Stickman Readers' Submissions February 4th, 2012

Take Care Yourself, Tale Number 3

When I stay at the market together with my farang friends, and a problem with the ladies comes up, I say; think about and take care of yourself, first.

What I mean is that farang men have big problems in taking care of themselves, both in their home country, and even more in a foreign country. But especially, the problem is enormous for men staying in Thailand.

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Men forget that when he is in love and get good and plenty of sex, that the lady of his choice belongs to another species. The ordinary life and history shows this, in every way of life. The reason, I do not need to explain, everybody knows.
But it gets very clear for both sexes when a relationship is breaking up, especially, if children are involved. It gets very nasty. The rip off starts including, that sooner or later, both species, never understand why they married this lady /
man in the first place!

When I divorced the first time in my home country, I told the newspaper and the radio that divorcing is WAR. It was the first time the word "war" was used and written, about a situation like this. I even said that through centuries
women always knew and practiced this. But men are so busy about taking care of his pussy, children, economics and social status that he forgets about this. That is also why the rip-off can start and that the ladies have developed this to an art,
and legislated it, too. But the true story is that this is the simplest thing of life to understand, everybody knows, but nobody wants to accept, speaking about war, in a situation like this.

Everything you believed in dies with divorce. You never forget it. You cannot afford to forget it. It also makes you poor. Nobody wants it to happen again. But it always happens again. Man will not learn. A lawyer learns and never forgets.

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So, how can the ordinary man forget, especially in Thailand? Well, you know. Time goes on, and we forget. This lady was bad, the next, is going to be good, and Thai women are not like other women. That is how we speak. This is happening even
in spite of Stickman's website. Who can believe it? But it is also, because we forget that women are a another species.

Do not think about taking care of the lady's problem. That problem is going to be a big problem for you. So, I tell my friends, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Remember, you are at war, and you can never forget that, and stay happy and rich.
If you fight smart, you can survive and enjoy the pleasures a woman can continue to give you. Never forget, it is so much she gives you. But only when you pay back and give her a reason to do so. So the war is not against her. It is against yourself.
Do not forget. You cannot be a pussy. You are another species.

All the ladies say, they do not like Thai man. The war situation tells us then to be smart and hard, and think more about ourselves, like the Thai men are experts at. Only he understands Thai woman, so we must learn from him and not from
the lady working or not working. The problem is that so few of us have a Thai male friend to speak with. If we have a friend, we cannot speak Thai or he cannot speak English. It is perfect for the Thai woman. The only thing we hear is that Thai
men are no good. And we believe it, because sex makes us stupid. Sex puts us in a dream, impossible to wake up from when it's going on. Sex stops, and no more dream! Now, we are sorry and pity ourselves. STOP. We should do like the Thai man
and Stick says, move on, quickly. You are in Thailand and as long as you have money left, go on and forget!

The first time I came to Thailand was in 1999. I made four important notes in my diary.

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1) Listen to what people say and draw your own conclusions. To help you do that, you only check your account every month. If it is no more bad than usual, you know you are on the right trail.

To be fair, do not only listen to the Thai man. Listen to the ladies, too. They are very simple and by listening to them you get a lot of power. Never answer them the same day. If you answer them at all, sleep on it first. Learn their style
and the way they speak, and do the same. A good rule. They will understand you then, sooner or later, because the only thing they can understand, is the understanding of themselves and the Thai way.

2) Every Thai woman is different, like ladies in farang countries. Do not judge everybody to be alike, because of one bad experience. Only judge yourself and move on. Take care of yourself.

3) Forget about every business adventure. Only enjoy the adventures.

4) If you do a business adventure, use a lawyer.

You remember the lawyer, never forget that the woman are another species and that war can come. He is paid to think like that. By the way, if you legally marry, always make a prenuptial agreement. In Thailand, it is also legal, but the agreement
only counts for what you own before the day of marriage and the agreement must be made no later than the day you marry legally.

After that, dreams of land, house, home, car and business comes. Now, you know what to do. You tell your wife, you need to take care her, by using a lawyer. (Take care of yourself).

If you do not need to bring your love home to your country, Thailand can never be. Only marry in the village if you plan to stay with her forever in Thailand.

Sorry, I have to stop my tale. My wife – I am married with her for 10 years – a good wife, entered the room. She is busy taking care and expanding the garden with her own money (which of course originally comes from me, but was well-deserved),
comes and tries to involve me in the project. I do the Thai man stunt. Understanding if I start to speak about her project, I end up paying for it. I joke with her and say, you forget about your most important project, taking care of your husband.

She responds, "I do it to make you happy". Busted. From here and on I can only lose, so my way out of this problem is to say I help you. Not with the garden, but a run off, to clean the swimming pool. I am alone again. Saved.

Back again.

I follow my wife's advice. (Power in listening, and not speaking too much). "Do not speak too much, only do".

The same advice is wisely used in the bedroom too. Do not speak to much, ONLY DO and stay happy together (turtles). She will never stop you, if you keep your mouth shut. If you tell her afterward that you love her, she think you are stupid.
She knows that you love her, so why say it?

I only add, before sending to Stickman. When you want to do something, never try to be nice and explain to your wife why you want to do this. Only walk away and do it. If she wants to know about this, she will ask you later. Most probably,
if she is not a bargirl by origin, she will never ask. She understands your behavior, because she practices life, the same style, Thai style, in the village.

Remember, she is the prototype of another SPECIES. YOU, remember that, are an ALIEN in Thailand. Do not try to understand your lady 100%. Try to understand yourself before you even try to understand her.

Regards, from Korat Viking, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

Stickman's thoughts:

There we are, gents – all the secrets you need…!

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