Stickman Readers' Submissions February 21st, 2012

Like Crushed Beer Cans

Some say the girls on the game are like crushed beer cans. You can't straighten them out again and use ether successfully.

In my9 years here, I have been with 4 to the point of them sleeping over 4-5 nights a week. I think I am qualified to make some noise about how they are and how they get, as Stick says, worse with time.

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The first was in Patong and she was a the hottest dancer I had (or have) seen. I was pretty new and living on the prior year's salary as part of my first year severance. It converted into 700,000 baht per month and I had some parties
Hugh Hefner would salute. After a couple times with this hot girl, I told her I wanted her to be my girlfriend (I was new).

She looked at me and said "A man like you, no good, like a snake. A snake man" and did some gesture with her hand in front of her forehead to look like a cobra snaking through the grass. But, she decided, I was ok anyway after the cash grew
and off we went. Since the Japanese tourists were lavishing her, my thought was to let her work and I could play while she was working. But that deteriorated after about a year as her screaming jealous telephone calls everywhere I went away from
her forced me to move to Pattaya where a man can find some anonymity.

She figured out where I went and stalked me on Walking Street, following me home to the Jomtien condo I had at the time. And so she stayed around a while until her 10-year old's behavior forced me to do what I have only done once here.
Paid her 100k to depart.

She was actually a beautiful Petchabun girl who had never been to school a day in her life and had been shipped to Bangkok brothels visited by big men for big money at 16.

Since then I have learned that their fate is their fate and we cannot save them no matter how retrievable they appear.

Next round I decided I would take Thai classes and look for a "good girl". Well, I went from the frying pan right into the fire. This school teacher was the most professional hooker I have known. The style where they appear nothing
like bargirls but are very attractive. This girl had a high-ranking European politician as her sponsor and would fly up business class twice a year to be his thing on the side. Her allowance was obscene and the guy had gotten her a "master's
degree" from some university in Bangkok that starts with an R and when I looked through her workbooks they seemed like something I had in the first few years of elementary school!

But she was some kind of magic in the sack. Easily qualifying for the top ten in my life and that is a formidable number as sex has always been a high priority of mine and, I suppose, any guy reading this.

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During that period I replaced my knee and she got quite abusive and tried to extort some big dough from me. Laying in bed with a knee twice its normal size and dealing with a screaming Thai waving big kitchen knife was not how I had envisioned
my golden years!

Got rid of her by snatching her Euro benefactor's phone number and calling him. He was hurt learning the truth, but most gracious in helping get rid of this nasty beast of a human being. If she was human I am still not sure. Chiang Rai
is pretty famous for Chinese-Thai looking beauties, some recruited early by Japanese knocking on family's doors.

Then came a 19-year old dancer at Club Boesche, with no English. I took her short-time but she wouldn't leave. Wanted no more money that night. Never had a short time girl try that maneuver. 3 years later and with her speaking English
very competently plus knowing the farang work ethic, she developed a thing on the side into a pregnancy and now has a rich English barrister to support her and her baby. I am happy for her as she kept expecting me to fulfill that role. Odd that
they have no concern about whether you want to have a baby. I think it was Dana who told me in my early years that they only want sperm and money from us. I can't really argue much with that.

The last few years a new one has been around but she keeps working in the bar as she is such a big earner and, just as before, I need my time. She still hasn't learned English and my Thai has improved plus guys don't try to take
her on vacations cos she can't talk to them and has a third grade education. She was a much warmer, kinder girl when she came around new.

The damage the business does just amazes me and I have seen it over and over again. It just stays the same and I enjoy variety all over this town. They go from passionate sweethearts who pull you into them and remind you of love in your youth to posers
who have great technical skills but cold hearts. They prefer watching cartoons while in the act!

Last summer I sold my large double roomed condo and went to two singles, one I live in and one I rent out. Living alone with the occasional guest is my idea of being a successful retired Westerner.

We just have to grow up from Western morality and being on the defensive from feminism that gives these ladies an advantage they don't deserve. I try and learn from the Thai men the girls all claim to hate and stand up to these thugs.
Yes, gogo girls from the great North East are mostly thugs.

Treat them with respect but not by their rules and your life works better.

"Hey Honey. If I call you, then I will pay for it. If you call me, I don't" is one of the best strategies I have found.

Since you are paying, it is on your schedule, not theirs. 30 minutes late and the contract is neutered.

It's good living like this. Beats trying to play golf back home and being sexually neutered.

My caution to guys is to not start thinking the cheerleaders you couldn't get back home are somehow miraculously delivered to you now.

It's just business.

Can't straighten out a crushed beer can.

Stickman's thoughts:

I believe the way to treat these girls is as you would any service provider. Be polite and treat them with respect. However, if the service is poor, or they are rude or don't offer the service they purport to offer, then simply move on and find a new service provider.

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