Stickman Readers' Submissions January 30th, 2012

Have You Even Noticed? And Can You Give Up Jealousy? Do You Want To?

How the naturally well endowed (breast) Thai hookers never really bother to learn English? Mostly, because they don't have to. They get drooling fools standing in line regardless of how well they speak English. And the second advantage, besides not having to interrupt their cartoon watching and study English, is they can leave after servicing the foreigner and not have to listen to his lonely pleas for companionship or just his need to talk endlessly. Maybe mumbling something about Farang Kee Nok as the they say goodbye, walk to the elevators and wipe that good bye kiss off their mouth.

I wonder how much wishful thinking we can be up to when we think they will have us as their main man? In actuality, we may look to them as if we were the bad guys in Jurassic Park? I have got to ask myself what was my age limit at 25, maybe a 30 year old? Certainly not a 65 year old as is my present age.

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Simplistically, one could rightfully assume the advice I heard from an old Patong hand. "Thai hookers if they are sexier than average will have a Thai lady as her love interest maybe to save some wear and tear and be able to get the desired heart talk in the Thai language. They prefer a couple of younger farangs for the physical kwamsuk occasional fun. Then an older farang or two for stability". To me this is as reasonable a portrait as I can visualize and if we can avoid our own jealousy flashes, maybe we can deal with this scenario. And get in the clubhouse.

The reason I think we can is because for me, and many like me, the constant routine of one woman is virtually unbearable. In Pattaya it may be impossible to carry on a monogamous relationship. Skillful liars can do so and there are back doors to many soi 6 bars to accommodate Pattaya farang husbands. The trick is to become strong enough to let what's good for the goose be good for the gander, to quote an old expression that must of come from we American's mother country as it sounds cool to me.

But, can you do it? If we narrow out expectations, it can work as I am doing it and getting that much desired chunk of solitude I seem to need. They seem to respect us more when they see we know what is really going on, or at least close to it.

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As a long term farang resident in Pattaya, I often visit with other old boys from other western countries and learn from their experience along with weighing them against my own. The cold angry heavyweight women back home sure would promptly describe many of us as losers, because we aren't with them? I didn't know it is a win / loss game? isn't it about you being happy? Or isn't it about how much money you've put together before going insane, that will dictate how much "power" you have in male : female relationships?

I was 30 years old back in the USA when I lost my first and only wife to a richer man. As I review back in my memory file, I note that all losses were to superior funding or having a baby together with that other guy they said they didn't like. I am completely comfortable with that reality and have no bitterness. The beauty of this age is that one no longer takes one's ego so seriously. Something to look forward to for the younger guys.

What I hate to see is any of us stay addicted to a woman who gives us misery. This is why I write this to share some perspective hopefully to a man somewhere in pain he really need not suffer, just adjust his expectations. and know his own personal limits.

And if you are in pain, Sabailand (soapy) ladies can do all the work for you – just let them do their jobs.

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And if you insist on a young beautiful wife, give it up around here. I have some friends who've had good luck going deep into Laos. Sweet folks, but who wants to stay there keeping her under wraps?

Pattaya puts its taint on all who enter. Because they speak Thai, the Laotian ladies could get infected here.

I'm not ready to leave yet. Maybe when I grow up I will. In the meantime I think I'll keep drinking Diet Love. We have Love Zero back home.

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