Stickman Readers' Submissions January 25th, 2012

Adventures in Ubon Rachatani

Truly unbelievable events in Ubon Rachatani took place beginning from the 2nd of November 2011 till the 11th. I felt compelled to share my experiences with everyone here and so here it is. Brief intro before we proceed. This submission is mainly about
how I ended up bedding a Thai / Isaan girl in Ubon Ratchatani and may contain valuable information, hints and tips to help with seducing Thai girls. There is no graphic description of what happened between the sheets. It is mainly a run down of
events which led to sleeping with her in light of very important experiences which also took place in Ubon. The submission is quite detailed, written out in a diary format with plenty of commentaries added throughout. I hope you enjoy it.

Note: Areas in the submission in bold contain important tips, hints and information seduction.

He Clinic Bangkok



October 29, 2011

CBD bangkok

My friend is about to arrive from Sydney to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. His plane will land at 1:00am. I get myself ready to catch a taxi from Sukhumvit 101/1 in Phrakanong where my condo is to pick my friend up. I pick him up and
bring him back to my place. It is exciting times for my friend as his wife who lives in Ubon Rachatani is pregnant and is only a few days away from giving birth.

October 30, 2011

It is Sunday and we just want to kill time and laze around as we need to fly out tomorrow to Ubon. Tickets have already been booked by me before my friend arrived from Sydney. Simply spend the day chatting and later having dinner at our favorite
chicken kebab joint.

November 1, 2011

wonderland clinic

Our plane takes off at 16:00 and lands at Ubon at 17:00. Reading the itinerary incorrectly, I believe we are leaving at 17:00 and arrive at the airport at 16:00 and by the time we get to the counter, the plane has taken off. We speak to the
checkout girl and tell her our situation and how we need to urgently be on the next flight to Ubon as my friend's wife is about to have a baby. Due to the floods, finding seats is really hard and she puts us on standby and tells us to get
back to check in at 4:00am the next day to try our luck for getting a seat. So we head back to my condo, drop our bags and my friend says lets go out tonight and not sleep until 3 am then simply go to airport from then on. That is what we do.

November 2, 2011

We arrive in Ubon Rachatani airport and my friend's wife and family come to pick us up. We are driven approximately 100 km to a small town called Buntharik. It is quite close to the Laos border.

At this point of the submission, let me explain the mental and emotional state I am in. Firstly, I am in an anxious mood because my visa is going to expire in 2 days on the 4th and I desperately need to cross the Thai / Laos border and get
back to extend my stay for another 2 weeks. Secondly, because my friend's wife is heavily pregnant, I am so excited and happy my friend is going to be a father for the first time. Just seeing the smile of my friend's wife and all her
family members upon greeting us at the airport really brightened me up as their sincerity and genuine affection rubbed on to me. Thirdly, I am in contact with a few girls who live in Ubon whom I met via A few important notes need to be made about internet dating sites.

As this was my 3rd extended stay in Thailand, I noticed that having a night out and taking a girl home costs a minimum of 3,000 baht. This is the absolute minimum which includes only 1 drink, 1 lady drink, bar fine and negotiating price with lady. I said to myself:

"If it is girls you're after to satisfy your never ending carnal desires, then going the gogo route is not economic. Therefore I must change tactic. I could go to clubs and discos and attempt to pick up freelancers but the only difference here was to escape paying a bar fine. That's right! There were a few submissions on about how to pick up girls in Thailand and the internet was mentioned as being very effective. Perfect! I'll sign up to"

A few days before my friend arrived from Sydney I signed up to and discovered the most effective way to use it for maximum benefit. Here is what I did. I typed the following

My name is A-Rik

I am from Australia

I like your profile and you have a beautiful smile.

I would like to be friends with you.

If you would like to be friends with me, then SMS or call me on

0868922726 (I don't have this number anymore)

Have a nice day. Take care na.

(When you actually meet girls, constantly say you just want to be friends and don't want to have sex. Trust me on this. Verbatim say to her "I don't want sex, I just want to be friends with you". Things will lead to sex eventually if you 'game' her correctly. Not all the time though but most in my experiences)

After I typed it, I highlighted the entire message, pressed Ctrl then C. While browsing, any profile I liked I simply sent the same message by pressing Ctrl then V. By the time I was done with the website, I would have sent the same message to approximately 20 to 30 profiles within 10 minutes. All I would do then was wait for them to SMS or call me. The first time I did this, the next day I was bombarded with texts from numerous girls. The only problem with this system is that you have absolutely no clue which of the 20 or 30 profiles I sent the message to is contacting me. All I was sure about was that it must have been someone who appealed to me or else I would not have sent it.

Now on that lazy Sunday on October 30 with my friend, we visited an internet cafe and I browsed all profiles in Ubon and I did the same thing as mentioned above and ended up getting a few numbers of girls in Ubon whom I planned to meet once
I was there.

So here I am in Ubon with my friend's wife and her family being driven in a Toyota Vigo back to her village in Buntharik about 100 km out of Ubon with mixed feelings of anxiety, happiness, curiosity of what the girls look like when I
meet with them and complete exhaustion from the wild night we had just before we arrived.

We arrive in Buntharik and my friend and I are taken to our house rented for my friend and I right next to Buntharik Hospital. It is a beautiful house right next to a river with a magnificent garden.

After settling in, my friend and I get a good sleep and later in the afternoon go to the hospital for a check up with his wife. Later we come back, have dinner and sleep. Before I sleep, I am texting all the girls in Ubon that I have arrived
and try to organise a meeting with any of them. A few actually lived in Si Sa Ket which is about 200 km from Ubon so they were wiped off instantly. One however was in Ubon and she lived right next to Ubon Rachatani University which made sense
as she was a uni student. I told her I was staying at Buntharik and she said that was very far from Ubon and that she couldn't come there. I said I have a Toyota Vigo with me and I will come down there tomorrow. I then told her I need to
go to Chong Maek to cross the border tomorrow and come back and she could come for a drive with me in addition to helping me with Thai language problems I might encounter although my Thai is pretty good. She said she would love to and I went to
bed that night with all sorts of wild fantasies running through my mind with a huge sense of adventure awaiting me.

November 3, 2011

It is about 2:30 am and my friend knocks on my door saying he is going to the hospital with his wife as she is going into labour. He told me to sleep and later in the morning would come back to pick me up and go to the hospital to wait for
the birth. I said no worries. Later at about 10 am my friend comes to pick me up. We have a quick breakfast before we leave and head to the hospital. Once there, we go next to his wife who hasn't given birth but is going through labor pains
every 3 minutes. I tell her I need the Toyota to go Chong Maek and she says no problem. So my friend and I are in the car and just about to drive out of the hospital to make our journey. It is at this time I fully submitted to the fact that I
was not going to be able to pick up Ning from Ubon Rachatani for the journey which would have meant driving 100 km to her place then drive all the way back to Chong Maek. Furthermore, just as my friend and I are driving out of the hospital, my
friend's father in law hails us to stop. He jumps in and says "thong bai" and a few meters later says "yuut". We pick up another passenger who is a friend of his. So now resigned to the fact I won't
be meeting Ning today, I concentrated on my journey to Chong Maek. Now this journey alone is worth a submission in itself but I'll be brief with what transpired.

First of all, my friend's father in law speaks only the Isaan dialect which I don't know at all. His friend also only knows the Isaan dialect as neither went to school. All along the journey we listened to the same CD over and over
again consisting of Isaan music which my friend's father in law likes. Now I have a bit of music knowledge and let me tell you this. Every song in that CD was so similar that the repetitiveness actually numbed my brain. The background beat,
the tempo, the instruments played were so similar in every track that even Mozart would not have been able to detect any difference. Conversing with my friend's father in law or his friend was also out of the question due to the language
barrier. All along the way all I am being told is "thong bai" "riaw sai" or "riaw khwaa" which I do know and that's it. 90% of the journey was littered with pot holes but to call them
pot holes is an understatement. They were more like craters. The 60 km journey took us nearly 3 hours as I had to drive very slowly to avoid the craters on the road.

Anyway, we make it to Chong Maek, my friend and I cross the border into Laos, buy 2 cartons of Esse lights and a bottle of black Johnnie for my friend's father in law and head back to Buntharik. More of the same Isaan music and more
headaches from the craters. We get back and my friend's wife still hasn't given birth but is suffering labor pains every 3 minutes. My friend and I wait at the hospital for the rest of the day until midnight. During this time, Ning and
I are constantly messaging each other and I have promised to meet her tomorrow at Ubon Rachatani Uni. We crash out at the hospital bench waiting for the birth but it doesn't happen. I head home to sleep and tell my friend to pick me up later
in the morning.

November 4, 2011

My friend picks me up around 11 am. We have a quick breakfast and I tell my friend I need to go to Ubon to meet this Ning. He is apprehensive because he doesn't want to leave the hospital in case his wife gives birth. He is also worried
about suspicion being raised as to why we are going to Ubon. Anyway, he tells his wife that I want to go to Ubon to use the net to book a flight. She says there is an internet cafe in Buntharik. How on earth there is an internet cafe in a tiny
town 80 km out of Ubon still beats me but there is. If one needs hard evidence of how small the world has become and how interconnected, then go to Buntharik and go to the internet cafe there. So he then says that I want to go eat something nice
in Ubon and she says no problem take the Toyota. She says be back by 8 pm. It is exactly 12 pm noon and we start our 100 km journey to Ubon to meet Ning. This time it's just my friend and I but I am extremely worried about the journey for
one key reason. I don't know the roads at all. One wrong turn along the way and we will fall in a labyrinth not knowing how to get out. Utilizing all my taxi experience from Sydney, I tell my friend that we are going to keep a close eye on
main markers and indicators along our journey which we need to keep in mind for our trip back. The other advantage we have going in our favor is that I can read the signs in Thai which is a huge bonus but I am not the fastest and best reader.

We eventually get to Ubon city at 1.30 pm but now are struggling to find the damned university. I had asked countless people where the uni is and none of them had a clue. Don't bother asking anyone where something is. 95% of the time people simply don't know. This topic is also worth another submission on its own but let's move on.

It is now 6:00 pm and all those hours were wasted trying to find the damned university and my friend is now anxious telling me to forget about it and start our perilous journey back to Buntharik. Throughout the constant messaging with Ning,
I tell her I can't find the damned uni and am unable to meet again. We are on the freeway heading back when we decide to stop and get some chocolate and drinks from 7-11. I don't know why or what made me but I asked the guy behind the
counter in Thai "where is Ubon Rachatani University". He replied "the building right next us". I said "jing law" (really!). He said yes. I said come and show me and he walked around and pointed to the building.
What coincidence, what luck! I thought. I told my friend to wait a few minutes so that we can meet Ning as she lives close. I called her and told her where we were. She said she would be there in 5 minutes.

Now here we are waiting outside 7-11 having a smoke waiting for this girl with great anticipation. I am constantly thinking "I wonder what she looks like?" "Is she sexy?" My mind is racing with all these scenarios and
my heart is pumping that little faster with the excitement of meeting this unknown Ning who we have been trying desperately to find and we are now so close. Every girl that walks our way, my friend and I are saying "it's her" and
when it's not her then "it's got to be this one coming" and when it's not her "surely it has to be this one". Each girl we believe is the one, we are checking head to toe. (For me, if a girl has nice feet with
nicely formed toes, then usually the rest is pretty good which is why I pay a lot of attention to feet and toes). Finally this Ning arrives and she is amazing! She is so hot and has beautiful feet and toes. I've loaded a pic of her with this
submission but not sure if it will pass Stick's filter. She still has her profile in under the name <Edited. It's not fair to put details of girls here unless they give express permission to do soStick>

With my heart pounding that much harder as I want this girl bad, I do not make it obvious that I am very very interested in her. I keep casual and calm as possible. We chat for 20 minutes as we have to be back in Buntharik.
Just the usual ice breaker conversation consisting of how old are you, where are you from, what are you studying, what do you like doing, how long until you finish your studies and the same questions I answer for her. I can tell she is trying
hard to present herself as someone who parties hard and tells me how last night she had a wild night at a club with her friends and that she wants to take me partying. Obviously tonight is out of the question but now that I know where she lives,
meeting tomorrow won't be a problem. We end the initial meeting with a rendezvous for the next night.

My friend and I start our journey back to Buntharik and safely find our way back with no problems. His wife still hasn't given birth. We spend the rest of the night until 2 am at the hospital until I head back to the room to crash out.
During this time however, Ning and I are SMSing each other with compliments like I am so happy to meet you and the like. Tomorrow night is a big night and I am looking forward to meeting with her again.

November 5, 2011

It is 7 pm and my friend's wife still hasn't given birth and still going through the patterned labour pains. I take the Toyota and start my journey back to the 7 Eleven where I met Ning the night before. As I am driving, my mind
is overwhelmed with possible scenarios like what if the tyre busts as there is no spare on board or the car simply conks out? I wonder what she'll look like? I doubt I'll be sleeping with her tonight if at all. I arrive at 7 Eleven at
8.20 pm and pick up Ning. She is dressed in a white dress and has put a lot of effort in presentation. I can also tell she is nervous too. She gives me directions to meet 2 more of her friends in central Ubon. As we are driving we are chatting
in a mixture of English and Thai. I understand quickly that her main motivation in hanging with me is to better her English. Maybe also the opportunity to hang with a farang as well. I'll never forget the first time she used the word busy
but pronounced it buzzy. I wasn't laughing very much but grinning and helping her with the pronunciation of many English words. In the mean time, I was building my Thai conversing skills by constantly asking her "how do you say this
in Thai" and the like. As we are driving, I am closely monitoring her body language which is very distant which I interpreted this as her being shy and nervous which is understandable. I am doing my best to play it calm and cool but at the
same time, be cocky and funny. When on a date with a Thai girl, being cocky funny is very very helpful. I have found being serious is a big no no. Being animated, lively and adventurous are positives especially if they are in their 20's. For example, as I am driving to pick up Ning's two friends I am saying things to her in Thai like "You're black and I am white" and she'll be like "Ohhhhh no no you are black too" and I'll put my forearm next to hers to compare the difference in tan but all the while, I am laughing and giggling and smiling and so is she. She punches and pinches when I do this but these punches and pinches are excellent indicators of interest as they are of a playful nature. More examples like this will follow as we continue.

So we arrive at Big C in central Ubon and meet her 2 friends inside. One is fat but has a very playful and flirtatious nature and the other is very very white and not bad overall. I would give her a 7 out of 10 but my instincts tell me she
is a gold digger and seems very shifty and conniving and later I found out my instincts were correct on both accounts. After I go in the toilet for a quick leak the fat girl and Ning come with me and we start following the shifty Casper girl to
a club called the Country Club which is right behind Big C. Now I would love to go into details about this club but again I don't want to overdo it. Let me just say this much: If you're ever in Ubon, then get your backside there. It
has an amazing atmosphere chocka block full of people with gorgeous Isaan babes. Live music all night. Before we enter the club, at the car park, I run a little kino (short for kinaesthesia used colloquially meaning touching) in a cocky way. The objective is for her to get used to my touch and to show confidence and give the message that I am not interested in being friends only. What I normally do is say I want to show her something by gently holding her hand and putting it on my pectoral muscle where I am able to flex it at will (due to bodybuilding in the past but my body is nothing to brag about). However it backfires and she doesn't allow me to touch her and pulls her hand back. I quickly say to myself "You idiot take it easy! No need to escalate and rush. You are in Thailand and not Australia". As we are walking to the club I am thinking I must recover from this mishap but try not to think about it.

Once in the club we are seated and the fat girl and Casper the gold digger immediately order a Johnny black bottle with plenty of soda and a guy with a cart brings it and pours our drinks all night for us. Obviously these girls are thinking
we have this farang so let's go wild as he will pay. I wasn't worried though as the bottle and soda were piss cheap. Ning in the meantime is not drinking and says she will not drink the whole night. In addition, she is sitting with her
arms crossed. Both of these are negative signs in my book and I interpreted this as either she is very nervous and doesn't want to get drunk and make a fool of herself or she wants to keep her head screwed and not end up doing something she
will regret. In the meantime, I am looking around the joint and come to the conclusion I am the only non Thai in the place and literally everyone is staring at me.

I then wave the guy with the cart and tell him to tell the band that I have a request for them to play a song called "Jai Nuk Leng" (Heart mafia) sung by Pongpat. Here is
the link. I absolutely love this song and for those who haven't heard it, you should listen to it. It is a very very nice song
and I can guarantee that every single Thai in Thailand knows this song off by heart. When the band starts playing it I start singing as is everyone in the club. Ning, Fat girl, Casper and whoever is looking at me seem flabbergasted at how I know
the lyrics of this song and sing it very well. Oh I'll never forget that moment. Just pure fun. This is also a good tick on my behalf raising my status a little more.

At one moment I need to go to the toilet and have to push and weave through the crowd and as I am heading back, these extremely hot girls (9's out of 10) right at the front tables in front of the stage who seem off their heads won't
let me pass to get back to my table rubbing themselves all over me while dancing and indicating for me to stay and dance with them. I would have loved to but Ning is waiting and I don't want to seem like a sleaze in front of her and her friends
so I kindly push myself past them while rubbing my body on them as I am walking past.

Now throughout the night, Ning's arms are crossed, she doesn't seem to be getting into the party spirit like her friends and is apprehensive to dance as well. The rapport between us felt distant and the music was very loud making
conversing impossible. I said to myself "there is no hope of getting this girl to 3rd base tonight nor any other night". Now I am starting to think about the 100 km trip back to Buntharik which is weighing on me as I am getting lazy
to drive back with no carnal satisfaction.

It is almost 2 am and I say let's go and I pay the bill (which isn't surprising) and fat girl and Casper leave together while I take Ning back to her place. As we are driving, I am not feeling the spark or chemistry between us and
there are moments of silence which I hate and am thinking of topics to converse about but nothing comes to mind. I resign myself that I will not be sleeping with this girl and plan to just drop her off and drive the 100 km back to Buntharik which
is what I do. However, as I am driving to Buntharik after I drop Ning off, I get a text saying how she was so happy to go out with me and had a great time and is looking forward to meeting me again. "Far out" I say to myself, if ever
I was getting mixed messages this would be at the top of the pile as all night, her body language said otherwise. But then again, a Thai girl might really like you but not make it obvious especially out in public and especially in front of her friends to not lose face or seem slutty. So I sent a message along the same lines and said we might meet again tomorrow.

I make it back to Buntharik and my friend's wife still hasn't given birth. I go to sleep.

November 6
(The day things completely turn around for the better with Ning)

It is getting close to midday and my friend is desperately in need of a money exchange office to convert Aussie dollars into Thai baht. There are none in Buntharik so we have to go to Ubon. This is excellent as I call Ning and tell her my
friend and I are coming and she could help us find a money exchange outlet. She says no worries. We couldn't leave immediately as we were at the hospital waiting for possible birth but doctor said not likely today so we left around 4 pm.
By the time we got to Ubon it was around 5.20pm and we thought all money exchange outlets would be closed. Anyway, we picked up Ning and she said go to Big C. Once we arrive we find the exchange outlet and it is open. Now as we are driving I am
testing the waters to see how the rapport is and it is only slightly better than last night though I am making an effort for that ultimate 'click' but I am simply not in my groove. Once my friend exchanges the Aussie dollars, he says
he wants to go to Tesco to buy some baby needs. We head up the escalators and walk into Tesco. As soon as we walk in, I don't know how or from where but I suddenly found my groove. Now what I mean by groove is where everything I do and say is coming out perfectly and naturally which makes the interaction with Ning pure fun with laughs. It is as if I am on auto-pilot just effortlessly gliding which gives immense confidence and displays it as well. This is what transpired.

The moment we walk in there are racks of buttoned shirts designed for older people with very unfashionable colors and patterns. I walk and pick one up and hold it in front of Ning's body and say "this looks good on you; I am going to buy it for you". She laughs and says "no no no no not look nice, I like fashion". Throughout our entire shopping in Tesco, I am constantly doing things like picking up a double d bra and say this is for you (she has small breasts), call her animal names in Thai like gorilla, pig, bull, elephant, whale, seal, horse etc, as I am pushing the trolley I bump it into her, I pick up soft balls and stuffed animals and throw them on her and run away, I run my finger quickly under her underarm and say you smell, continue with the "your black and I am white", "you're fat and I am sexy". Throughout all this what is worthy of note is Ning's responses to all of this. Not only is she up for these games but she gets in on the act as well. She is constantly chasing me, pinching me, ramming the trolley into me which she is pushing around, picks up baby bottles and says they are for me and calls me different animal names after I say it to her. She gives me angry looks but always with an undercurrent of laughter which she is trying to control. Basically, you would have to be blind to not see this girl was having fun. I mean real fun. She was having a ball. The constant friendly punches and pinches and chases are undeniably indicators of interest. Another funny thing I am doing is, as she is holding the bar of the trolley, I act as if I am helping her push the trolley but slowly slide my hand towards hers and hold it but before she pulls away, I pull my hand and say stop touching my hand. Again the usual punching and pinching.

This goes on until my friend picks up what he needs and pays the girl at the counter. Now that we have 'clicked', everything that happens until we drop her home is effortless and flawless. She is comfortable with my presence and
I am with hers and we are getting along just naturally. No need to think, no need to analyze anything, just interact. After we drop her off home, I say to my friend, "even if I don't end up sleeping with this girl, the fun I had in Tesco
were experiences which would last a lifetime because it took me back to my 'hey days' as a teenager and young adult in my 20's when I could always easily 'switch on the groove' when picking up girls back in Sydney".
My friend agreed and said he also had a ball seeing us like that. Meanwhile, Ning and I are constantly SMSing each other with loads of compliments and reinforcing our new found chemistry.

We get back to Buntharik hospital and it's about 11 pm and we are told she is very close to giving birth. We hang at the hospital and at 11.11pm, gorgeous Melissa is welcomed to life. She weighs well over 3 kilos and is a very healthy
girl. I am so happy for my friend. What a night. First the event with Ning and now my best friend being a father. Simply a night I will never forget.

November 7

Now although Ning and I 'clicked' the night before, I am well aware that a night of fun and games in Tesco is not going to get me in bed with her. There is still work to do. Last night's events were important because it led
to attraction between us but attraction alone is not enough. Still need to build more comfort. The opportunity comes again when my best friend (whose name is Eddy by the way, I don't know why I didn't mention it before) wants to Ubon
for a nice feed of KFC which he has missed for a little celebration with me. So off again we go to Ubon and again we meet Ning. We eat our KFC and then she takes us into her university where there is a 2 week festival of some sort. There's
live music, stalls where you can buy a whole heap of stuff and games to be played such as throwing darts to bust balloons. I jokingly say I am the best in darts and she says she loves teddy bears and wants me to win one for her but I try numerous
times and am unable to win the teddy bear. When we are walking, we are not holding hands still but the rapport is good and solid. Just being next to her is enough and my friend is also communicating a lot with Ning as well. We later start heading
home but again, as we are driving, the messages of compliments between us continues till I get into bed.

November 8

Don't end up going to Ubon tonight and stay with friend at hospital all day and get pics taken holding lovely Melissa in my arms. She is so cute. Plenty of messaging with Ning who instigates it. Full of compliments back and forth.

November 9
(the night I sleep with Ning)

After spending two days in hospital, Eddy's wife is told by the doctor she can later leave with Melissa and head home. Eddy is given a list of extra things needed for Melissa which means another trip to Ubon. In addition, Eddy says to
me that he will sleep with his daughter at his wife's home which is 30 km from the hospital meaning I will be completely by myself tonight. Obviously I am thinking this is the perfect opportunity to bring Ning to stay the night with me as
Eddy will be away. We get to Ubon, pick up Ning and are heading for Tesco again. As we are driving there, I turn to Ning and I say "tonight Eddy is staying at his wife's house and I will be by myself..". She cuts me off straight
away and says "ah ah ah ah" meaning don't even go there. She then says "I only meet with you for English". My friend turns to me and says in Turkish (we both have Turkish backgrounds though we were born, raised and educated
in Sydney) "Forget about it. There is no hope." Then I say back to him in Turkish "you watch what I am going to do. From now until we head back I am going to completely ignore her and be distant and cold. I am even going to say to her that she is like my sister and I am like her older brother". That's exactly what I do. Until we get to Tesco, I ignore her, act distant and cold and hardly interact with her. I pay attention to chatting with Eddy and just about completely neglect her. At one time I even say to her don't worry about what I said earlier because you are like my sister and I am like your brother. I can clearly see all of this is affecting her. She seems a little upset and was never expecting me to behave like this. Once we are in Tesco, she initiates the same games from 3 days ago but I am unresponsive. I only respond sparingly but overall, I am distant and unresponsive. She is pushing the trolley again and bumping it into me and rarely I play back. I can feel she wants the same guy from 3 nights ago. She wants to experience that fun again but I am not allowing it. I also know she likes me but I am unresponsive. I decide to test the waters again. As she is pushing the trolley I again hold the bar and slide my hand towards hers and hold but this time don't let go. However, this time she is not letting go as well. "Now that's a good sign" I say to myself. My hand is constantly on top of hers as we are pushing the trolley and she is allowing it. Then Eddy takes the trolley off us to put some stuff in it and Ning and I are now walking around Tesco holding hands. Now that it has escalated to this point, I decide to 'reward' her for her 'good behavior'. (Psychology 101 / Conditioning. Reward good behavior :). I tell Eddy in Turkish that we should buy her some gifts as she has been very helpful to us for the past few days helping with shopping and helping with Thai as well. He says "Sure, why not" and I tell her "We want to buy some clothes for you because you helped us so much". She doesn't want anything. I insist a few times but she simply doesn't want any clothes. I say anything at all and she still says no. Then I say how about I buy some clothes for your parents and her eyes lit up. She said ok and I bought a few clothes articles for her parents which she picked out and she was very happy about that. As we pay at the counter and walk out, we are holding hands all the way to the car. We are loading the goods into the back tray of the Toyota and I say "Ning come on. Stay with me tonight. I don't want to be by myself". She says ok. Now I know it's on 🙂

She says she will stay with me till 3 am and that I will need to drop her back home. I say no worries. Now the following is the most craziest thing I have ever done just to get laid. Here is what happened.

Now the plan was this. We drive to the house where I will sleep by with Ning next to the hospital. We drop Ning off and she waits while I then take Eddy to his wife's place 30 km away, drop him off then get back for fun in between the
sheets and then drive her back home at 3 am. Now I already drove 100 km to Ubon tonight. Eddy is driving us back to Buntharik. I am in the front seat and Ning is behind me. All the way my hand is stretched out back while Ning is caressing my hand. We arrive at my place. Drop Ning off. Then I take Eddy 30 km to his wife's place. I then drive back another 30 km which almost took an hour for Ning to wait for me. I do the deed with Ning. It is 3 am and I start driving another 100 km back
to her place and then another 100 km back home to sleep the rest of the morning. All up, that night alone, for the sake of sleeping with Ning, I drove 260kms plus the initial 100kms driving into Ubon with Eddy in the first place. 360 km in one
night all just to sleep with Ning. When I look back at what I did for the sake of bedding this girl, I say to myself how bloody crazy. The amount of effort put in was second to none.

In conclusion, to bed this Ning, right from the beginning until the night I slept with her, the amount of effort put in was equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest. Was it worth it? At the time, hell yeah!!! I'll never forget those days until
I die. When I look back at it now while typing this in Sydney at 1.45 am, I say to myself "No way. What an idiot you are to go through all of that for 2 nights of pleasure" (I slept with her again the next night which believe me is another
submission in itself but will have to leave that for later). Soon I will be back in Thailand again on a permanent basis and I don't think I will do crazy stupid things like this again for the sake of sleeping with a girl. But then again,
who knows eh? not even I know what I will do whenever girls are involved 🙂

Now the title of this submission was Adventures in Ubon Rachatani and hotel Ibis Sathorn Rd. The Ibis hotel incident was quite simply again one of those nights that rarely happens in one's lifetime and mainly to the really lucky guys.
This Ibis hotel incident is so full of coincidences, conveniences etc. I will provide a detailed submission later. It actually happened 2 days after Eddy and I landed in Bangkok. played a huge role for making possible the Ibis
hotel incident. Until I write it up, take care.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sounds like quite an adventure, but like you say, that's a hell of a lot of work, effort and money for a bit of fun. I guess it is a case of the journey being more fun than the ride. That 3,000 baht you mention at the start may look a whole lot easier!

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