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15 Reasons Why Angeles City Sucks and is a Terrible Place to Live

Angeles City, Philippines, is considered the worst place to live in the Philippines and a total shithole. Not a single travel guide or expat website has anything positive to say about it. They all look down on it with disgust. None of them describe Angeles
as a "nice place" with anything good. If you pick up a copy of Lonely Planet Philippines, for example, you will see that under Angeles City, it is described as "dirty, seedy and creepy" with nothing positive. Usually, Lonely
Planet tries to stay positive in their evaluations, so this speaks volumes obviously. No doubt about it.

In short, NOTHING is good about Angeles City, and everything is BAD about it. There are hundreds of negatives, the only benefit being cheap sex with low class low quality girls. With such unbalanced scales, you gotta wonder why anyone would
put up with so many negatives just for that one benefit. Is it really worth it? After reading the primary negatives of Angeles City below, it is clear that anyone who would choose to live there must be insane. (Note: If you don't have time
to read all this, just jump to the summary in the conclusion section at the end)

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1. The air quality is the worst and most polluted in the Philippines. It is toxic and poisonous and gives most people eventual health problems of all sorts. This is definitely a very unhealthy environment to be in. Expats report getting sicker
more frequently in Angeles City than in anywhere else.

2. The streets are dirty, filthy, and unsanitary. There is garbage littered everywhere. No one takes responsibility for it or cleans it up. Everyone just lets it be. Walking through Angeles City is like walking through a slum or garbage dump.
Very disgusting. I'm used to far better. Most streets do not even have sidewalks for safe pedestrian walking, so that you pretty much share the road with vehicles. One wrong step could result in a collision and injury from being hit by a

3. There is no nice place to walk with fresh air, and no decent park or naturesque scene. Every other city I've lived in has at least a few nice places to walk with grass, trees, lakes and fresh air, except for Angeles City. The only
actual clean place to walk is inside the oxygen-deprived SM Clark Mall. But who wants to live inside a mall everyday, that is built for commercial purposes and in getting you to waste money buying things you don't need? There is nothing fresh
or natural in Angeles City. The town is all concrete, filth and pollution.

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4. The weather, heat and humidity are extreme, unhealthy and uncomfortable. High heat and humidity are constant year round. Heat and humidity are the worst weather combination, and the most unhealthy combination as well. It is dangerous to
exercise in humidity because your body has trouble cooling off during perspiration, so it may overheat and overwork itself trying to cool off. Also, when you exercise in pollution, you breath in faster and deeper, so the polluted air gets into
your lungs quicker and deeper. (Google "heat and humidity effect on health" and "pollution and health" for articles about this) Now if you can't even exercise outdoors where you live because it's hazardous to your
health, then what worse of a place could you live in?

Heat and humidity, coupled with pollution, is the worst combination, for both your comfort and health. All three create a breeding ground for excess bacteria and mold, which contaminates your health and food. It is also very uncomfortable
to be sweating all the time, and annoying to have to wipe sweat off your forehead every minute. Why put up with that if you don't have to?! Outdoor air should be enjoyed. But in Angeles City (and Manila too) you have to constantly stay indoors
with air conditioning in order to escape the heat and humidity. That's terrible. It makes it difficult to enjoy the outdoors, thus lowering your quality of life and comfort. Also, having your air conditioner on all the time jacks up your
electricity bill big time, especially since electricity costs in the Philippines are very high, higher than in First World countries even. But if you are under extreme heat and humidity all the time, you have no choice. That's what sucks.
You can't avoid it. Why be uncomfortable all the time? It makes no sense, and it's insane to put up with that.

5. The infrastructure is poor and shitty. Most buildings look decaying, are in poor condition, and made of the lowest quality materials. Most streets look like slums. If you come from a First World Country, then being in Angeles feels like
a lowering and degrading of your status. You feel like you've sunk way down into the ghetto. It's nothing to be proud of, but something to be ashamed of. The lack of culture shows in the buildings. There are almost no sidewalks for safe
comfortable pedestrian walking. Instead, you have share the road with trikes and vehicles passing nearby, and look out for them constantly. If you take a step and forget to look both ways even once, you could be hit by a vehicle. This means that
one mistake of forgetfulness could result in serious injury to you. If that doesn't spell "low class ghetto", then I don't know what does.

6. The local food and general food quality is disgusting, classless, and considered the worst in Asia. Filipino local food is inedible to foreigners, who are unanimous that it is the worst they've tasted in all of Asia. In every other
Asian country, local food is good to foreigners – the Philippines is the only exception. Foreigners are unanimous on this. (But of course, they will only mention this to other foreigners, not to Filipinos so as not to offend them) The Philippines
is also the only Asian country that is not vegetarian-friendly. Restaurants are also way overpriced for the value that they give you. Most Filipino-owned restaurant chains, including expat places, charge high prices while giving you small portions
and low quality food. They are a bad value for the price they charge. In America, you get a lot more food for the same price in restaurants, and at much better quality too. I can give many specific examples. It is very difficult to find decent
food in AC. The nearest place from Angeles to find good food is in upscale areas and malls of Manila and Makati. But other than that, food is mostly a disappointing experience in Angeles. In addition, it is also hard to eat healthy in the Philippines,
as most of the food in the supermarket is junk, and there is no efficient quality control in food production and safety standards. Neither are the Filipino public even informed or educated about nutrition and health.

7. Public transportation is very uncomfortable. There are no buses except heading out of town, and taxis are few and very expensive. The two main forms of transportation, Jeepneys and trikes (motorcycles attached to passenger boxes), require
you to bend down into tightly cramped spaces, or in the case of Jeepneys, squish yourself tightly between other passengers and crouch down low to get on and off them. If you are old, claustrophobic, or sensitive/fragile, then this will be very
uncomfortable and taxing on your body. Moreover, trikes in AC are a rip-off because they charge the highest rates in the Philippines.

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8. Products in general are low quality and shoddy. Things tend to break easily or erode quickly. Clothes from the mall tend to fade in color and degrade in quality after only a few washes. Food tends to be composed of bad quality ingredients
that are unhealthy and unsafe to consume. Quality and reliability are not things you can count on. Allegedly, China sends its highest quality products to America, where people have high standards and complain a lot, while it sends its lowest quality
products to the Philippines.

9. Foreigners are usually limited to dating women of the lowest class. We are talking the poorest of the poor, often of low quality too. When I say poor, I don't mean that they only have a few hundred dollars in the bank. I mean that
they can't even buy a coke or sandwich unless YOU buy it for them. This means they can't contribute to anything and you will have to pay for everything and be totally leeched off of by an incapable girl of the lowest class. It will be
a completely unequal relationship in that regard, and in other ways as well. Thus, only guys who enjoy being sugar daddies and Santa Clauses will enjoy such a role. The rest of us will feel like we are seriously compromising ourselves by dating
girls of far lower class – reaching way down into the ghetto slum pools to get our fill, so to speak. Either way, such types and you are a total unequal mismatch. You have nothing in common and no mental/spiritual/romantic connection, as they
are way too simple and uneducated, and cannot provide any intelligent meaningful conversation or dialogue. Other than meaningless passionless sex, you will find her very boring, as there is nothing to talk about. Your mind and soul are at such
different levels that it will be difficult to expand them together. Sure you can teach and educate her, but it will be a long slow process against the tide.

On the other hand, girls with money or who are middle class and can pay their own way, are usually only interested in Filipino guys. They will put up a wall between you and them, and to strangers in general, for they are closed and cliquish.
As we all know, women become far less social once they have money. So essentially, you will not be able to date women of your own class here. The only relationships available to you are very unequal ones mentioned above. Personally, I find it
very insulting and offensive if no one wants to be with me unless they are broke and need me to pay for everything. This means that the "friendship" between foreigner and Filipina is not really true, for when they have money, they no
longer want to be your friend. Simple as that. Of course there are exceptions, but that is how it generally is, especially in the Angeles area since there is a negative stigma toward foreigners there due to the regular influx of foreign whoremongers
there. So if you seek middle class quality Filipinas from decent families, you will have better luck outside of Angeles City.

Sadly, what this means is that unless your low class Filipina partner (who can't even afford to buy a sandwich) is giving you sex, she basically has no value and brings nothing to the table. She will not provide intelligent meaningful
conversation, cannot contribute financially to your expenses and outings together, cannot drive you around in her car (nor can her family), cannot invite you to parties (unless you are treating everyone), cannot teach you anything, cannot buy
you gifts on your birthday or treat you, and will not have any romantic or mental connection with you. (Ok well maybe she will cook and clean for you at least) Furthermore, Filipinas lack passion and intensity, for they are very relaxed and low
key, so your relationship will likely be passionless as well.

Also, only a small percentage of Filipinas are attractive. Most of them are short, have unattractive features, and are not refined in terms of their skin or behavior. They also do not age well, nor do they know how to keep themselves healthy.

10. Every year in Angeles City, prices go up and quality goes down. This happens in spite of the poor quality of the products, services and food. Costs rise for no reason, as the Philippines does not follow any linear logic. The only constants
are greed, chaos and stupidity. Furthermore, the attitude of the bar girls gets worse every year too. They want more money but give less (in terms of action, affection and time). Many expats have concurred with this assessment.

11. It is very hard to find intelligent meaningful conversation in Angeles City. Such a thing is totally alien and unnatural there. Most Filipinos are very simple and understand only practical things. Many are also semi-retarded too, to put
it bluntly. Not surprisingly, the average statistical IQ in the Philippines is only 86, which is one of the lowest in the world, next to Africa. Most Filipinos do not have communication skills or intelligent meaningful ideas and observations to
share. They are not curious and do not like to learn new things (unless their job forces them to learn something new). Truly smart people in Angeles City will feel like "intellectual giants", as they say. Thus it is difficult to connect
and bond with locals when conversation itself is awkward.

This applies to the foreign expats in Angeles as well. AC tends to attract the lowest quality expats. Most are scum, drunkards, or insensitive types with personality problems. They tend to be either cold and silent, or macho dominating know-it-all
types. Both types tend to be insensitive and unfeeling, and have a depraved vibe about them. Spiritual people like me tend to feel bad vibes around them and from the bad environment as well.

12. There is nothing to do in Angeles City other than the go go bars on Fields Ave and Friendship Road. These places can be fun and fulfill some of your fantasies. But they have a greedy, hustling, depraved environment that is bad for your
soul and emotions. Plus, if you sleep with many bar girls, it will erode your ability to truly love a woman, and cheapen the enjoyment of sex for you. It also does not feel good to be around depraved, greedy, hustling people all the time. People
of such low quality and depravity with no shame or class are a bad influence. Furthermore, visitors to AC consistently report that every year, the bar girls get more greedy and their attitude gets worse. They demand more money but give less in
terms of time, affection and action. Even worse, the percentage of attractive bar girls seems to get less and less every year. And all the while, prices still keep going up, in a town run by greed, corruption and chaos.

13. Pushy hustling rude people are everywhere, especially on Fields Ave seeking cash from foreigners. Beggars are everywhere. They get in your face, follow you and touch you, having no respect for any boundaries. Street hawkers and peddlers
are also very pushy and in your face. They have no manners, follow you and don't take no for an answer. These people are very uninhibited and try to push their will onto you, having no respect for boundaries. And the many trike drivers parked
call out to you as you walk by, as though you were a dog, with a commanding voice telling you what to do, rather than asking you, with no consideration for where you are going. You could be walking across the street, and they will still command
you to get in their trike, even though you don't need one. But of course, they don't care. They want you to go anywhere, even if you don't need to go there, so you can pay them. They never ask "Would you like…" Instead,
they command you and force their will onto you. It all gets very annoying after a while, especially if you experience it everyday.

14. If you are a foreigner, you are automatically assigned a Santa Claus/sugar daddy role, and treated like a walking ATM machine, whether you like it or not. No one asks your permission before putting you in such a role. You are stereotyped
into the role of a stupid foreigner who is perpetually generous with bottomless pockets and LOVES to give out free cash to anyone in need. You are expected to be a pure giver, while expecting nothing in return (Since you have unlimited wealth,
why would you need to take anything from others?). In short, you will be seen as a "walking ATM machine". This is why men who enjoy being sugar daddies tend to flock to the Philippines. But if you are frugal and like to spend wisely,
you will not fit into this expectation, but will feel that it is an intrusion on your rights and free will. You will not feel respected at all. You will be judged by how generous you are, not how smart you are, which is very dehumanizing.

Furthermore, if you date a Filipina from a very poor family, her family will take advantage of you and expect you to support them with free cash and gifts. They will try to make you feel obligated to help them with financial problems and
be their "walking ATM machine", while expecting nothing in return. You will be expected to be a "happy giver" while they are glad to be "happy receivers". After all, to these broke families, receiving is the highest
desire, even if they call themselves Christian or Catholic. No respect will be given to you, for deep down, they do not give a rat's ass about you and do not care about you at all, period. All they care about is the cash and generosity you
give to them, taking advantage of your affiliation to their daughter. Thus, your financial needs and goals will not matter and no consideration will be given to them. All your cash will be seen as "extra cash" that you don't need,
since you have bottomless pockets in their mind. But if you do not play the role of a happy giver and supporter, they will resent you and respect you even less. In short, nothing good will come out of your relations with them. Thus many expats
elect to have nothing to do with these families, for technically, you stand to gain nothing from them and a lot to lose (in terms of money, pressure and expectations).

15. The expats in Angeles City tend to be low quality. They consist of drunkards, whoremongers, assholes, guys with personality problems, eccentric unpleasant personalities, dominating macho know-it-alls unable to tolerate disagreement, insensitive
unfeeling types, etc. It's hard to find decent quality expats or intelligent sincere foreigners. Most expats are either cold and silent with personality problems, or macho dominating know-it-alls who are insensitive and unfeeling. These types
tend to only like to talk about practical matters, not intellectual/philosophical topics. You won't find romantic sensitive passionate type of guys (like me) among them. These are not genuinely nice guys.


As you can see, NOTHING is good in Angeles City and everything is BAD. Based on the above, it's no wonder why no travel guide or expat website has anything good to say about it, which speaks volumes. No one can deny that.

In summary: The air is toxic and heavily polluted, posing a great danger to your health. The hot humid weather is extreme, uncomfortable and unhealthy, and provide a breeding ground for excess bacteria and mold to contaminate your health
and food. The streets are dirty, filthy and littered with garbage. The infrastructure is shitty and streets look like slums. The local food is disgusting, inedible to foreigners, and considered the worst in Asia. Products are generally of poor
quality and break easily. Public transportation is uncomfortable, as trikes and Jeepneys require bending and squishing your body into tight spaces. There is not even a nice place to walk for fresh air, and no decent parks. The town consists of
only concrete, pollution and filth; there are no beautiful or naturesque scenes. Foreigners are usually limited to dating only the poorest and lowest class girls. They are treated like walking ATM machines. And it is very difficult and unnatural
to find intelligent meaningful conversation, with either locals or foreigners. There are so many rude pushy annoying peddlers and beggars everywhere who get in your face do not respect boundaries. And there is nothing to do except go to seedy
go go bars. AC attracts low quality greedy scum types of people, both local and foreign. And to top it all off, every year the quality of the expat food, go go bars and bar girls goes down, while prices and costs continue to rise.

So you see, there are so many negatives that make Angeles City a total shithole and the worst place to live in the Philippines. Yet in spite of that, there are many expats living there and sex tourists visiting. It's insane and boggles
the mind. Why would anyone put up with all that, just for cheap sex with low quality low class girls? The scales are totally unbalanced, as there is nothing to balance out AC's many negative qualities.

But then again, the kind of foreigners there tend to be insensitive and unfeeling, as mentioned before. And many of them do tell me that they can only take the pollution in AC for a few weeks at a time. So I know that I'm not crazy.

Stickman's thoughts:

I cannot comment on the place as I have never been there. I do think, however, that the best of the Philippines is found outside Angeles City!

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