Stickman Readers' Submissions February 1st, 2012

Hotel Ibis Sathorn Road

As promised earlier, this submission is the continuation of the Adventures in Ubon Ratchatani story. In this extract, the 'hotel
Ibis Sathorn incident' as I have labeled it will be delineated. The 'incident' may best be described as convenient. I will now lay it out in context.

After Eddy and I get back from Ubon to my place at 9:00am, I text this other girl who I also met from that I am back in BKK. I forgot her name now but I remember she was a nurse and lived next to the Saphan Puut bridge close
to the flower market. We organize a meeting at 4pm in front of KFC in MBK. I arrive at KFC and a few minutes later my date comes. At this point however, I am really exhausted because of the previous week's events and feel my batteries need
recharging which puts me in a very laid back and relaxed but unfocused mood. The moment she comes next to me, we greet each other and she immediately holds my hand and starts taking me to the upper level of MBK to the movies. This girl had a nice
body, very gentle and feminine nature. It was obvious she had her shield up due to previous dates she had. These all consisted of guys immediately requesting sex and wanting to go to a hotel based on what she told me. Truth be told, I sort of
believed her as I have personally witnessed many uncouth farang's saying and doing similar things plenty of times. (This one time in a massage parlor, with only a curtain separating my bed with the next, this guy says to the girl "I
want sex" and kept harassing the girl but she didn't give in. The way he was talking was very shallow). I kept telling her I just wanted to be friends and didn't want sex. I reassured her of this constantly throughout the date.
The truth on the other hand was that I really was exhausted and wasn't prepared to climb Mt. Everest as I did with Ning in Ubon to bed this girl. Although she had a nice body and very white skin, her face and especially her teeth were a bit
of a let down. "But hey" I said to myself, "opportunity seldom knocks twice and if the opportunity was there to bed this girl, then hell yeah I would bang this chick but there is no way I am putting a lot of effort in."

He Clinic Bangkok

We arrive at the ticket box to watch a movie which she picks. It is a Thai movie with English subtitles. "Excellent" I say to myself. "Just go in, put your feet up and chill out". The movie was almost 3 hours long and
I almost fell asleep. Throughout the whole movie, my date is holding my hand. Once we get out she takes me to the Saphan Puut bridge and we walk around the flower market a little. Then we go to Patpong night market as she tells me she has never
been there. Who knows if it is true. I didn't care. We get there, walk around and soak in the atmosphere and I feel like having Burger King. While I am eating (she doesn't eat 'unhealthy') she asks me a totally unexpected question.
"If it is not inconvenient, may I come to your place?" Now she already knows Eddy is staying at my place which is why I am totally surprised. "I only have one bedroom in my condo. Eddy will be sleeping in the lounge room and you
will need to sleep with me. Are you ok with this" is my reply. She said "Yes it's ok". In a state of disbelief "how on earth did we even get to this?" I mutter to myself. I normally don't like taking girls to
my condo for a number of personal reasons. Due to these reasons I weighed the options and came to the conclusion that it's better to let this girl go and can't be bothered with anything as I am truly exhausted. "Look" I say,
"it probably will be inconvenient for you to come to my place as my friend is staying there as well. We can meet some other time". With a sort of deflated look "ok no problems" she says. She hops in a cab and heads off home
and I do the same. Once I got in the door, "you made the right decision old boy" I say to myself and prepare myself for sleep.

Reflecting on these events, I believe she wanted to come back to my place because I wasn't needy all night. I wasn't threatening or demanding. I never gave the impression that I wanted sex and behaved unhurried and at ease. When
I added all of this I came to the conclusion that she quickly felt comfortable with my presence and due to this her shield came down. However, by stating this, I don't want to leave the impression that I am some huge know it all, cool pick
up artist who has a grip on things. Far from it. I was behaving as mentioned because I was very exhausted which made it seem like that. The reality is, I am normally quite nervous and excited when meeting new girls.

The next day is important as Eddy and I need to go to the Australian Embassy on Sathorn Road to have his lovely new daughter confirmed as an Australian citizen by decent. We arrive there around 1 pm but find out once we are in the lobby that
only via an appointment can a staff member be seen. So we make an appointment for the next day at 10.30am and head back home. We go to Nana Soi 5 to our most revered kebab joint, the Bangladeshi guy with 2 spits of meat turning. For anyone who
hasn't eaten from him and doesn't mind a kebab, give it a try. You will not be disappointed. I would recommend the spicy chicken kebab. Just delicious and filling. Later on we head to the Dollhouse and have a few drinks and at around
11 pm we start heading back towards my place. I don't want to go home just yet so I tell Eddy I am going to the internet cafe next to my place to play some backgammon and listen to Thai music which I love. He says he wants to come as well.

CBD bangkok

Once settled in at the internet cafe, I am replying to messages and sending a whole bunch of them on One girl I sent a message to was online and replied back quickly. I replied back and we start messaging each other. I can't
exactly remember the entire conversation but it was somewhere along the lines as follows"

Me: Hi am A-rik. I am from Australia. I live in Phra Kanong Sukhumvit 101/1. I want to be friends with you.

Jane (Thai girl): Hi A-Rik I am Jane what are you doing? What are you doing in Bangkok?

Me: Nothing much right now. Listening to some Thai songs. I am an English teacher at Thammasat (which I am not). How about you?

wonderland clinic

Jane: I work in a post office. How long have you been in Thailand?

Me: I have been here around 6 months. Looking to make new friends. Are you busy tomorrow? We could meet up

Jane: Yes I am free tomorrow. Sure we can meet.

Me: Excellent. Here's my number 08…………what's your number?

Jane: 08…………what are you doing right now? are you busy?

Me: no not busy. Just relaxing here at the internet cafe playing some games.

Jane: why don't we meet tonight?

Me: ok. what is your address or where do you want to meet?

Jane: hotel Ibis Sathorn Rd. Room number 1170 (if I remember correctly).

At this point, my heart is pumping hard again from the possible adventure awaiting me at her hotel room but I am very suspicious and believe she could be playing a game. I need confirmation she is there in the room. Then:

Me: what is the number for reception? I want to call and get the address.

Jane: (gives number). Ask to be put through to room 1170

Me: ok

I call and its reception and request to be put through to room 1170. Girl answers and I say "Hi it's me A-Rik". "Hey how are you? are you coming" she replies. "Yes" I say. "My room is on level 4"
she says. "ok I'll be there in 15 minutes". "ok see you soon" she says.

It is almost 12.30am and I tell Eddy that I am going to Ibis to see this girl. I catch a taxi and arrive at the hotel. I go up to level 4 and knock on the door. Jane opens and welcomes me in the room. After I walk in the room I head next
to the window and look at the view then sit on the chair close by. She sits on the table right in front of the window. She is quite attractive with a dark tan and is very slightly 'bigger' than your average 45 kg Thai girl. Just the
way I like it.

The first thing I notice is the mood and tension. Here I was thinking as I was in the lift going up that this was going to be a simple lay where I walk in and throw myself on her and we are on. However, the reality is very different. I know
I have to work a little and 'game' her to get her in bed. Let me elaborate. I somehow have to move step by step from a distance between us to physically being intimate but it must be done in such away where the transition is smooth and
feels 'natural'. I must not make a move which seems awkward and unnatural as if it's rushed. Again the key word is comfort. I know that comfort is the key here. She needs to be comfortable with my presence. I mean just think about
it for a moment. A girl invites a total stranger to her room and what on earth is she going to be feeling? Anxiety? Tension? Excitement? But it is also very obvious this girl had a purpose for inviting a total stranger farang. As Stick mentioned
before, she has the 'itch'. Still though, there simply needs to be some comfort built or I know I am not getting any if I make a stupid wrong move.

What I notice quickly as well is that this girl speaks very good English. I mean very very good English. She tells me she has lived in Austria for a few years where her aunt lives and also speaks fluent German. She is 22. She offers me a
beer, Leo in a can. Normally I hate beer. I am a spirits man but accept as she is drinking as well and also believe it will calm me as I am very excited but am doing a good job of cloaking it. Now I am sitting on the chair and she is sitting a
little higher on the table as I mentioned before which is not good, I feel. (This also shows how my mind is running wild while sitting next to her and analyzing everything).

As we are conversing, I recognize that this girl is very softly spoken and does not instigate talk. So I am instigating conversation. Very simple convo with questions like which music do you like, do you have siblings, what are you doing
here at the hotel by yourself? (She is staying there because of the floods she tells me which was plausible but I had my suspicions.) What was the last movie you saw? How do you say this and that in Thai? I can tell the conversation is going nowhere.
Her quietly spoken tone, short responses and short silences alert my instincts this is getting nowhere. I feel like just getting up and kissing her and taking things from there but my overpowering instinct tells me forget about that because it
would be so out of place and awkward based on the short convo we have had thus far in addition to the general mood prevalent. I quickly improvise and tell her I need to shower and she says "no problem" expectantly. In the toilet I look
in the mirror and say to myself "what the hell is wrong with you? You have done this so many times before. You can do it. Just relax and take it easy." While showering, I am thinking of a plan to initiate to get myself transitioned into
physical intimacy. This is the plan I come up with. Once I get out of the shower wrapped in my towel around the waist, I will sit right next to her and not on the chair. Then I will ask if she believes in palm reading and read her palm (making
up funny bullshit). The point however is touching her. That physical touch is key for transitioning for further activity. From there, once I am holding her hand I will get up and stand in front of her and read her other hand.

I carry out the plan exactly to the dot and am now at the point where I am standing in front of her holding her other hand. I keep holding it and look into her eyes and she is looking into mine. I feel as this is the perfect opportunity to
strike and strike I do. I move in and kiss her. She is an amazing kisser! As she is sitting while I am standing and we are kissing, I am rubbing my hands up her thighs. Ohh man. Smooth as a baby's bum.

Now without describing what happened in between the sheets, the following info I'll share. In all my life, the number of girls I have been with is completely unknown. I honestly have no idea how many girls I have slept with in my lifetime
up to now but I can say this definitively. This Jane had the best breasts I have ever had in my life. They were so amazing and perfect which can only be described with superlatives. The nipples and shape, PERFECT! overall breast size, PERFECT!
huge and round PERFECTLY in proportion to her pear shaped hips. I love the pear shape where the waist is narrow and comes out as a pear shape from the top of the hips and buttocks. Her skin as mentioned before was so smooth you could skate on
it. As for love making abilities. Well I was thinking this girl was a closet porn star. She had everything down to pat. I truly believe this girl came from her house, booked a room by herself and was on the hunt for a farang to have her brains
f'd out and I happened to be that farang. I have no doubts she has done this before.

After the first round, she asked if I would stay till the morning and I said that was my goal. After the second round we got hungry and ordered room service which was some of the best food I had eaten in a long time. We slept and we had another
morning session and I had to get ready to go to the Australian embassy to meet Eddy at 10.30am. We leave the room at 10:15am. I hop on a scooter and tell the guy to take me to the embassy. 2 minutes later I am at the embassy and Eddy comes.

Now what are the odds of all of this happening. Let us look at it. I start conversing with girl on the net, get invited to her hotel room after 20 mins, bang her 3 rounds (without paying a cent for her or the room or the meal), have a nice
meal in between, then in the morning meet Eddy at the Embassy which is only 3 minutes away. At the embassy I am constantly thinking about how on earth could an event like this which could only be described as pure convenience happen. I felt like
I was on cloud 9 and simply awed at how perfect everything turned out. Very very easy compared with Ning in Ubon and much more physical satisfaction as well. And much better economically. This just proves there are girls out there with the 'itch'
using Stick's term. However, I believe experiences like this are rare. Very rare but it does happen. I suppose it depends on how you look at it. If you believe in fate then you'd say it was meant to happen. If you don't then it's
all luck and coincidence or chance. Either way, the end result was the same.

Stickman's thoughts:

That's the stuff that dreams are made of and yeah, this sort of thing happens in Bangkok often!

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