Stickman Readers' Submissions December 7th, 2011

“Middle Aged Plan” Part 2

"Middle Aged Plan" part 2

This is a follow up to my last submission “My Middle Aged Plan” following a 3-month extended holiday in Bangkok,
Pattaya, and Phonm Phen, Cambodia. As I explained in my earlier submission, I have decided to use my extended holiday time to enjoy parts of South-East Asia and spend a little more time than the average 2-week millionaire to get a better feel
for what a somewhat daily existence may entail in these countries. In this submission I wanted to breakdown some of my personal thoughts and opinions on what I observed, and my take on the interactions I had with various groups of people in and
out of the nightlife industry. Again this is just my take, and not to be taken so seriously.


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I figured I would start first with the ladies of the night in Thailand, and recount some of my experiences with these women. I would not be telling the truth if I said I did not enjoy my time with these girls, and what I found was when most
girls became familiar with seeing me around town on a regular basis, and understanding I had a strong idea of what the “business” was about, I was afforded the opportunity to get glimpses into their lives that the average 1-2 week
holiday punter may or may not get. I was amazed how many girls openly showed me numerous emails, texts, and Facebook messages from sponsors who were sending money directly into their bank accounts accompanied by painfully awkward comments from
these lonely men. In fact these messages were often laughed at by the girls who received them, and joked at by how one sponsor was more generous than another. I still find it very interesting that these men were wiring money from all over the
world; England, Norway, Australia and the USA while only spending small amounts of time actually residing in the kingdom. Again, sometimes a fool and as his money are easy to part.

Interestingly enough for me, I was also taken to various bargirl residences that ranged from small studio apartments lived in by 3-4 bargirls, to clean modern one bedroom apartments, and even very nice condos paid up by sponsors in more upscale
areas. While I had a great time socializing with the girls, I often felt many of these working girls were lost souls, and one of the only constants they could cling to was the bar / gogo, the bar life drama, and most importantly the money. I was
always clear to the girls that I was a single man here for fun, and would never support or marry any woman, let alone a bargirl. I was on an extended holiday and was there to enjoy my time, observe daily life, and relax. On the surface I enjoyed
the company and daily interactions with these girls, but that was it. I just never felt a deep meaningful connection. Often I would see these girls out and about with new customers and a sly smile and wink would be exchanged. I truly believe these
girls knew what they were doing, and did so on their own accord. While some did complain of the bar-girl life, in my opinion the money and non-structured “work” was too easy and profitable for them to ever truly stop and get an average
job…even when sponsored!!! Again for my money, if one can truly separate the illusion from reality and enjoy the paid company for what it is…then I think one can have a good time with these ladies. Once one gets under your skin, I think trouble
and misery is around the corner.

Non-Bargirls: (Thai)

I found most non-bargirls I interacted with a nice change from the interactions I have had with American women. From the numerous conversations I had with these ladies, many seemed open to the idea of dating or pursuing a relationship with
a farang. Many were curious about my life in the States and were interested to hear about my daily routines and the differences in my “western” life compared to daily life in Bangkok. What I did notice was that many of these women
still possessed many femine characteristics, besides physically being more attractive than American women, these women dressed impeccably well and carried themselves with a grace I find lacking in today’s American women. I also found many
of the “good girls” to be motivated, driven, and as a nice change equally interested in what I had to say, and what my aspirations and plans for the future may hold. I never felt judged or criticized, even when my views may not have
synched directly with the girl's views on such heated matters as dating, children, or jobs. Again, that's not to say I didn’t find the bar girls to be fun, I just found more depth to the non bargirls, obviously education and being
brought up in a middle class to upper class background helped greatly in this situation.


In my opinion, next to the women, and food in S.E.A, I really got a kick out of meeting the various expats from all over the globe that have made LOS and Cambodia their home. The “colorful” cast of characters that reside in
South-East Asia really can provide hours of entertainment. Yes I know many are dodgy, sketchy individuals to be avoided at all costs. However, I would be less than truthful if I said there were no good expats that I really got along with well
on my 3 month hiatus. In fact, I often found myself enjoying the company of property developers, musicians, bar owners, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers, and doctors. It was fascinating learning about the various paths these individuals have
taken in life, and how many of them had made Southe-Est Asia their home. I would love to tell you all about one personable bar manager who used to make Detroit, and San Fransico home and has for my money the best customer service skills in a farang
owned bar. Yes he has learned the skill of how to make customers repeat customers, but I will keep that one a “SECRET”. Again, this friendly international society is something I miss greatly in my everyday life back in the States,
and I hope to continue to meet more and more colorful individuals in my future travels to the region.

My Future:

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As always after an exciting trip to SEA and a return to the States I have to gear myself into a slower pace of life and take myself out of my dreamlike state. It is not always enjoyable and yes, I am curious about what my daily life would
entail in SEA. However, I can’t help but remember all the words of advice I have received from various individuals who have or are currently residing in SEA. One old timer’s words still ring in my ears, ”In my humble recommendation
for a young man like you it is best to stay wherever you are and only come here to fuck and party, lest you lose the party!” I can see the wisdom in those words and from my outside observation SEA still tends to be a better place to live
if you're retired on a healthy pension, making bank from a multi-national company, or have a web based business in which you can draw a decent western salary. I do believe a 3 month extended holiday “coined up” and not stressing
about daily inconveniences, seems to be the best option for my current situation. As of now I plan to continue to look forward to new horizons in SEA but have not stopped looking into other parts of the world that also could open my eyes to new
ways of life and other exciting adventures.

Stickman's thoughts:

Interesting thoughts, some of those about bargirls quite succinct.

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