Stickman Readers' Submissions January 31st, 2012

An Asian American’s View of the Phils

I assume most of the posts on this site are written by Westerners and such. Well, I'm an ethnic Asian who grew up in the U.S. and came to Asia in the mid-1990s. I loved the fact that everyone looked like me and I was no longer "the minority."
I realized that I was giving myself far more selection of girls than I ever would have back in the U.S. Of course, the adjustment period proved to have its own bumps and bruises but overall, I love living in Asia, and not having to teach English
makes it even more worthwhile.

Anyway, I discovered the Philippines in 2007, when a friend told me about Boracay. I went and man, was it a life-changing experience! I used to think the Phils had ugly women as I hardly saw a pretty Filipina back in the U.S. In Boracay,
however, who knows, maybe it was the beach, sun or overall vibe that had me looking at Filipinas. I also love karaoke so in a way, the Phils seems to have been made for me. I've gone around twice a month because of crazy sales by Cebu Pacific
Air, and have landed a girlfriend there finally.

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I've noticed that Filipinos tend to be cheerful and upbeat despite really sad circumstances. I had a Filipino friend in high school whom I didn’t pay much attention to, but gosh, I so wish I had. In the Phils, I've done the
bar scene thing and more interesting than drinking is listening to the stories of the bargirls, real or imagined. Many say they work to support their children and that the Filipinos who got them pregnant just took off. One incredibly attractive
girl told me she dated a Filipino for more than seven years, had a son with him, and he disappeared on her a year later. I was like, WTF! It also seems the Phils has so many stories like this: a Westerner or foreigner visits for a time, knocks
a girl up, and then flees. I met a few mestizos who told me stories like that and that they had no contact with their fathers. At the same time, however, they seemed pretty upbeat and happy, and that’s something the Phils has over more
“advanced” countries.

At the cost of sounding non-PC, I think so many men in the Phils are good for just a few things: drink, eat, get women pregnant, and meet friends. Yep, I've seen so many useless phucks among them, and many include those who went to college
and should know how to behave better. Quite a few Filipinas say they want to marry foreigners because of financial reasons, but I think they're really itching to say, "Our men are as useful as cancer." I have Filipino friends in
and out of the Phils and some are very responsible but sad to say, they are the exception, not the norm. Many are band members playing covers for hotel lounges or bars in Northeast Asia, and they are lucky to be making more money than the average

As for my Filipina girlfriend, she is attending college and is an IT freak. We met online and well, she seems nice and all but then again, many women seem like that in the beginning. I figured since I visit the Phils so often, I might as
well trying dating a native but someone whom I didn’t meet in a club. We've had fights because of cultural and age gaps (she's more than 15 years my junior) and I don't know how long this will last because the age gap is
a big thing for me. I'm also attracted to a bigger ass and breasts, two things she doesn't have. Yet I do like her because she's educated and nice and just wants to be with me (I think). She and I live apart but I try to see her
as often as I can, sometimes twice a month on weekend visits.

Despite the problems of the Phils, I'm considering opening a business there. Thailand is pretty much saturated and from what I've read I have no desire to do something there. The Phils, however, has a special place in my heart.
I was initially attracted to that place not for women but for other reasons, and so I might dare to dream and do something there. So many beautiful and unspoiled beaches there to explore and such, but again, the people are so awesome and the main
reason I like it there.

It's also great to have a forum like this in which old hands who've been there, done that, and can give advice to those less experienced. Though many of the posts seem so pessimistic and all, I can get bits of useful information.

Stickman's thoughts:

I can only speculate about Filipino men. A lot of Westerners berate Thai men and I would speculate that it is partly little man syndrome and partly because the only men they have met are Thai men who they come across – which might mean tuktuk drivers or touts in nightlife areas like Patpong. The vast majority of Most Thai men are nothing like that and to project that the whole population is like that, is ridiculous! Pretty much every Filipino I have ever met I have liked…and I just cannot possibly see how all the ill words I read about Filipino men can be correct except for a small percentage.

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