Stickman Readers' Submissions December 23rd, 2011

The Fantasy

You go to Thailand and are overwhelmed by the thousands of available women. You pay the price, you live the fantasy.

That fantasy would be: "These young hot women really want me!!"

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Is there any difference between women wanting you for your money and the experience that any famous entertainer or politician back home might go through? These women aren't attracted to these famous guys because they love their personality etc. After
all, they've never met them. They want these guys because of their fame. The money is probably reason number two. I'm guessing it's only the rare 2% of guys that are so physically good looking, that they just have to show up and
the attractive women swarm all over them.

I once saw this show on TV… This one guy, who's a male model and was so over the top good looking, that he just knew when he entered a club, women would fall at his feet. Where an average guy would have to ask for a dance and use all
the right moves to keep a girl's attention, this guy didn't work at all. He let his looks do all the work. I'm sure this is no different for super hot women. They know they have what the other 98% of the population wants. I mean,
why do they use all the great looking people to sell products? Same principle. It was funny watching this guy in action. He didn't even have to get a conversation going. He'd just walk up to a hot woman and say, hey, what do ya say we
get out of here? The women would just melt looking at this guy and would pick up their purse and follow the guy right out the door.. Hey, in the right situation, even the most regular woman would swoon at a guys feet if he was one of those lucky
2%. And women say we're the ones that base our attraction on looks? Not always the case.

So, many times for the average Joe, we can pretend to be one of the lucky 2%. At least in our minds. We think we're so desirable. I've read that men in general, even the dorky, bald and fat ones, think they are really desirable. Maybe, come
to think about it, I do that too. Hey, even though I think I look pretty good for my age, I know to get a real "high end woman" I have to have something more to offer, and for guys, that is in the form of assets. Our assets are money,
house, cars…Some women, the hot ones figure they were born with their assets(body) and a big asset below the waist.(gee…let me guess…) Unfortunately, many of those hotties are "high maintenance" Been there, done that. No matter
how well you treat these women, what you buy for them… they have this attitude that they are "entitled" to all this and more. I'm steering clear of those types from now on. I used to go mainly for looks, but many less attractive women can be so much more appreciative.

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Of course, when I go to Thailand, I'm looking for the hotties. I can't believe the ugly ones that some guys pick. I guess the uglier bargirls can use the money too, huh? For all those guys planning on being with the super ugly bargirls, the Thai authorities should give them a few paper bags with eyeholes when they do their money exchange! At least give them some eye glasses or a free eye exam. Ha!

Like I've always said. Money can't buy love, but in Thailand you can rent it for a while!! ha! With money, you can live out all your fantasies. Sure these women are prostitutes. Sure they've been with countless other guys, but pay them some money and you're mister super stud for the night, (at least in your mind.)

That gives me an idea. I think I'll take several of those "take a number" apparatus things you see at the DMV or an ice cream parlor, and sell them to those go-go girls over there to put next to the doors at the soapy massage places or "short time" rooms. I can just hear the voice over the loudspeaker…NOW SERVING 44. 44? Number 44…your loom is ready!! ha!

In Thailand…paying a bar fine is equivalent to foreplay back home. Ha!

wonderland clinic

I think I've lost my train of thought. In fact, I think that train just pulled out of the station…

Anyway, when I'm in Thailand, I know it's all just "pay for play" I'm really not over there to meet Miss Right. I'm just over there to escape reality back home even though my reality back home is fantastic and one most guys could only dream about. I still enjoy the freedom of escaping to SE Asia. No cell phones, no worries, no problem! An endless supply of slim beautiful, willing, fun women. Sometimes, I have to ask myself…Have I just died and gone to Heaven? I mean, for somebody that just loves hanging out with women, I've really stumbled onto a fun place. I know it's not "reality" over there. I know the women are in it for the money, but I just love women and sex. The women over there love money and are offering sex and some fun company in exchange for money… I mean, am I in the right place or what?? It may be unreal and "an illusion" over there, far as illusions go…it's one of the more fun ones..ha!

My first trip to Thailand reminded me of a child getting a new toy. It's fun at first. You're really excited about the toy, and for the first few days you play with it like crazy. Eventually you toss it in the closet where it collects dust. Just like that toy or a new relationship, eventually the "newness" wears off. I guess that's where I'm at after 6 visits to The Land of Smiles. I can still have a good time over there but the lustre has rubbed off. It's like that song…It's Never as Good as the First time. That holds true in so many things in life.

Will I still head back to Thailand again? Yeah, probably. At 58, I feel that I'm under a time crunch to live the hell out of life. This last year was amazing. I'm definitely on a good roll. You can't stop that aging process, but in Thailand you can at least keep up the illusion that you're still young.

I mean, I observe other guys here in the States going through the same thing. I watch the other baby boomers. I don't want to live in the past. I want to enjoy the moment. What do other guys do that are my age with a little wealth?

1. Buy a new house or car.

2. Buy a Harley and live out some…yeah, I'm bad ass fantasy. Do those guys with the bikes really think because they are driving a motorcycle with a loud exhaust, that that immediately makes them overly cool or something? Talk about living a fantasy. Get real. If you enjoy the wind in your hair (bugs in your face etc.) then more power to ya, but to believe you're suddenly Peter Fonda in the Movie Easy Rider, I'm mean…let's get real.

3. Bang a younger chick. Ok, now I can relate to this one. I mean, is there anything better? I mean, this is my drug of choice. Use protection, and who are you hurting? I don't know what overall feeling I get from all the sex. I guess it just makes me feel 100% male, and I'm doing exactly what I was hard wired to do. It's almost more of a biological thing.

To sum things up. We're all going to die. Look at guys 20 years older than you, or a typical 70 year old. That's our future!! OMG! Wow. What can we take from seeing older men age?? Get out there, enjoy life, find what makes you happy. As long as you're not hurting others and can live with yourself and be proud of the person you are and how you treat and respect others, then I say go for it!!

Stickman's thoughts:

People should do what makes them happy, while not taking advantage of, or infringing on the rights of others. If it means buying a Porsche, or travelling or studying or whatever, then so be it. Whatever rocks your boat!

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