Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2011

My Second Trip To Thailand

I have recently come back from Thailand after a short holiday visit. 2nd time this year! I have travelled mostly to the north-east region and a little to the south to Cha Am. I stayed in Bangkok of course.

I had heard all about Pattaya but I had no real reason to go there. Bangkok is ok in small doses if you ask me, and hey I am no angel believe me! I find Thai ladies very attractive and have had some fun times there. But it’s not the
reason I go, it’s more the beauty and culture and weather that I go for.

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Because of the floods I found myself going south but had little time spare to go too far down and I have an old work colleague who lives in Jomtien who said to look him up whilst in Thailand. I must admit I had to think long and hard but
with all the press coverage I did not want to get stuck somewhere due to the flooding. Plus I was on a budget and I was able to find a good hotel for 500 baht (reduced from 900 baht) so it fitted in well with what I could afford for 10 days!

I have read many articles from men who go to Pattaya just for the sex and of course all the sad stories of love gone wrong etc. When you pay for sex that is what you get! You don't get a true wife or girlfriend, do you?

Anyway, I got the bus from the eastern bus station in Bangkok to Pattaya which was a good service and cheap, in fact it cost less than the bloody taxi from Pattaya to my hotel in Jomtien Beach!

Now let me just say I have never seen so many cheap farang faces in cheap clothing as in this area of Thailand before! It is over populated with ageing, pasty and overweight farang with a beautiful young Thai girl joined to the hip! Unbelievable
shit! I felt guilty myself for being a tourist in this part of Thailand and it made me sick looking at these perverts old enough to be the grandfather of the poor girl subjected to these obese bodies, all sweaty and red – well the bits that aren't
covered in building site type tattoos!

What's going on here?! I know sex is cheap in Thailand compared to western sex industries but it’s gone too far! These silly old farang fools walk about like peacocks showing off their trophy girlfriends. As if we don't know
the old git has paid for the privilege and the girl is more than happy for him to look after her whilst on holiday, knowing he is not capable of shagging her senseless so she wins all round.

Pattaya reminds me of what Spain was like in the 70's, all high rise hotels and cheap package holiday makers from deprived areas of the UK who eat British food and drink British beer! In other words, uneducated types from working class
backgrounds. No wonder the Spanish hated us and I begin to see it here too. The Thais seemingly once a friendly people out to please farang. Well for your money anyway are now not so happy with the latest surge of farangs and Asians from what
I hear and see.

I first came to Thailand in 2006 and did not return again until 2009 but have been back 3 times now in the last 18 months and I think I see a big difference. Bangkok has changed. There seems to be more Asian. More Indians on holiday here
than before and Arabs too. I don't know if this is good for the Thai holiday industry and of course the economies of western countries are up shit creek so I see and feel more tension with the Thai people suffering with the downturn.

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Back to Pattaya, I saw a lot of tension especially with Thai beach traders with the Indians, Russians and Turks and on one occasion witnessed a punch up with Thai jet ski traders and Lebanese. It was a real gang warfare fight resulting in
the Thais beating two tons of crap out of them! I did not think in a million years these peace-loving people could resort to this behaviour! I guess circumstances have tested their high tolerance for cheap, nasty holiday makers just like happened
with the Spanish in the ‘70s.

I spent only the odd day in Pattaya with my friend but I refused to go back again after that. I stayed in Jomtien which is a watered down version. I did enjoy my stay but this is not Thailand. It’s a case of sex, sex, sex and more
sex gone mad! I can't see how this place will survive much longer unless it's cleaned up and maybe the cheap tourist looking for sex / love is made to pay more for the privilege of taking advantage of the Thai bargirls. Hopefully this
will drive out the criminal elements too.

Stickman's thoughts:

Pattaya is unique and while foreigners resident there will argue otherwise, it is not what I would call the real Thailand, or perhaps to be more accurate, what you find in Pattaya is not what Thais want foreigners to think of when they think of Thailand!

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