Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2011


Recently Fon, a good female Thai friend of mine, was invited for a job interview. She had already interviewed for quite a few jobs recently, having decided that she wasn’t comfortable in her old job any more and would appreciate a career change.
Hunting for a new position Fon mostly browsed ads on well-known internet platforms such as JobsDB and others, yet also liked to skim over Craigslist pages where she had found gainful employment in the past.

The process was always the same. When Fon saw an ad she was interested in and felt the position would sufficiently suit her qualifications and capabilities she’d send her cover letter and CV, hoping to elicit a response. Having just sent out yet
another few applications, one day Fon received a reply from a guy who had placed a job ad on Craigslist, searching for a “Personal Assistant to Managing Director” for a supposedly renowned model agency that runs several offices in
different countries of South East Asia. The job ad had indicated that this model agency was in the process of opening their first office in Bangkok and needed a local representative as well as assistant to the Hong Kong-based managing director.
The job would involve much travelling to different set locations all around Asia, and require a high degree of independence. Being a very independent and entrepreneurial person by nature this had significant appeal to Fon.

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One thing that struck Fon as odd though was the fact that the recruiter she was now communicating with was using a Hotmail address for correspondence. She thought of this as quite unusual for a company that claims to have a well established network of
offices in the greater region. Fon went about searching the internet for the company but found nothing, which she found even more odd. Still Fon decided to cautiously go ahead and continue correspondence. The recruiter (let’s call him John)
indicated that he was impressed with Fon’s work experience, and asked her to meet for a preliminary interview. Being a senior member of one of Bangkok’s large expat clubs John proposed to meet Fon at the club a few days later, the
only condition being that she was reasonably comfortable with nudity.

“We don’t do pornography, but sometimes we shoot models in the nude so we cannot use staff who are too bashful or very uncomfortable with bare skin” John emphasized. All interviewees will be tested in one way or another how they react to nudity.”

This raised some more questions in Fon’s head, yet she agreed to go ahead with the interview, if only out of curiosity.

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Fon meets John on a Monday morning at the expat club. John cordially introduces himself and leads Fon to a backroom where they will have sufficient privacy to conduct the interview.

John starts out with the usual questions which Fon answers to the best of her knowledge and ability. After a while John asks if she is prepared to get tested for her reaction to nudity. Curious about what is about to happen Fon cautiously nods her head.

“You see, sometimes photo models are quite sexed up and behave kinky at our photo shoots. Just recently we did a shoot with a Korean model who suddenly dropped his pants and started jerking off in front of everybody. This kind of stuff happens” John explained. For this reason I would like to test your reaction if something like this happened around you. If you don’t mind I will drop my pants now and start making myself hard in front of you…”

Fon feels awkward and quite uncomfortable, but nods her head. Having spent a significant part of her teenage years in Quebec and France she has been sufficiently conditioned to Western culture and its comparably higher tolerance for nudity, resulting
in her probably being significantly less shy about these matters than the average Thai woman would be. Fon watches John drop his pants and start rubbing his dick with a cold impression as he struggles to get it up.

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It’s pretty tough having to do this in front of several candidates every day.” John points out to Fon.

Fon doesn’t sympathize. After ten minutes it is all over and John expresses admiration for Fon’s cool composure. He tells her he is in the process of interviewing several women for this position and will eventually invite the most promising candidates for a second round of interviews. Fon leaves with a bitter taste in her mouth. <I hope you mean that figuratively, and not literally!Stick >

Sometime later John sends Fon an email…

“You are among the girls I need to see again. Are you free next Tuesday?”

Fon tentatively agrees to see John on Tuesday afternoon. She doesn’t feel comfortable with this supposed job opportunity at all but at the same time wants to find out where this is going.

“Come see me at my apartment at 2pm. The address is….” John writes.

After last week’s episode meeting John in his private space is absolutely out of question for Fon. She is definitely not going. At this point Fon decides to cut
off the conversation. Her curiosity has been satisfied, and while she doesn’t know what would happen if she decided to meet John in his apartment, she really doesn’t want to find out. Fon has had her suspicions about John’s
likely dubious agenda confirmed, not to mention his unprofessional conduct.

What John could not have been aware of is that Fon’s oldest brother is quite a high-ranking officer in Bangkok’s police force, and her father a retired government official who served his country in several Thai embassies abroad. Fon and
her brother are close, and while he respects Fon to make her own decisions, he has also been extremely upset with John’s behavior and has urged her to press charges against him. Fon actually had to talk him out of paying John a surprise
visit instead of her at the proposed time of the second interview. Fon managed to appease her brother, yet he has suggested he would keep his sights on him.

Fon has mostly put this episode behind her. When she told me this story a couple of days ago she did it with a smile.

“You know, at least this confirms it’s a good idea to initially use a fake address and partially fake personal details when answering to some job ads, especially on Craigslist. There are simply too many creeps out there…”

Stickman's thoughts:

This is one of the more shocking stories I have heard involving a Western guy and a Thai woman. This guy has very serious issues and I personally find it a little disappointing that Fon’s brothers (and a few of his mates) didn’t pay this John a visit.

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