Stickman Readers' Submissions February 18th, 2012

Have Bargirls Ever Taken You To Their Own Home?

My cognizance and acquaintance with bar girls and the bar girl scene developed on my second visit to Thailand back in November 2010 where I stayed for 3 months. As I was unaccustomed and unfamiliar with the mode of operation, procedure and functioning
of the gogo scene, I vividly remember researching on the internet prior to visiting these places to gain insight and prepare for what I could expect.

By the end of my research, I learnt what bar fines, short time, long time and lady drinks were. Armed with this basic knowledge, I made my way to Soi Cowboy and went into the Dollhouse. As I sat and ordered my drink, I was enjoying watching
the girls dance while gradually zooming on to a particular girl who was clearly the sexiest girl in the club. I remember signalling her to sit next to me and she gave me the nod of approval. After her obligated dance period was over, she came
next to me and after the initial greetings I asked her if she would like a drink to which she replied yes. After a short conversation, I initiated negotiations for short time and upon reaching an agreement, settled the bar fine and started heading
to my condo. Everything I researched and anticipated prior eventuated almost to the dot and nothing unexpected happened on this first visit.

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After my short time with this girl in my condo, we exchanged numbers and decided to meet the next day in front of McDonald’s on Silom Road, not far from Sala Daeng BTS station. She brought her lesbian cousin along as well and we all
had lunch. Beginning with the short time at my condo coupled with the lunch, I arrived at the conclusion this girl was a very scheming and motivated gold digger. Though she was easily model material possessing a fabulously toned body and buttocks
along with the thickest jet black hair which fell luxuriantly down all the way to her lower back, her constant nagging about money for university and textbooks (wanting 5,000 baht) turned me off. All that amazing beauty she possessed quickly diminished
because of her incessant financial requests. I was warned about these types of scenarios and typical requests from my research and knew she was a clone of the type of girl described in the warnings. I didn’t give her the 5,000 baht nor
cave in to any of her financial requests.

With diminished interest in her, I went again to the Dollhouse that night and her unparalleled beauty paired with her ultra-sexy dancing revived my interest to be with her again. However, my cautious and sagacious instinct was on guard and
if I felt the slightest whiff of off-putting behaviour from her, I would unhesitatingly let go of her. As she was dancing, my eye caught hold of another dancer who also took my fancy. Though she didn’t possess the sex appeal or the dance
moves of the ‘gold digger’, she had this unexplainable allure which drew me to her and my eyes were beginning to slide more and more towards her. She noticed this and started directing her attention to me trying to coax and lure
me. I made hand gestures communicating to the effect of “I am here for the ‘gold digger’ but am sad cannot be with you but really want to”. After her dance finished, she came next to me and asked if the ‘gold
digger’ was my girlfriend and I said no and she then asked what I was afraid of to which I replied I just don’t want a complicated situation to arise. She left and the ‘gold digger’ came next to me. Without wasting
much time, I bar fined her and went back to my condo again for a short time. As she was getting ready to leave my place after the ‘ordeal’ of being subjected to further financial requests outside our agreement, I had no qualms of
not seeing this girl ever again and erased her from my desires.

A few days later my friend Eddy arrived from Sydney and I took him to the Dollhouse. Once the ‘gold digger’ caught sight of us from the dance floor, she gestured “would you like me to come sit next to you?” and
I gestured back “no”. She nodded her head aware I was not interested in her and that I would never be interested again. I then focused my attention on the other dancer who appealed to me the last time I was here as mentioned in the
previous paragraph. We’ll call her ‘the girl from Surin’. The moment we made eye contact I motioned her to sit next to me which she did once her obligated dance routine finished. For the next two hours, ‘the girl from
Surin’, Eddy, another dancer attending to Eddy and I got completely smashed on Tequilas. We decided to leave all together and I told Ms Surin that we cannot go to my place because Eddy will be staying there with his girl for the night.
She then replied that it’s no problem and that we could go to her place. Even though I was very drunk, I clearly remember being somewhat perplexed and dumbfounded with her reply. “This sort of scenario was never mentioned in any
of the research” I said to myself in a confused and confounded manner. “Why would she offer to take me to her own place?” “Is it normal for bar girls to take clients to their own place?” “What if she is
luring me into a trap to have me mugged by a bunch of guys waiting?” “Why wouldn’t she prefer going to the Asoke Hotel just around the corner?” These were some of the questions prying my brain at that moment.

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Going against my instincts, I agreed to go back to her place and bid Eddy and his girl farewell. We got to her place which was a tiny unit with no bedrooms containing a TV, bed, fridge, wardrobe, make-up table and toilet which also had a
shower. There we are, the two of us, in Ms Surin’s unit completely naked showering together and helping each other clean our backs barely able to stand as we are blind drunk. The rapport between us is electric. We do the deed and immediately
crash out not long after. After a few hours of deep sleep I awake feeling surreal. It took a few seconds to come to my senses as I was questioning where I was due to the strange and unfamiliar place I woke up in. I get up, wash my face, brush
my teeth, start arousing Ms Surin again and have a wild morning session then get dressed, leave 2,000 baht and make my way out completely hung over.

A few nights later, Eddy and I head to Patpong and visit King's Corner. There are a very small number of patrons with at least 20 girls working so attention to us was at its maximum. However, Eddy and I weren’t in the mood to
take girls out. We just wanted to sit in the outside lounge and enjoy our drinks while watching a few people play pool behind us. A girl pleaded with Eddy to buy her a drink and the three of us are simply drinking and chatting. I then asked her
who the best pool player was as I wanted to play her and was willing to give 100 baht for each game she beat me. She quickly found the best player and we head to the pool table with a large crowd gathered around to see if she could beat me. I
told her we will play 5 games and for each game she beats me I will give her 100 baht and so I lay 5 × 100 baht notes on the table. She was a very good player but didn’t end up winning a single game. However, I had already made my
mind up that I would give her a nice tip for firstly trying very hard and secondly, I honestly felt sad for her as she seemed so tired and malnourished. Eddy noticed her weary state as well and made mention of it to me. I told Eddy I would bar
fine her, then we’ll take her to a nice restaurant and give her a nice feed and then we’ll go home and she could do what she wants after that.

After we bar fine her, I tell her I am going to take her to a restaurant but she refuses. No matter what I say or do, she doesn’t want to eat. So the 3 of us sat at another bar which is very close to King's Corner that has a live
band. As we are sipping our drinks, I tell her that my sole reason for bar fining her was to give her a nice meal and nothing more and that Eddy and I are heading home after we finish our drinks and she could do what she likes after that. She
replied “Would you like to go to my place”? Instantly I am flabbergasted and confused as to why another bar girl is asking me to back to her place. The same questions that pried my mind when Ms Surin asked the same question resurfaced

I spent a lot of time with this girl who was half Cambodian during my holiday. She was so petite and miniature in size that even with very high heels, the tip of her head barely reached my neck. This girl’s unit was so small with only
a bed and TV with no windows. The shower and bathroom was one level up which the whole block shared but contained very little people. To compound my confusion even further, when I offered her money she refused. I kept on insisting but she flatly
refused. I am thinking what the hell is going on? Throughout all the time I spent with her during my holidays, all we did was have sex, eat, watch TV and play pool. Besides the food and nightly bar fine, no other expenses were accrued. I remember
offering to take her shopping and giving her money for her services many times but she wouldn’t have a bar of it. Eventually I offered to pay her rent which she was behind on. The amount she was behind was a meagre 1,200 baht which I happily
paid but other than that, she would not accept anything more. The times I spent with this girl and what eventually happened is worthy of a submission by itself but that is not the point of this submission so we’ll leave it there for now.
(It wasn’t a good ending)

Let’s remember that these two experiences happened while I was a beginner in the bar girl scene. Bear in mind that with both Ms Surin and the half Cambodian, nothing extra was requested. On the contrary, I had a long time session with
Ms Surin and could have left her place without paying a cent for her services and the half Cambodian didn’t even want money for her services besides me paying her overdue rent which was only 1,200 baht. As I am typing this from Sydney,
I still today wonder why they took me home and whether bar girls take customers to their own place today? Have you ever had bar girls take you directly to their own place? If so, why do you believe they did so? Does age have anything to do with
it? Does looks have anything to do with it? I always err on the cynical side with bar girls and believe everything eventually comes down to money for them but these two experiences flew right in the face of my cynicism.

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Stickman's thoughts:

There must be something in the Bangkok water at the moment – you're not the first guy this week to explain how he spent time at a bar lady's place!

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