men who spend a lot of time in the naughty nightlife industry of Thailand generally find it quite hard to stop and settle down to a monogamous relationship. In my personal experience, there are at least nine reasons for this.

1. Sleeping with working girls can become addictive to many men. It’s a fun, exciting rollercoaster ride with brightly colored lights that goes on and on. The longer they engage in it, the harder it will be to give it up.

2. Many men who engage regularly in the naughty nightlife industry have friends who do the same, making it even harder to reform and give it up.

3. Sleeping with girls for money is a really easy source for regular sex, especially if the man is not comfortable interacting with normal girls. While sleeping with a working girl might give the guy a temporary boost of self-esteem, under
the surface he has a very low self-esteem. Sex and money become inextricably linked in the mind of a man only sleeping with working girls where paying for sex becomes the norm. Even when in a temporary monogamous relationship, a man who spent
too much time in the naughty nightlife industry will always consider going back to the bars and keeps in touch with previous girls just in case the current relationship doesn’t work out. If the relationship is with a working girl, he will
always view her as a service provider rather than an equal partner. This is not really a great basis for a ‘normal’ relationship.

4. Sleeping with working girls offers a high amount of freedom and flexibility to the man, compared to being in a monogamous relationship. They can have a girl whenever they wish to and the rest of the time do whatever they please without,
whereas a monogamous relationship extends beyond bedroom activities, thus reducing the freedom of the man.

5. When not engaged in drinking or chasing girls, majority of men engaging in the naughty nightlife industry lead quite empty and shallow lives. With the nightlife activities generating relatively large amounts of excitement and fun it is
easy to lose touch with reality. Often waking up late in the afternoon, waiting for the next night out, there’s little incentive to engage in deeper thinking, philosophy, business plans or other intellectual activities, leading to a gradual
degradation of the personality to a point where they are often merely empty shells, shadows of what they used to be.

6. In these days of mobile telephony and email accounts, even men who have entered monogamous relationships after an extended period of time in the naughty nightlife will keep in touch with their favorite regular girls. When visiting another
town without his girlfriend, it’ll be very hard for the man to say no to one of their past favorite girls.

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7. Whilst engaging in the naughty nightlife for longer periods of time erodes away the persons’ intellect, personality and depth of character, it also gives them a boost of self-esteem – which is very addictive due to its short-term
nature. The hunt becomes a goal, an addiction – getting a better, younger, prettier, sexier girl than the last one. Once in this closed circle, it’ll be very hard to break this addiction – no different from addition to drugs,
alcohol and cigarettes.

8. Many men who spend too much time with the working girls can get addicted to sex and often to quite degrading sex to further try to boost their self-esteem, because they derive self-esteem from the hunt and feelings of superiority over
the girl they just landed. This can be problematic when they try to move to a ‘normal’ relationship later and have a ‘normal’ sex life.

9. Some men (I think a relatively small proportion) are highly sexed and crave sex, much in the same way that many of the working girls do. This means they desire sexual variety, in terms of different partners, different styles, different
positions and different fantasies. For this kind of more highly sexed man, giving up an endless supply of working girls for a ‘normal’ monogamous relationship will be difficult because normal relationship simply do not seem offer
the same level of excitement and sexual fulfillment that working girls do – from your current set of values. Adjusting your core values to derive fulfilling experiences from the kinds of interactions and depth of emotions which normal relationships
offer takes time.

Can you ever stop? By changing your environment, your friends, your mindset towards sex, love, emotions and your own sexuality, if you put your mind to it anything can be achieved and you can have normal relationships again. But it’s
a lot of hard work and requires conscious effort to realize that the rollercoaster ride with brightly colored lights is a shallow experience, there’s more to life and people than short skirts and tight jeans and that deeper emotions and
deeper interactions with people develop you more as a human being.


Touché! It might be almost a piss take on the original submission, but the points are just as relevant!

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