Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2011

7 Years Of Madness Part 5

OK, I have to come clean. The last submission 7 Years of Madness Part 4 was fiction. It was actually what I would have wanted
to happen to my ex-wife when my hatred was at its peak. I still hate her but I don't dwell on it or let her spoil my life.

At the end of part 3 of my story, I'd just met Da. This is what really happened!

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At this moment she is in my bed here in Scotland. She's been here nearly 3 months. So how come? How did I get the visa for a 19-year old Thai hooker? Why am I planning to marry a hooker when my other 2 marriages failed due to my wives
cheating on me? Have I learnt nothing? Why am I entering the 8th year of madness like this?

OK, here goes…

I went back to visit Da in April when she was working as a freelancer then she quit the popular music bar on 2nd road so she'd have more time to spend with me, mostly online, but phone calls as well. And she did! She would be online
for me after my work and she'd call me everyday at least twice. The holiday in April was great, and we stayed in a really nice hotel, had a great time and I spent the last 2 nights in her village. At the end of the 10 days we agreed we'd
be a couple.

I figured that the chances of me getting a visa for her to come to the UK were pretty slim. Imagine me filling in the visa application form and the reason for visa question? SEX. No, The embassy won't go with that. As luck would have
it, her mother lives with her English husband in the north-east of England and they applied for their daughter to go on a family visa. Simple, what could go wrong? Well pretty much everything actually1 Whilst the visa form was filled in correctly
by Da's stepdad, it was just a cock up on the Thai side. Evidence gathering, presenting and submitting the forms etc, and the application was refused. However, the stepdad took this personally and wrote a polite but strongly-worded letter
and appealed against the refusal.

So, where does this leave me and Da? I was supporting her and she was living with her sister in Pattaya. Due to my work commitments I'd be unable to visit LOS for 3 months. So one day she called me, "Paul, money not enough."

I knew what I was sending her was enough, but I also knew that she was still visiting her old bargirl friends a lot. I knew what was coming so I made it easy for her. "OK", I said "If money not enough, I will send you nothing." Da
calmly said she would have to return to working bar. This is of course exactly what she wanted. She needed more money for partying!

So she went back to work. I didn't send her any money, although we remained a couple. She was still very attentive to me even though she still had customers to attend to. How did I feel about this? Not much I could do about
it. I actually think that she was very bored, and as the visa was refused she realised that she had to do something. And there is only one thing she knows…

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As far as Da was concerned she was doing a job. She apologised to me about going with customers, but told me to trust our love. At this stage I'm taking everything was 'tongue in cheek', still playing the loving boyfriend.
She was back doing what she knew best.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, she got a call from the British embassy. "Come get your visa!" The stepdad had won the appeal. So she had to go to the embassy, not Lincoln House to collect it. Visa in passport, I arranged for a
friend of mine to meet her and buy the ticket to visit me here on the Dundee Riviera.

3 weeks later she arrived in the UK. I went to pick her up from her parents' house and took her back to my rented room in Scotland. So, how did it go?

Well, we got on very well. The biggest problem was her not sleeping at sensible o'clock. She would sleep a lot in the day. At night she woke me a few times. Enough of this… "I'm going to buy you a puppy", I said.

"Why a puppy?" Da said questioningly.

I told her, "I'm going to buy you a puppy, a really cute one. I'm going to let you fall in love with it. Then I'm going to kill it in front of you. DON'T WAKE ME UP!" Peaceful nights followed!

Well after 3 moths here Da says she wants to go the same route as her mum, to get citizenship in the UK. It takes about 4 – 5 years. So I've agreed to help her. This means that we'll have to marry and she can come to the UK and
start working, paying tax etc and pass the citizenship test. But can she do it? Can she turn her life around from being a hooker to living a 'normal' life? Up to now 'normal' has been always looking for the next farang, the
next cock, the next 1,000 baht.

Honestly, I don't know. I really don't. Does she deserve a chance? Of course everyone deserves a chance. I'm not trying to 'save' her, because there is nothing to save. Working bar is an accepted profession in Thailand
and the easiest route to finding a stupid gullible farang to 'take care'. I know she could go with 10 customers at any moment and it's just work to her. Yes, I'm the stupid farang right now, but due to my past experiences,
I'm very aware. I'm not going to let my kindness be mistaken for weakness.

Anyone who has read my previous submissions knows what I've been through.

I will NEVER expose myself to the same risk as before. I will protect myself always.

It's been a long and expensive road to get this far. I can NEVER trust again. But that doesn't mean I can't try again.

So next week, it's back to Thailand with Da. I've got 4 months before my next contract starts. I will probably marry Da and give her the chance to take a different path in her life. It's all in her hands now. I will have no
hesitation in walking away at any moment, married or not, if things turn sour.

It's been 7 years of madness to get this far. I still can't believe a lot of what happened really happened to me. It's been one hell of a journey and not without its cost emotionally and financially. I admit that.

When I look at the dull lives and boring existences my friends have, I know I'm really living and they are not. So many of my friends trapped in lives they don't need.

So despite everything there are no regrets as we enter on Xmas day this year, MY 8th YEAR OF MADNESS!

Stickman's thoughts:

Good luck to you. With a 19-year old (ex-)hooker as a girlfriend, you're going to need it!

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