Stickman Readers' Submissions December 13th, 2011

My Thai Girlfriend From The West

From a number of submissions I’ve seen on Stickman, a lot of the articles are targeted towards Thai women in Thailand. I thought it unfair so I’d like to share my story on my Thai girl here from the west. Warning, the point of this story
is well at the very end, so I do apologize if it’s a bit long.

First I’d like to tell you a little bit a about myself. I’m 23, a professional football player with a fulltime job. My appearance is!!! Well let’s just say I only get the pretty girls and am what Thai bar girls would
call a butterfly or a man-whore. I used to go out a lot before I met my girlfriend, maybe 5 times a month.

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I met my girlfriend (Sas) through a relative with a very quick introduction at work related gathering. Because the introduction was so quick I did not get a good look at her (noted that I really did not take much notice of her because she
was introduced to me by a relative).

2 months went by and I was out partying, When I saw this beautiful, shiny, tanned skin, she would fit right in with the sunset, not too white but not too dark either. Not the Isaan type of look or the Thai version of white beauty that the
Thais love so much. NO, this girl knows a bit of sun will makes her skin glow. Amazing legs with the face that I could swear looks like those half African-American girls from Nelly’s or 50 cents music video clips. I could not work out what
nationality she was at that first grace when she walked in, like a lot of other males in the club my eyes followed her behind as she walked inside and out of view. She came in with 5 of her friends who were all beautiful in their own way. I did
notice they were all of different nationality, though I could tell which nationality they were. Sas’s nationality was a mystery and it would have remain that way if she didn’t tell me.

The night went on and I kept my eyes on her, noticing that she was only drinking water and not taking a lot of notice in men, my guess being that she was the designated driver for the night and that a lot of hot girls living the west are
quite stuck-up.

Sas and her friends danced for about an hour before they were about to head home. On the way out Sas took me by surprise with a stare then walked towards me and said “Hi, aren’t you Steve (made up name), we met a while ago,
your relative introduced me to you, it’s good to see you again. I’m heading home now before all the taxis get taken, hope you have fun” with a teasing wink then left. No phone number, no you wanna meet up tomorrow, not even
waiting for me to catch my breath. That was it and she was gone and all I could get out of me was nothing. I was frozen to the spot for about 5 minutes before I realized I needed to put my game face back on. Though it was dark and loud I took
in every word she said as if the music had stopped and everybody had disappeared.

I went home not long after she left, thinking about what she had said… “We met a while ago, your relative introduced me to you.” Surely I would’ve remembered you and surely I would have asked for your number if I’d
met you before but she did know my name… I thought about it long and hard, then it hit me. I dial my relative’s phone number not noticing that it was 2 AM in the morning

Me: “Hey it’s me Steve”

Relative: “ahhh ha?? What time is it? What do you want?”

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Me: “umm it's…… oh shit sorry to wake you up I forgot the time, I just saw your friend out, you know the one you introduced me to at the gathering 2 months ago, the hot one?”

Relative: “How am I supposed to remember something from 2 months ago (long silence). Oh are you talking about Sas? The Asian one.”

Me: “Yeah I think so, she looks sort of Asian, is that her name Sas? Do you have her number?”

A bit more of the conversation and I manage to score Sas’s phone number and let my relative go back to sleep. Morning came and I got about 5 hours sleep, looked at my phone and there it was, in there was the number.

Text msg:

Me: “hi is this Sas’s number”

Sas: “hello, I don’t know.. You texted me so you tell me :P”

Me: “I’m Steve, I saw you last night and got your number from my relative that introduced us”

Sas: “Oh okay, and…. Why did u want my number, do you even know who you’re talking to?”

Me: “OH sorry, I must’ve got the wrong person, I won’t brother you again”

Sas: “Hahaha… nawww… I’m just messing with you, this is Sas, and how was last nite?”

From then on everything was smooth. We took it slow and I started seeing nothing but a great girlfriend and someone who I could spend the rest of my life with. Also once we got to the physical part it was great, making love with her was something
I want to do with her and only her every minute of every day, she sometime just laughs at me coz I would come home from work and give her the look (let go in the bedroom). I stop wanting to party, I’ve never cheated on her and nor has she
on me. (Unlike so many others in the past.)

Sas’s may sound like a normal westerner by now but you’re about to know why I can say I love my Thai girl. Sas grew up here in Australia, was born in Thailand but her family moved her here when she was very young. She travelled
back and forth to Thailand once every 2 years during school holiday. She hasn’t forgotten how to speak Thai but she finds it very difficult when interacting with other Thai since they speak very fast and it’s hard for her to pick
up all the words, plus she considers English her native language. When she was a legal age to work a casual job, here in Australia legal age is 14, she got herself a job and worked weekend and some weekdays after school. Not long after she got
the job her mum made note to her that she must start paying for her own school fare, and after that she was independent. She knows a handful of Thai people in the community that we live but she say she doesn’t really like to involve herself
because they seem to judge everyone and talk behind each other's back, which from reading some articles in Stickman this kind of personality is very commented on about the Thais.

From what I know she was very popular in school because she was very pretty and funny, very sociable, and she was not interested in boyfriends through high school because she wasn’t allowed and there was no time, (this information
was confirmed by one of my closest friend who attended the same school she did). It’s a good thing that it didn’t sink in to her head too much to become a total bitch or worse a skank like so many pretty and popular types. Maybe
because she grew up fast having to support herself.

She saved up quite a lot of money after she finished high school and decided to have 2 years off to save for her own university money. After two years she saved enough money to get herself a nice car and also enough money left over.

By the time she met me, she has been accepted in to a university and her mum had remarried to an Aussie after her father died. She and her mother’s husband did not get along and her mum being so Thai was always on her husband's
side and always asking Sas to pay for rent and buy her own food for the cost that would’ve been cheaper if she just lived on her own. After a good consideration Sas and I decided to move in together and it couldn’t have been the
best decision I’ve ever made.

She would cook, clean, looked after herself, study, give me massage, take off my shoes, and wash my clothes. She even pays for the household bills like food, phone and electricity but of course I helped out too when I can and when she lets
me. So pretty much all I did was go to work and training and come home. I didn’t asked her to do anything like this, it’s like she think this is her job to do for the man she loves and this makes her happy as well as it makes me.

May I remind you that I fell in love with her before she even showed me this great housewife side. I could say I’m a very lucky guy to find such a rare exotic Thai flower and I didn’t have to go all the way to Thailand to find
her. We have been together for almost 3 years now and planning our future together by helping each other every step of the way.

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