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Inside Look At The Life Of A Massage Girl

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days with a girl who works in a popular massage shop. I learned quite a lot about her life, which I thought might be of interest to some readers. She’s definitely one of the most interesting people
I’ve met recently, in a sordid way.

I met her in a disco. I was standing there drinking my beer when one of the waiters came over and said his friend liked me. He pointed to an attractive girl nearby, so I went over to say “Hi”. Not long afterwards, she came back
to my hotel with me.

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She left in the morning without asking for any money and gave me her phone number. When I didn’t call her, she came back to my hotel and called my room. I asked her if she’d like to go for a drink, but she said she’d
rather just come up and spend time with me in my room.

She told me she worked in a popular massage shop and was considered a “superstar”. She cried in my arms and told me she was lonely. She said Bangkok was full of bad people and she hoped I’d be her friend.

While I have some taste for bar-girls, I must admit the thought of spending too much time being intimate with a girl who serviced multiple men a day was a turn-off. She had a week off work to recover from a minor cosmetic surgery procedure,
and called me constantly. So I ended up spending much more time with her than I’d initially intended. She made it clear that she didn’t want any money from me, and viewed me as a “friend”, not a “customer”.
The few times I offered to pay for meals or drinks, she refused to accept.

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She’s from Isaan and has a son up there being taken care of by her mother. She said that even for Isaan, her family was very poor, and had the least money of any family she knew. She viewed it as a duty to look after her family financially
and even told me she’d be willing to die if it meant someone giving big money to her family.

She got recruited by the massage shop with a 20,000 baht upfront payment. At the time, it was the most money she’d ever seen. She said her first week at work was horrible and she thought she’d die. Before that, the only man
she’d ever had sex with was her husband. I looked up the shop on the internet, and it has a reputation for having girls who’ll do things others won’t. The second sex-partner of her life was also her first customer. She said
she soon got used to the work. Now she sometimes trains new girls.

She’s certainly the most sex-obsessed person I’ve ever spent time with, and I’m no beginner. Her mind is constantly focused on sex. She said she now often enjoys her encounters with customers, and her passion isn’t
always fake. She particularly likes when another girl is involved. One time she went to a hotel room to find two men waiting for her. They offered to pay her double to “deal” with both of them at once. The whole thing really turned
her on.

She has also had some bad experiences, and has some customers she’d prefer not to go with. There was at least one incident which took place in the shop where a customer was so rough that she ended up in hospital. She’s also
had customers steal her money and her phone, so it seems the girls aren’t the only dishonest ones.

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I went to her condo a few times and she showed me sex toys she regularly masturbates with. She also has a collection of porn videos she enjoys watching. She showed me various videos and pictures of herself involved in sex-acts.

Stick often talks about guys who insist on doing it without protection, and how wrong this is. In my experience, girls are often the initiators of unprotected sex. This girl was just one of many, good and bad, who’ve tried to pressure
me into doing without. I had to physically fight her off a couple of times, and go to get a condom. I also saw videos of her having unprotected sex with other guys.

However, as part of her work, she has to have regular check-ups or get fined. She also pays for extra medical services such as the HPV vaccine. She had her tests while I was there and the results were all negative. It seems odd that she’d
take such interest in her sexual health while at the clinic, then take such risks when out in the wild. I guess you can’t expect logic from these girls though.

Her shop fines her for all sorts of infringements. She has to pay 400 baht for every hour she’s not at work. If she wants a weekend day off, she has to pay 5,000 baht. For every kilogram in weight she gains, she has to pay 1,000 baht.

She’s really interested in offering her customers superior service, and talked about it often. “Bangkok has many beautiful ladies, I try to think, how can I make this man come back to me?” She’s always looking
for new tricks, learning from porn videos, customers and other girls. She’s pretty crazy in the bedroom and did a lot of stuff I’ve never experienced anywhere else. She’s scathing of the poor service other girls offer, and
says she wouldn’t tip them if she was their customer. She often experiences this first hand, when working with other girls on call-outs. To her, the customer is equivalent to an “angel”.

Because of her dedication to superior service, she has lots of customers. Her phone rings constantly. She has plenty of positive reviews on the internet and men often ring the shop requesting a booking with her.

She also encounters many new opportunities while out and about. She’s physically a level above most bar-girls, although I do know hotter girls. She’s better dressed and groomed than most, and in her early twenties. She gets
approached by men all the time: on the sky train, in the 7 Eleven, on the street, everywhere. I couldn’t leave her alone for two minutes without some guy coming over and asking for her number. While most girls have to hustle for customers,
most of hers just seem to fall into her lap.

Having so many new and repeat customers means she makes lots of money. She told me she makes at least 200,000 baht a month. While her standard fee through the massage shop is 1,500 baht, she almost always gets paid more than that. Often much
more, with 10,000 baht tips for two hours work not uncommon. She also has at least two foreign sponsors I know of who regularly send her money. She has wads of thousand baht notes in her purse and lying around in her condo. When I told my Masters-educated,
professional friend in Sydney how much she makes, he commented, “She’s better paid than me!”

She said she hates money because of the negative effect it has on her relationships. “Money, money, money, that’s all anyone wants from me”. Her family and friends always seem to have their hands out.

She has a few guys actively pursuing her for marriage, but claims “money can’t buy my heart”. She showed me messages from one guy who has only ever spent an hour with her and proposed marriage with a 10 million baht sin sot.
“Maybe I can learn to love him if he helps my family,” she said.

She doesn’t gamble or take drugs, as far as I can see. She does have a shopping addiction, however. I went on two shopping trips with her in the space of a few days where she dropped more than 50,000 baht on impulse purchases. She
also spends big on tips and entertainment. She tipped a gogo dancer 500 baht for giving me a lap dance and handed out over 1,000 baht in tips to waiters at a disco while I was there.

When I was in her condo, a couple of her clients called her on Skype. She positioned the webcam so they couldn’t see that I was lying on the bed watching the whole thing. It was pretty funny watching them announce their love for her.
She convinced both of them to strip off, and I had to struggle to stop myself from laughing. Seeing professional-looking, middle-aged European guys get naked in an internet chat was something I hadn’t witnessed before. She recorded the
conversations and played me back videos of them and other guys doing similar things. I thought I’d done humiliating things for girls I liked before, but some of the behaviour she showed me from her customers were off the charts. So be warned
guys – that private video chat you think you’re having probably isn’t so private.

She told me if I came back to Bangkok, I could come and stay with her, and even live with her for free. She was prepared to support me to be her live-in boyfriend. I guess she would become my customer in some ways! I’d have to understand
that sometimes she’d be out working all night, however.

I used to wonder how guys put up with having prostitute girlfriends, but now I have another perspective. While I’d never seriously consider it, I can see how being sexually and financially spoiled by a young, attractive girl could
allow you to rationalise away the bad parts. If I was struggling with money, I may be tempted to take her up on her offer.

Anyway, it was an interesting few days I spent with her. While the life of bar-girls is well-documented, I think massage girls are a bit less well known.


Stickman's thoughts:

Very fascinating indeed!

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