Stickman Readers' Submissions November 21st, 2011

Hi-So Ladies

I recently read one of the reader's subs relating to so called "hi so" ladies. Now I'm not saying it wasn't true or anything like that but it did bear a striking resemblance to many other posts I have read before. Namely the description
of a certain breed of "super hookers" who seem to be found in only a select few establishments. Not really hookers at heart, in fact they are actually highly-cultured, intelligent, sophisticated beings. When anyone describes these lovely
ladies they go to great lengths to describe how unlike the mainstream they really are. They're funny, witty, generous, knowledgeable of world affairs and so on. Oh, and don't forget the absolute prerequisite of any high class lady –
she speaks French! That, for me, is an absolute deal clincher. Nothing speaks of sophistication quite like someone who speaks French now, does it? The fact that the lady in question went to
France with a guy who was probably twice
her doesn't in any way lead us to conclude that she is actually a skank. I can picture her lounging around the French Riviera with all the sophisticates drinking their Cognac while our lady swigs on a Jack' coooooke. It's not my
place to judge anyone else. I must say that I congratulate anyone who tries to further themselves like this girl in question did by emigrating for a period of time. I've done it myself. My problem is the way people ascribe certain titles
on people that (in my experience) has absolutely no bearing on reality whatsoever. This really pisses me off, partly because when someone is misleading me it makes me feel like I'm being lied to and partly because of the fact that a lot of
other people are probably reading it and thinking that it's true. The characters we read about and watch on TV are one dimensional. It's easy to get carried away with them but the reality is that we are only watching / reading a pastiche
of a real human being. We're not getting the full picture, or even half.

I love Star Wars. I love factual documentaries. When I watch Star Wars I don't say to myself: Hey there's NO WAY any of that stuff could actually happen in real life! Of course not! When I watch the movie I postpone reality for
a couple of hours and let the story be told. It is an enjoyable movie. I also love John Burdett books about a fictitious detective in Thailand. The writer obviously has lots of experience of living in Thailand and really comes up with some far-out
stories that keep me glued to the pages. The detective is a Buddhist and can see what sort of lives people he meets have led in previous incarnations. Anyone with a brain the size of a pea can see that this is complete rubbish and bears absolutely
no semblance to a real Buddhist practice. But it's enjoyable for me nonetheless. In John Burdett's books he also mentions the whole super hooker thing. In the books, more often than not, the lady has been to France as well (?? WTF).
Same old story, she meets a professional athlete and breaks his heart only to meet a rich handsome lawyer who forces her to re-evaluate her life and make some life defining decisions (i.e. do I continue selling my pussy in nightclubs or will I
just hang out with a rich handsome dude). I really don't know where these ladies hang out. I am always left scratching my head when I read such postsbooks. I would love to meet one of these ladies. I would also love to have a pet unicorn.

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The point I am making of course, is that the whole high-so label is complete rubbish. It's so full of holes it's not right. What makes someone hi-so? Is it education? Brains? Money? I think it's the latter really when it comes
down to it.

Speaking of money, there was a story in the news last year about Charlie Sheen's night with a porn star. He paid her US$30,000 for ONE NIGHT. That's the most money I've ever heard of anyone paying for sex. Surely that's a hi-so lady?
What does she do the next day? Goes on camera describing how poor Charlie's teeth are falling out due to his crack habit. That's real classy.

I'm going to make this real easy to understand. If a woman has sex for a price, then we can reasonably concluded that she isn't actually classy at all. She can speak French or have Chinese genes. She can have a top class education
(but probably won't), she can be the most softly spoken beauty in the planet. Heck, she could even be the holy grail of hi-so ladies… Yes, she could in fact be an air hostess. But at the end of the day, if you are paying for her company
then you should really just try and see this relationship for what it actually is. A business transaction. You may be her favourite customer but you are still a customer.

Thanks for reading my ramblings. I have to go now and take care of Jasper the unicorn. I've just flown him to Florida in my private jet and the weather doesn't agree with him…

Stickman's thoughts:

Nice to see some sense spoken. Hi-so types certainly don't rub shoulders with hookers and most avoid the common farang like the plague. (Ambassadors, high-flying expats and big name foreigners would not be considered "common" farang.)

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