Stickman Readers' Submissions November 17th, 2011

Thai Girl Puzzle

I took a train from Ubon Rachathani to Bangkok. A beautiful, young Thai lady sat next to me on the train. We talked. She told me that she is married, her husband is no good and that her parents don't like him. She asked me if I was traveling alone
and if I had a wife. I am single and I'm traveling alone. I asked her if she wanted to get together in Bangkok to go to restaurants, etc. She took my picture with her cell phone, asked me for my email address, home phone number, home address,
and work phone number. We decided (she decided) that we woukd meet two days later at the reception of the hotel where I was staying in Bangkok.

She canceled the first date in the last minute. She told me, "I have a headache. See you next time."

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I asked her "When?"

We met the following day and went to a restaurant. After the meal she wanted to get to do massage for herself. I realized right away that it was obvious that I would pay for it. I just said "Oh, I personally, do not like any stranger to touch me".
I was not lying. I do not go to prostitutes, I was not looking for sex in Thailand. I am afraid of STDs, and I am not promiscuous. I also want to say that I am 55 years old and she is 29 years old.

Next, she wanted to go to Karaoke. We could not find one.

Next she wanted to go to a movie. She had a place in mind but four taxi drivers refused to go there.

I suggested MBK but she did not like the idea of going to a movie in MBK. I suggested we take a tuktuk but she wanted only a taxi.

Instead, we sat down and had a fruit drink. I do not drink alcohol, I do not take drugs.

She asked me if I like her. I said yes. I did like her a lot. She is young, beautiful, playful, what is there not to like?

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We went to my room. I took a shower first. During my shower she did three things: looked inside my closet, made a phone call from her cell phone, looked out the window (as if somebody was waiting for her outside). Her body language indicated all of this.
I studied psychology and I do meditation. I can read body language. She wanted to go home after ten minutes. It was ok with me. I did not try to have sex with her. She asked me what time I was going to sleep. I said 1 AM.

I took her downstairs and she took a taxi by herself. I did not pay for the taxi. During the three hours that she saw me on the first date, she looked at her watch constantly. At 1 AM she called me and told me that she misses me. I asked her if she wanted
to see me the next day.

The next day I took her to Paragon (with a taxi of course). We had lunch and then we did karaoke. She sang the song "Underneath your clothes". She had a good voice. She told me that she had suddenly lost her office receptionist job. She also
told me that the taxi costs her 160 Bbht when she comes to see me. Next, she told me that she likes butter cookies. I bought her a box of those cookies. I suggested we go to the hotel. We took a taxi. In the taxi, I noticed that she had no intention
of opening the box of cookies. I opened it.

In the hotel, she went to the shower for a long time. We had sex. I used a condom. She was amazing (unless she pretended). I was falling for her. I suggested that she come back home with me to my country, get married and have children. <Do you say this after you have sex with a new lady for the first time. Why didn't you give her your house too?Stick> She dismissed the idea with her body language. She told me that it was not necessary for me to take her downstairs. I did anyway.

She stopped two taxis before taking the third one. She called me up again the same night. I asked her for a date the next day. She reluctantly agreed. But the next day she again canceled the date saying that she had a headache. We agreed to meet the following
day. I decided to take her to an STD clinic in a hospital to get checked for HIV, Syphilis, Chlamydia, and gonnorea. In the clinic I found out a few things. She did not lie about her age but she lied about the day of her birth. She asked me to
show her some ID. When I showed her my passport, she tried to take a picture of the first page. I prevented her from doing this but she copied something anyway.

When she went to be interviewed by the nurse, she was there for half an hour. Long interview, for some reason. After the interview, she had a pap smear. I did not take her to the hospital for this but since again it was obvious that I was paying for everything,
she figured why not. The HIV and Syphilis tests came back negative. The doctor told me that she refused to be tested for gonnorea and Chlamydia. I told her to take those tests and she did. (I cannot say that I fully trust the hospital staff about
anything. Consequently, I do not trust which tests she actually took and what the results are).

Before we left the hospital she asked me when I was going back to my home country. I said to her that the only reason I was still in Thailand was to see her. She looked disappointed from my answer. Then she told me that she would not be able to see me
for four days because her parents were coming from Sisaket province to stay with her and her husband in Bangkok.

She told me that she was hungry. I took her by taxi to MBK. When we sat down to eat, she decided that she had to go to the bathroom. I suspect for phone calls. During lunch I suggested buying her a dictionary because her knowledge of English was practically
zero (although she knew sentences like "I miss you" and "you are danger" and words like "reception"). She asked me to buy her a talking dictionary. I laughed (I'm not stupid). She asked me "why?”
She looked disappointed to see me laughing. I asked her how come her ID card says Miss and not Mrs. She explained to me that she has a husband but she is single. She had a traditional Thai ceremony but no marriage license. I bought her a regular
paper dictionary. She said it was time for her to go home. I asked her why she uses only taxis. She ignored me. She said that when we get to the hotel, she would take a taxi from there. I told her that I was not going to the hotel. Again, she
looked disappointed. She called me up at the hotel twice that night but I did not want to answer the phone. I answered the phone the next day when she called. She told me on the phone that in four days she was going to visit a friend in another
province. I decided that it was obvious who I am dealing with. I called a friend who is married to a nice Thai woman. He and his wife told me to take the next airplane because I was involved with a woman who is not only a prostitute but also a
dangerous prostitute. I left Bangkok the following day.

When I came back to my home country, I missed her a lot. I contact her by email. She responded. I contacted her by phone and she spoke to me. I told her that I had fallen in love with her and I want her to come to live with me and find out if we are compatible
to build a family. She stated calling me on the phone every day, sending me email messages and chatting with me on Facebook. She says that she loves me too. She says that she cannot come here now but she will come here eventually. She always tells
me how poor she and her family are but she never directly asked me for money. She spends money on phone calls and a lot of time communicating with me each day.

During our communication in the past three weeks I found a lot of inconsistencies in what she tells me and I suspect that she is lying to me left and right. She says that she is in her mother's house in Sisaket and that her parents are divorced and
that her father remarried. I was not sure how her parents came to visit her in Bangkok and she could not see me for one minute for four days. After all, her parents are divorced and her father remarried. When I asked her about this she said that
her mother and her brother came to visit her in Bangkok implying that there was a misunderstanding.

I was amazed when I was in Bangkok how she had everything down to a science. She has a husband. This means that I cannot call her up, that she would meet me on her schedule and for as long as she decides. She couldn't speak English, so I could not
say anything that she would understand.

I asked her to prove to me that she is actually in Sisaket province by giving me a land line number to call her. She refused to do so and only on the third day she gave me a number. I called that number and spoke to her but I cannot swear that it was

How does this sound to you? Is it possible that the whole thing is a misunderstanding on my part and that she may actually be what she is telling me (a woman with one man for nine years. Never went out with a foreigner) or is this a classic story of the
Farang falling for the bullshit he is being fed by a freelancer?

Stickman's thoughts:

So let's get this straight. You met a woman on a train who speaks little English and you speak no Thai. You have communication issues with her and you don't trust her due to her words and actions which are suspicious. You are thinking of taking her to your own country? Cut her off. No good can come of it.

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