Stickman Readers' Submissions January 26th, 2012

Tales From The Village : The Sister, The Ladyboy And The Outing

The Tales from the village series continues with the latest goings on.

I sent my sister-in-law 75,000 baht for her to buy and then plant pineapples on 6 rai for us and 3 rai for father-in-law and 3 rai for sister-in-law. Yes that's me, Mr. Reasonable (or is it Mr. Stupid), helping the wife's family. My sister-in-law and her partner also look after our shop and live in our farang house. Then sister-in-law wanted another 75,000 baht to buy her brother's half rai of land which he was going to sell and my wife and I were going to buy. The brother in law changes his mind (assuming that the story was true and my sister-in-law hadn't made it up all along) and doesn't want to sell. My wife asks sister-in-law to pay the money into my wife's account. My sister-in-law doesn't do as she is told. I am furious.

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Next we hear that sister-in-law has made friends with a ladyboy and sister-in-law is trying to sell land in a neighbouring province to 'investors'. I believe that my sister-in-law then spent most of the money wining and dining so-called potential investors who were interested in buying land and my sister-in-law would get a commission on the sale of the land. (More likely freeloading on as many meals and drinks as they possibly could). My sister-in-law won't answer her phone to the wife so we are getting all this 3rd hand through sister-in-law's partner. Next the sister-in-law and the ladyboy hop on to the bus after borrowing 2,000 baht from the mother-in-law and taking 1,000 baht from the shop to go down to Pattaya presumably to make their fortune and try and repay me. So if you meet my ugly, dishonest, thieving bitch of a sister-in-law and her ladyboy friend I urge all Stickmanites to give very generously and I MIGHT get my money back. The wife's family are all furious with her as my father-in-law is not getting his 3 rai of pineapple plants. She will get a very hard time if she dares to return to the village from her family. I might add I have never trusted my sister-in-law but my wife could not see anything wrong with her. So I am now milking this for all it's worth and I am hoping to get rid of the sister-in-law for ever with this episode. I am telling my wife that sister-in-law is never going to live with us again as she has in effect stolen 150,000 baht i.e. £3,000.

This story gets even more complicated because the sister-in-law's partner who is looking after the shop pledged 60,000 baht of land on which her father's house stands as security for a crop of corn they were growing (rent free to my disgust) on our land. Then they didn't make any money on the corn despite my father-in-law making 20,000 baht on the corn he was growing. Now sister-in-law's partner is begging me to give her the 60,000 baht to save her Dad's house from being repossessed. My wife is telling me to do it and I have sold some shares to cover it but not sent it yet as this story is still unfolding. So be warned, not only are you expected to keep the wife's family, you are expected to keep partners of wife's family in clover too. I am in two minds over this. I would never have received any profits from the corn if they had made a profit but I am paying for the losses. On the other hand, it would be horrible to have your house repossessed. I asked the wife what her Dad would say and she said he would say 'not pay'. On the other hand, the sister-in-law's partner has been looking after our shop for the last few years.

Back to the main story… My sister-in-law and her ladyboy partner have gone to stay with a friend who happens to have a farang husband. So I have had to warn him about my sister-in-law and her ladyboy friend. Fortunately for him they are staying in the shop of this Thai lady and not under the roof of the farang. Anyway I have warned him not to lend money and he has told his wife. However his wife believes my sister-in-law and not my wife and is continuing to let them stay in Pattaya.

I do believe that my sister-in-law is under the influence of this ladyboy as I have always found ladyboys to have an unpleasant side to them. I am waiting for the end of this when ladyboy has got what she can from sister-in-law and gives her the heave ho. My sister-in-law is a lesbian and the thought of a lesbian and a ladyboy (post op or pre op?) getting it together makes my mind boggle at the potential positions!

On my favourite topic of the moment, I forgot one incident from my previous trip

The wife took me to a house just outside our village. I had never been there before. After we pulled up the mother of the house came out to talk. My wife had told me that a school friend lived there. A short while later a man came out of the house dressed in a bright yellow tracksuit. I thought that's a bit bright for a man. When he started talking he had quite a high pitch which I thought was a bit strange (ok, I know, I'm a bit slow on the uptake). He is quite handsome and I assume he is 30, the same age as my wife. His sister came out with her child and everyone was chatting and the children played with each other. After we left the wife told me that he is a ladyboy who normally lives in Bangkok but is at home for a few days holiday. The family house is very nice, a cut above the other Thai houses in the village. Only the farang houses stand out better. She doesn't work any more as it has 3 farang sending her money home every month of which she remits some back to the family and that is why they have such a nice house. Nice work if you can get it. I hope the readers aren't one of the three farang sending her money.

I mentioned in my previous submission Tales From The Village : The Case Of The Gold Snatch about my brother in law who recently got
married. Apparently after 4 months the frequency has now gone down to only twice a night. I had wondered whether she might have left him when the lies about his wealth became apparent. Anyway she hasn't so maybe her life is better than it
was before. I enquired whether she was pregnant yet and as far as we know, not yet!

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Update on the sister-in-law. She has already found a farang in Pattaya and is living with them. How she has managed it I don't know because she is definitely not pretty. So any Stickmanite who has found a girl in the last week probably from the Beach
Road bar had better watch out. You have been warned. I'm not revealing sister-in-law's name, would like to but she has a living to make and I might get repaid!?!? Sucker!!

Stickman's thoughts:


t really is a dog eat dog world in the village. We hear a lot about "Asian family values", but that seems to be something of an oxymoron when you go into the poor countryside where many have sent family down to Pattaya.

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